Dear Sen McCain, It’s Time for a Change.

john mccainDear Senator McCain,

Maybe it’s time.

We’re writing you as longtime supporters. As Arizona residents we’ve watched your support of the state. We’ve watched your support of the military. We’ve watched your support of the constitution.

And we admired you. What you endured as a captive meant you were stronger and braver than us.

We admired when you talked of compromise and you reached across the aisle.

And we admired your tenacity during the run for president. We couldn’t imagine keeping the pace needed as candidate when the media kept reminding us of your age. Like many we were sad to see your handlers reign in the ‘maverick’ but then you surprised everyone with the unknown Palin, a maverick, in her own right and we were impressed.

In 2010 when people began speaking out against the skyrocketing government spending we saw your support of many young Tea Party voices and we thought we were all on the same page.

But maybe it’s time.

Last week we knew you, along with other key Republicans were meeting with the president. So we did understand when you weren’t apparent in the senate chambers during the unexpected Paul filibuster.  We hoped that you, along with your other senate colleagues would at least make an appearance after your dinner.  After all, the Twittersphere and other social media were going crazy with updates on Rand Paul. Surely, C-SPAN doesn’t see such high viewer numbers as they had that night of conservatives, watching and listening.

Don’t get me wrong. We are not Libertarians. And there is much about Rand Paul that we question. But the filibuster was a unifying moment for many conservatives. We aren’t paranoid but we are concerned that this administration who works by executive order and fiat might want to watch, spy and yes, even target key dissenters.

We are worried about the changes we see. So maybe it was just one small, common thread, but common it was and Paul’s questions to Holder and the administration were not irrelevant comments made by a fringe element.

Which is why we were very sad to see you and your pal Lindsey mock the filibuster and Paul’s statements. Even worse, you continued to show up on every news show and further denigrate Paul.

What were you thinking? Momma always told us, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Who did you think you were helping with your criticism?

This was an opportunity to unite conservatives but instead your guffaws became the topic of conversation.

Yes, maybe it is time…Time to step aside and let the next generation take charge. We’d say maybe it’s time to retire gracefully…but we might be too late for that.


Some of those Wacko Bird nuts you’ve been talking about…just remember, we vote.


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Teresa Wendt

A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at https://ramblinroseaz.wordpress.com/ and follow along.

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  1. I am so indebted to all the John McCain’s our Country has been blessed with through their military service. I shutter to think where we would be without it…But life goes on & that’s a part of our proud “past”… Imagine applying for a job with a resume focused on what you did a couple of decades ago rather than a declaration of recent & current points that are noteworthy..We the People must deal with the NOW…yesterday is gone.I lived in Phoenix & it was with pride,voted for John for his first term. That was then, Now, I see a need for candidates that were nutured by the past, live in the present & see tomorrow with clear hearts & minds. Arizona elections are entwined with all other states in Washington & every vote counts, ‘my friend’…

    I sincerly hope that the ‘Arizona Cacaus” will follow Tersea’s lead with this letter & really start looking for a strong candidate that it appears will have to run against the “sympathy for Gabby Gifford” candidate that I suspct will be Hubby Mark Kelly. The redistricting may be able to work in your favor in this hunt.

    thanks TW !

  2. I am a combat veteran and I have lived with the memory of combat, but that was then and this is now. I do not live in the past and have learned the hard way that anything I did in the past stays with the past and has never been considered for anything I’ve tried to do in the here and now. The same ought to apply to this dinosaur of a politician.

    I don’t hold him in the same high honor as some do, as a matter of a fact he would have never made it out of the Naval Academy to begin with had his daddy not been an Amiral. He was a has-been then and he’s a has-been now. He’s a washout as a Senator being a “maveric” isn’t from some honor thing he has within his heart. It’s from being brain washed in prison camp and giving into fear of what the enemy can do to you if you don’t join in with their way of thinking. The same applies to going against the Democrat Party.

    Why didn’t his family tell him he ought to join the Democrats, he would have gone along to get along like they all do now anyway and he wouldn’t be noticed whatsoever even after all these years. But, no, he has to be the idiot he has always been. He’s not stronger than the rest of us, as a matter of a fact he’s much, much weaker than the rest of us, and he has been since he was in flight school. He crashed then just like he continue’s to crash now. He has been on every committee, group, gang that has gone against the Constitution when even mediocure representatives were backing doing the right thing, he couldn’t even do that.

    He’s a has-been, and a wash out and needs to go the hell home and fade into obscurity like his opinioins and votes.

  3. The problem with McCain resigning is, even his own family doesn’t want him to come home, he’s not wanted there either. He has no place to go except Washington. He’s like the unwanted dog at the pet store that is just to old, to ugly and useless for anyone to buy him. He’s the dog the store had to take to the pound just to get rid of him, so they wouldn’t have to keep feeding him. They wanted to make room for younger dogs, but there he was. And it certainly isn’t it a case for feeling sorry for him either. He doesn’t need sympathy, he needs Arizona to wash their hands of his kind of politician.

    Arizona, stop putting loser’s back into office. They are destroying this nation. Being a war hero should be saved and used for the benefit of this nation with the likes of Col. West, not McCain, the has-been, washed out loser!

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