Students to face punishment for opposing transgender lifestyle

The left unabashedly advocates the forced acceptance by millions of traditional Americans of behavior they feel is immoral.
When it comes to transgender individuals, progressives are exceptionally adamant they be afforded any and all courtesies – even when it obviously violates the freedom of others.
This trend was highlighted in graphic detail when a transgender man was allowed to disrobe in a locker room often frequented by young girls. More recently, the Massachusetts Department of Education released an 11-page guide for treating transgender students.
In addition to permitting students to decide which restroom they wish to use and allowing them to play on sports teams designated for a gender other than theirs, the document also allows for the punishment of noncompliant students.
Should a young female student not wish to be in a restroom with a male schoolmate who calls himself a girl, she must pay the consequences under the directives set forth by the agency.
“It should not be tolerated and can be grounds for student discipline,” the document states.
Other suggestions included in the guide are no less disturbing.
Under one proposed rule, parents would not be privy to their own child’s gender choice at school. Boys attempting to dominate a girls basketball team or simply wishing to enter a girls locker room with impunity could feasibly present themselves as a female while at school without alerting their parents.
The agency also wants to put a stop to any requirements that boys and girls dress according to their respective genders. Additionally, any activities that specify one’s gender, such as forming separate lines for boys and girls, are out under the new directives.
These extreme measures are being proposed under the guise of ending discrimination against transgender students but are so broad they actually result in the discrimination of students with traditional values.
Once again, while all other special interest groups and minorities are protected at all costs, conservative Americans are told they are fueled by intolerance and deserve the constant hate of their more enlightened counterparts.
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B. Christopher Agee

B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

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