Gay student claims discrimination in failed prom queen bid

Gay student claims discrimination in failed prom queen bid

The left has tried for decades to redefine gender and, to a large degree, they have been successful.
Evidence of the extent to which traditional gender roles have been disregarded is on display in a complaint recently filed by a high school student in Kyle, Texas.
Coy Villasenor is a gay male and wants to compete for the title of prom queen.
Though he was first told he could run, a subsequent ruling dictated only transgender students can run for opposite-sex titles.
Villasenor contends he should be able to run because “the king’s title is more masculine and the queen is someone who rules with a gentle hand and that’s how I am.”
This is the type of convoluted logic that prevails when society fails to recognize the beautiful simplicity of God’s design – men and women are inherently different.
Deciding who is and who is not transgender should not be a common problem in America’s high schools but as more letters get added to the acronym describing sexual minorities, we will inevitably similarly ridiculous situations with increased frequency. As of this writing, the preferred designation by many activist groups is LGBTQIA, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual.
Equality Texas, a gay rights organization, unsurprisingly criticized the school district’s decision.
Spokeswoman Lisa Scheps said the group’s members “believe a person is male or female based on their personal gender identity and not on physiology or what the states decides to put on an identification card.”
Of course, what this group happens to believe does not change reality, though a growing percent of the population is receptive to this “new normal” of abnormality.
Villasenor said he is speaking up for his belief in “being open without anybody telling you you can’t do it or it’s not OK to do it.”
In other words, rules are obsolete.
Already accommodating transgender students, a statement from the school district explained its decision to stop short of allowing a gay male to run for prom queen “protects the equal access for male and female students to each achieve a place on the prom court.”
This is a subject that, in my ideal world, would be a non-issue. As I live in the real world, I understand our culture has irrevocably changed, which makes it all the more important for those of us with traditional values to continue standing for what we believe is right.
The utter confusion associated with gender identity is affecting an entire generation which can no longer recognize the unique contributions males and females were created to make in society.

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