ObamaPhone Lady: Darn Sure Won’t Vote for Obama Again!

Looks like the Obamaphone Lady has had her eyes opened to who Barack Obama really is!

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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  1. It’s to late! Her and people like her already screwed us past the point of no return. Besides she is lying, if a black man ran again she would vote for him, just like 96% of other black folks.

    1. Jamie, I hear your anxities & dispair. Know thatit is shared my millions of good Americans. “The point of no return” has NOT been reached. The road to the future is full of rocks, holes. & a detour sign here & there, but this road to the forward to our future is still there. There are men & women from all walks of life that are at work 24/7 trying to clear the path. I’d bet, if you take a minute, you’ll find you even know one or two of them. Think of all the brave military that are on the front line fighting to keep foreign wars from coming to our shores…Perhaps if (you) will honestly seek out some of these conservative grassroot groups, you’ll find a glimpse of the silver lining & that you, yourself has alot to bring to this fight. Giving up, makes you the victim,,,,As long as that flag still flies & a man is standing…there is hope. UNITED WE STAND

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