Zero Dark Thirty

Since writing this review I have been informed by a knowledgeable source that there wasa female CIA agent involved in getting Bin Laden and that women are not only present in the CIA, but they are among the favorite operatives, because they can get closer to subjects than men can’t and can conceal all kinds of James Bond-style high-tech stuff on their persons or in their handbags. I apologize for my lack of understanding this fact in the review.

They say truth is stranger than fiction,but sometimes it’s more boring and so it is with the film Zero Dark Thirty about the ten year struggle getting Bin Laden. Aside from a few interrogation scenes and a waterboarding scene the film is mostly low keyed, very talky ,very long and drawn out and no emotion with any of the characters. The film concerns our ten year attempt to get Bin Laden and it seemed like it in the movie. The film is two hours and 45 minutes long and I would have cut out an hour and still told the same story. The film is also noted with several titles throughout dennoting chapters in time much like reading a novel. I don’ t see how this movie got so much praise and nominated for so many awards

In 2003, Maya, a CIA officer, has spent her entire brief career focusing solely on intelligence related to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden following the September 11 attacks. She has just been reassigned to work with fellow officer Dan at the U.S. embassy in Pakistan. Maya goes back and forth between Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan interviewing connections to couriers to Bin Laden. I never heard of a female CIA agent in this case and she comes on strong eventually getting approval to go after Bin Laden and being responsible for getting other agents to move their asses after stalling and not doing anything for days on end. She does this by marking in red marker on clear glass walls the amount of days they are wasting each day. This goes on and on until the last 45 minutes when SealTeamSix goes into action at the compound. The movie is directed by Katherine Bigelow who did The Hurt Locker about the Iraq war.The movie opens up saying it is taken from actual testimoney, but I think some licensing was done along the way.

I remember reading about the two helicopters going in and one crashing, but I wondered after hearing all the crashing and the seals using loud c4 explosives to blow off doors to the compund why noone hears anything. You see the seals going through the compound and shooting some of the wives and another male while sparing the children, but you never clearly see them get Bin Laden as it is so dark and everything happens so quickly. You don’t see Bin Laden clearly and just see a seal taking his picture. You then see them loading his body in a body bag and carrying it out to the helicopter and return to the base. I’ve seen a navy animated re-enactment that showed more detail than this. Meanwhile Maya is back at the base and looks into the bag to identify him and giving a yes nod saying it is him.

I guess they had to portray it this way as pictures of his body were never shown or released. Some people say (and I must say I don’t necessarily disagree with them) that Bin Laden really died a few months earlier since he was suffering from kidney failure and some of (if they can be believed) his own people captured said they buried him in the mountains. It would look bad for us after spending millions of dollars over ten years hunting for him and not have anything to show for it so this raid happened and they really got one of his body guards and said it was him to give closure and make Obama look good. Sounds plausible and call me cynical, but since they never showed any pictiures we’ll never know for sure. This is why the death pics of Osama should be shown no matter how gruesome they are.

Check out the trailer from the movie and you’ll get a better idea of the movie and it is much more interesting than the entire film.

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