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Has Anyone Seen The Obama Recovery?

Has anyone actually seen the Obama recovery, I mean I keep hearing that there is one, but I do not know anyone who has seen it. Liberals keep shouting THE  OBAMA  RECOVERY  IS  HERE, but that’s all it is, a lot of lip service, just like Obama himself, speaks a lot and does little. For the past four years I have been listening to Bob Beckel, who is the house Liberal on the Fox Network, say that the Obama recovery is here. I have news for Mr. Beckel, there will not be a recovery in this country until Obama leaves office, as long as he keeps up with his failed policies. You would think Mr. Beckel would get a little tired of looking foolish.

Four years of the “Obama Recovery” have brought poverty in the United States to the highest levels since the beginning of the “War on Poverty,” the one war where poverty seems to be winning and there is no end in sight. With Obama’s policies the poverty rate has jumped to over 15%, it has not been that high since the 1960’s. Let’s see, we have high unemployment, a record number of people leaving the work force because they cannot find a job, over fifty million people on food stamps, prices have gone up while incomes have gone down, gas prices up and the Liberals keep shouting about the Obama recovery, what are the rest of us missing? I guess for the Liberal elites, life is good.

Many economists have argued that President Johnson’s war on poverty, actually had a negative impact on the economy, because of their interventionist nature, I have to agree. The best way to fight poverty is not through government spending, but through economic growth, something that Obama and his Liberal pals seem to be ignoring. Maybe he is just not as smart as people say he is, or maybe his intention is to keep as many people as he can in debt to the Government, whatever his intentions are, America suffers.

Liberals have been screaming the same excuse for five years now, that Obama inherited a bad economy. O.K, we get it and we all agree the economy was bad when he took office, but he has done nothing to make it better. Let me correct that, he has done many things to try to fix the economy, but they were all failures. You would think that after all his policy failures he would start applying policies that would actually work. Franklin D. Roosevelt tried spending Government money for three terms to create jobs, which was a big failure; the only thing that got us out of the depression was World War ll, you would think Obama would learn from that. The private sector creates jobs, not the Government spending our tax dollars on failed companies like Solindra and all the other green energy companies that have gone belly-up.

It seems Obama’s answer to everything is to raise taxes, like that is supposed to fix our economy. I am by no means an economist, but it seems pretty simple to me, if you want to grow the economy, people have to spend more money, raising taxes takes money out of people’s pockets. For those of you who think Obama only wants to raise taxes on the rich, you better think again, Obama-Care is one big massive tax increase on every American and we will all suffer because of it.

We have just gotten terrible jobs numbers, 88,000 jobs created last month, in this the great recovery of Obama. In January 2009 Team Obama economists Jared Bernstein and Christina Romer predicted the unemployment rate by 2013 would be closing in on 5%, they also said that the economy would be growing at 4% by now, are the people of this country ever going to wake-up? We have many economists saying that we had better get used to the way it is, because this is the new norm for America, and we can thank Obama for that.

The bottom line is this, we have a man in the White House that does not belong there, he had no experience or qualifications for the job and it is obvious that even after four years in office, he still has no clue on how to run a country. Well, we are stuck with him for another four years; I just hope we can put America back together again when he is gone.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. Chris I agree with you, we will not see a recovery until Obama is out of office, I don’t know if the country can make it another 4 years.

  2. Chris, Obama is runing the country, the trouble with that is that he runing it into the ground. Jacksonville is a Military town with our bases pumping a lot of revenue into our economy. They provide jobs and business opportunities that allow us a degree of stability. Obama designed Seqestration as a win win senario for himself and the liberals. If it scares the right into a bad decision he wins. If it doesn’t and the cuts kick in he wins and blames the Republicans for doing nothing.
    The reckless actions are all his.

    There is no recovery nor will there be one nor will he allow one as long as he sits in the oval office. This man is a disease to our nation of pandemic proportion. The public is unaware of his action because his minions in media tout the recovery. Cosistantly shouting reems of lies that render a placebo of false hope as we spiral downward toward total economic colaps. That is exactly what he wants and what he is told to do by his “behind the scenes” boses.

    Obama has only one mission just as the Kamakazi pilot had one mission, destroy the enemy at any cost. His action is blatant and just as clear as a Goat’s ass to any fiscally responsible person. You cannot recover through “Kamakazi Economics”, over spend, over tax, over regulate to poison growth and destroy jobs. This is a mad man! That Musical Orgy of Memphis tunes was a disgraceful display of how much he’s concerned about America. Our headline from the Times Minion, Bye Bye Birdie, I can afford Memphis but you can’t afford the Blue Angels. Like he said we all have to take a hair cut. So much for the wisdom of a hair brain leader with inflated tires. JT

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