Big Government Or No Big Government, You Choose

This article is for everyone that says they want small Government. If you are a big Government guy, don’t bother to read this. I have heard many people say that entitlements are bankrupting this country and we need to cut government spending. However, it seems to me that when you go around the table and start telling people what should be cut, the same people who say they want cuts, start yelling, no not that. You see if the cuts affect them, they are against it. Either you are for small Government, or you are not. If we ever expect to get back to the country our Founding Fathers envisioned, all must make sacrifices.

I am 60 years old, I don’t care what you have to cut, you have to cut Social Security, then cut it. If you have to cut Medicare, then cut it, you have to raise the age limit, then do it, whatever has to be done to restore this country, just do it. Unfortunately, Americans are spoiled; we expect too much and get mad if someone tries to take something away.  I remember reading in the New York paper, because of budget cuts some bus services had to be cutback. A woman was interviewed, she was mad; she was complaining that now she had to walk 2 blocks out of her way to catch the bus to work. Two extra blocks? Poor baby. This just goes to show you how spoiled Americans have become. Two extra blocks, give me a break. I remember when I was going to High School, I not only had to walk four blocks to get to the bus, but had to cross through the park as well, and that was rough when it snowed.

It is well known that once you give something to someone, it is going to be damn hard to take it away. It is not that I blame anyone for being peeved because they have to give-up a few things, I understand, I do not like giving-up things I am used to having as well. However, if we do not give-up a few things now, we will stand a good chance of eventually losing it all. In the past Americans have always been a people who will sacrifice when push comes to shove, where are those Americans now? It seems we have developed an I, Me, Mine mentality in our society today.

In 1776 our Founding Fathers carved out a country for a free people with a small Federal Government with the rights going to the states, boy how we have strayed as a country.  This country would be so unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers, originally they set-up the Federal Government to be the slave of the people, not the other way around. Somewhere along the line, we have let the Federal Government strangle us with rules, regulations, laws and taxes to the point we cannot make a move without them standing and looking over our shoulder, big brother is alive and well in America.

Let the Government run itself, let the private sector run itself, because the private sector runs best when there is little government interference. I am not saying that there should not be any oversight, because there should be, regulations and laws that are set-up to keep Americans safe is a good thing. However, when the Government starts telling business owners how to run their business, I have to draw the line and say Government, mind your own damn business and let business owners mind theirs.

Many people say they want small Government, but do they really? I believe that Government should not be able to tell a business owner how much they have to pay an employee, which means no minimum wage laws. The wage should be negotiated between employer and employee, let the market decide why should a business owner be forced to pay someone ten dollars an hour, when they are only worth five dollars an hour.  In addition, if a business owner wants to hire all men, they should be able too. If they want to hire all women, they should be able too. If they want to hire all one-legged midgets, they should be able too, what has happened to the word free in free markets?

In many parts of the country, they have no smoking laws, If a bar owner wants to allow people to smoke, let them. What’s wrong with the bar owner putting up a sign that says, “This is a smokers bar, if you don’t like it, don’t come in, if you choose to come in, don’t complain.” Instead of giving people a choice, the government thinks it knows best by telling the business owner how to run their business.

The bottom line is this, let business run business the way they think it should, that means without Government interference, bring the free, back to the free market. The next time someone asks you if you want small Government, think before you answer, I know I want to get back to the country that our Founding Fathers intended, which is for Government to stay out of the way and out of our lives, no matter how much it hurts. Recently we saw a devastating storm hit the Northeast coast of the country, people were hurting, big time. Four months later people are still hurting, even after the President promised quick action. If it wasn’t for local charities, people would really be hurting still. President Ronald Reagan was so right when he said that Government is the problem.

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This is one man’s opinion.




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