After 4 Years, Still No Clue

I’ll tell you the truth, I didn’t watch the President when he gave his State Of The Union Address. To be honest, I stopped watching him make speeches over three years ago, to me everything he has to say is nothing but B.S. If there ever was a con man, it is surely Obama. I understand that all politicians have to have a little con man in them, or else they would not get elected, but Obama takes the cake. He has been saying the same thing over the past four years and nothing has changed; as a matter of fact we are starting to slide backwards. When he took office, unemployment was 7.8%, now four years later it is 7.9%, Oh, I can hear the Liberals now, but he kept us from sliding into a great depression. My answer to them is, “how the hell do you know, because you heard Chris Matthews say it?” I truly believe that he has prevented growth with all his spending, regulation and big government policies.

This country elected a man who had no business being President, if he were the CEO of a big corporation; he would have been fired two years ago. This country elected a man who had no experience or qualifications for the job, and it sure shows. He has no understanding of how an economy is supposed to work and he surrounds himself with yes men who just go along with his failed policies. Why even after four years of failed policies, he continues to push them, as if they need more time to work, and Liberals agree with him, we need more time they all say, ten years from now they will be saying the same thing, like I said, all B.S.

Now that he is in his second term he is holding nothing back, those of you who had any doubts of his left wing Liberal agenda have no doubts anymore, those of us who always knew, well we told you so, just watch the Marxist come out of him now. He has a plan and he does not care what he has to do to get there, he has plenty of executive orders up his sleeve and he plans on wiping his ass with the Constitution if we let him get away with it. I was listening to Mark Levin recently, boy was he fired up, we as a people, have to fight back with everything we have he said. He went on to say we need to take him to court every time he tries to do something that goes against the Constitution, if we have to keep him tied up in court for the next four years, then that is what we have to do.

His plan is to take down the Republicans and take back control of the House and get Nancy Pelosi back as speaker, we cannot let that happen, if he gets control of the house and Senate we might as well kiss this country goodbye. What we need to do is keep control of the House and get back control of the Senate, and then we can keep Obama in check. Unfortunately, we are stuck with Obama for another four years, but that does not mean we have to be under his control.

Comedian Chris Rock said recently that Obama is the boss and we have to do what he says, well Chris Rock, and it seems many others have forgotten something very important. Obama is not our boss, we the people are the boss, we are the boss over Obama and all the politicians in Washington, but it seems that a majority of the people in this country have forgotten that and most of the politicians in Washington have forgotten that as well.  We the people, remember that, we the people are the boss, not the clueless person in the White House.


This is one man’s opinion.

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