Liberal Radio Host Calls For Mass Killing Of ‘Birthers’

* Warning: Explicit language 

Oh, the tolerance of the liberal left!

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  1. With nuts like this running around instead of letting them disarming us, we they should be arming post haste. It seem like everyday some left wing nut is calling for killing all those that do not agree with them. Political tyranny is their goal, certainly not a representative republic. Keep your powder dry, they are coming.

    1. We have freedom to be stupid apparently according to this talk show host whom I’ve never really heard of before. What a nut. He’s worse than the birthers. Seriously.

      Obama beat us. Deal with it. You can’t get him out via the birth certificate fiasco. Elections matter. So all of you people who call yourselves conservatives and didn’t have the guts to vote for one because he was a mormon, thanks a lot. This is what we get.

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