American Idol 2013 Winner Prediction

If you do not watch American Idol, you are not really missing too much. For the most part, the show is a bunch of self-absorbed primadonna’s… and this is not just the contestant’s! I do not watch every year, as I detest Reality TV to the nth degree! However, the singing shows I deal with a bit more, because they are easy to watch on the treadmill…. just fast forward through the drama (of which, most come from the judges!)

However, every now and then, there is an artist that comes along that truly has talent. There have been a few. The original American Idol- Kelly Clarkson- will always be THE American Idol. There are others that stand out- Season 4 brought us Carrie Underwood, and last season, Season 11, brought us Phillip Phillips. Last year, I called Phillip Phillips as the Season 11 winner at his very first performance.

This year, I have already chosen my winner prediction. Only time will tell….

My American Idol Season 12 Winner Prediction is……….

Angela Miller!

In last night’s show, Angela performed an original song, “You Set Me Free”:



Here is the full performance- which beautifully enough, is at her church! Yes, indeed, my favorite wrote her song about Jesus!


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