Why We Should Stand With The Two Percent

For almost 4 years now, since the inauguration of President Barack Obama, we have been hearing a seemingly never-ending attack on rich people in our country. And, for those of us who believe in a free-market economy, free of incessant Government interference, we completely understand that money in the hands of private citizens, used for their own economic purposes, whether it is in the production, or consumption, of goods and services, builds far more value, and economic growth, then in the hands of Government, where wealth is consumed, destroyed, and mostly thrown down a rat-hole. We also understand that rich people, unless their money is sitting in a safe, or under a mattress, put their money to use in some productive manner, which will, inevitably, create more goods, services, jobs, and economic opportunities.

We often hear from the current class of Democrats, and those on the far-left, that rich people are not paying their (so-called) fair share; but, for the objective observer, that notion has been put to rest, many times over, as it is common knowledge that rich people, by far, and by virtue of amount, pay the most taxes in this country; which is used to fund our Government(s), social programs etc. But, even in light of these facts, the rich, to some, are still not handing enough of their money over to Government!

Many of us on the right are often accused of standing up for the rich, and big business, at the expense of so-called working people; as if we, on the right, are not also working people! But, regardless of the rhetoric from the left, I believe that we do a pretty good job at explaining the economic virtues of why money in the private (productive) sector is of far more value then handing more of it over to The Government. This, however, goes well beyond economic policy. This goes right to the heart of Individual Liberties! Since the days of FDR and The New Deal policies; or perhaps since the inception of The Federal Income Tax (1913), our Federal Government has largely led our citizenry to believe that Government, by virtue of their confiscatory powers, has first rights over our earnings. That is a notion that I, and millions of other citizens, adamantly reject! The money that a person earns, is, in fact, an extension of their property. Without money, we can not acquire, maintain, or build on our property – and therefore, the two are inseparable. And, isn’t it ironic how we hear so many voices in these unions, preaching constantly about worker’s rights? But, when it comes to workers who happen to own businesses, keeping the fruits of “their own labors” that right becomes null and void! The presumption is, if you built or own a business, that, you are no longer a worker. But, as those who have built businesses realize, it is a 24/7, never-ending, endeavor, to build a successful business. And, if there is no one building businesses, then, there most certainly would be no need for workers! Therefore, sanctioning Government to take more and more of a person’s income, through involuntary, confiscatory means, is no different, in theory, then sanctioning a gang of thugs to break into a neighbors home, and taking off with a bunch of their property. No matter how you frame it, the end result is still theft; regardless if it is legalized or not!

Someone who is reading this post, may say, “we are not looking to tax away most of our citizenry’s money, only the “top two percent.” Surely, they can afford to pay more”! But, therein, is the most disturbing of all factors, in my opinion. After all, isn’t two percent of our population, clearly a minority? Regardless of one’s definition or belief as to what a minority is, a minority is nothing more then a smaller part, or number, of the overall population; as opposed to the majority of the population. And, so often, we hear the left, sanctimoniously, claiming to be the defenders of minorities; yet, they are more then willing to target a mere 2% of our citizenry! I could not think of a more clear-cut case of discrimination! Just because a person has a lot of money, that does not diminish their rights as citizens, or sanction legislators to, punitively, create, and apply, different laws or standards to that group of citizens. It is beyond disconcerting to hear a President of The United States, constantly, making 2% of our population a target of his administration! The President, of all people, has a constitutional mandate to execute laws, passed by Congress, equally to all citizens; not to decide who the winners and losers are; or who has made too much or too little money.

The President takes an oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and to the best of their ability, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” No majority has the right to vote away another person’s life, liberty or property. And, the minute that we give into that premise, that will be the final death-blow to our Constitution. And, thereafter, no one’s inherent rights will be protected!

This, in my humble opinion, is not really about how much money a person has; rather, it is about a person’s right to be free, and to legitimately, and honestly, earn as much money as they like, or are able, without having to be concerned if some segment of our population, and our Government, for whatever reason, is going to come after them, or falsely blame them for the very problems that these politicians, themselves, have created! Furthermore, those who enable Government to go after rich people today, may unwittingly be going after the futures of their own children, and grandchildren; unless, of course, it is their goal to see that their posterity never has a chance to achieve what past Americans, through hard work and God’s Grace, have been able to achieve.

Posted, originally at, The Original Republican

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  1. It’s rather ironic that so many in D.C. are calling for more taxes when they & staff members haven’t even paid their own income tax…Where are the ‘tax evasion’ charges….but I digress from the topic…Most of us ‘commoners’ have no concept of how/what/why the taxes are even figured at this level, so how in the heck can we have such strong opinions on ‘what’s fair? Many of the louder voices damning the ‘rich’ have already stashed a comfortable amount & couldn’t honestly care less…there’s the couch potatoe that dares you to motivate him to ‘get a job’ & others that simply need to be a part of what they consider a cause (in return for freebies) THEN there’s the REAL DANGER as the statist striving/elite progressive working for a new world order (lower case letters deliberate) that wants us, the American citizens, brought to our knees & unable to get up. They know that ‘money’ is one of or even THE subject of the greatest decension known to man & a quick demoralizer…a path to obiedient slavery…
    Even a 10 yr old know to balance both sides of the scale need to hold the same amount at the same time. No waiting until later to finish a balance. To get ya gotta give

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