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Illogical Extremism of the left

A-SXD03CUAAIpT3.jpg largeRecent events prove beyond reasonable doubt that members of the institutionalized “progressive” left are more than enthusiastic about attacking guns and gun owners.

True to their Alinsky roots, they are ready, willing and eager to demonize gun owners and Second Amendment proponents by disparagingly using the term “gun lobby” to describe them.  It is no secret that they are openly hostile to the Constitutionally protected Right of Americans to keep and bear arms.

They are also primed and ready when it comes to attacking Capitalism.  “progressives” persistently promote the notions that guns kill people and that Capitalism is inherently greedy and corrupt.

By applying this illogic to other situations, it would be required to conclude that computers keyboards are responsible for misspelled words and silverware causes obesity in America.

It would be quite entertaining to hear a “progressive” attempt to relay, in minute detail, the sequence of events on that monumental day when an unattended gun jumped up all by itself and shot an innocent child.

It would be equally fascinating to hear a “progressive” convey exactly how an economic system, without the benefit of human involvement, engaged in illicit price gouging, ponzi schemes or criminal quid quo pro transactions.

The fact of the matter is, the way a gun shoots anything is by a human being picking it up, aiming it and pulling the trigger.  The problem is not the gun, it is with the killer behind the gun.

In similar fashion, the only way any economic delivery system leads to unlawful behavior is through the involvement of the criminal mind.

The answers are not found in gun control or ending Capitalism.  The answer is to catch the perpetrators of the crimes and lock them away from society.


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  1. Banks have been the new stockades of slavery for a long time anyway. They entice people into their snares of credit and intentionally entangle them for life!! Every month most of you send off money to some bank because you have their plastic in your wallet! STOP IT! Be financially free. I’m sure this isn’t news to most of you but with every credit card transaction they take a small percentage. This adds up to stupid sums of money. If they did not collect any interest on the bill you all accumulate each month they would STILL be incredibly stinking RICH!

    This isn’t Capitalism. It Corporatism at its EVIL worst! “To whom you submit yourselves his slave you ARE!” The Federal Government is our American Monster – bad enough. Banks are the WORLD Monster!

    I have a small business and I take credit cards. I am going to post to my website that I will no longer accept CCs and I’ll state the reasons why. I have debit cards I lazily use as credit cards. I never go into debt BUT as a credit card I feed the Bank with its insidious little FEE! I will stop that as well.

    Gun control isn’t about crime. It isn’t about murder. It isn’t about hunting and it isn’t about SANDY HOOK!

    Sandy Hook is about Murder and a criminal mind (insane or otherwise). Columbine is about Murder. Virginia Tech, Aurora Theatre and even their leftist Obama-Loving-Hero Doren(sp?) (now dead!) is about MURDER. Someone who wontenly kills with a gun is a Murderer – not a Shooter. Leftist Journalists and Mouthy Congressmen (like hate-monger Keith Ellis(sp?)) who shoot off their mouths are “shooters” (Shoot, that only makes sense!).

    Here. Here is the entire Gun Control Hurricane in a single nutshell;

    “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” (Mao Tse Tung Problems of War and Strategy, Nov 6 1938, published in “Selected Works of Mao Zedong,” 1965)

    There it is, folks. Now all you Leftist Progressive Emos pay no attention – you won’t get it anyway! (Frankly, all of you need to move to Chicago and DC where it is safe from all those renegade guns!). For the rest of you, digest.

    1. My apologies for the first part of this post – I use an editor to try and keep spelling correct. Unfortunately two posts were in the same window. The first half is okay to read but is not on topic. Again, sorry for my haste.

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