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Harry Reid, Why Are You Furious with John Boehner’s “Plan B;” It’s A Democrat Plan in Republican Disguise!

 Beohner if we must destropy nation


Harry Reid is up in arms over John Boehner’s “Plan B,”  insisting the plan will hurl America over the fiscal cliff and force the nation to default its loans.

Memo to Harry Reid: America is $16 trillion in debt. I think it’s safe to assume you leaders defaulted America when we passed the $1 trillion mark.

Furthermore, if you’re going to feign indignant outrage, don’t do it over John Boehner’s liberal Democrat actions. Boehner’s no different than you Harry: You’re both sticking it to the people!


Reid gives the finger


As to Speaker Boehner, he’s is nothing more than a liberal Democrat in GOP clothing. He has no intentions of demanding deep tax-and-spend cuts or he never would have agreed to the 2011 debt ceiling hike.  If Boehner truly wanted to cut spending, he would have called the Democrat’s bluff:  Demand they cut billions from  government-funded programs like Planned Parenthood. Nancy Pelosi’s facelift would hit the floor, but, calling for deep cuts in areas taxpayers do not want to fund is the kind of demands conservatives want, not tax-hikes on the wealthy, as Boehner’s “Plan B” demands.

Despite “Plan B” being nothing more than anti-wealth  socialist collectivism, Reid says:

Speaker Boehner’s ‘plan B’ is the farthest thing from a balanced approach. It will not protect middle class families because it cannot pass both Houses of Congress. The Senate bill is the only ‘plan B’ that can be signed into law and prevent taxes from rising by $2,200 on the average middle-class family. Now is the time to show leadership, not kick the can down the road. Speaker Boehner should focus his energy on forging a large-scale deficit reduction agreement. It would be a shame if Republicans abandoned productive negotiations due to pressure from the Tea Party, as they have time and again.


Give me a break! John Boehner lays down and rolls over for Obama and spending hikes like a Paris Hilton sex video!

I’m surprised Harry Reid isn’t praising “Plan B;” it’s progressive Democrat legislation: More tax-and-spend hikes on millionaire earners that will trickle down to the middle class, creating more job and business losses and more government dependency.

Reid is angry. He  says “John Boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than keeping the nation on firm financial footing.” If I didn’t know better I would say Harry was talking about himself and every other leader serving unconstitutional life terms.

Its obvious Harry Reid doesn’t spend much time around Speaker Boehner or Reid would realize they are two of a kind:  They care more about their careers than serving the country and fixing America’s economy.

Reid and Boehner

Still, Reid is in a huff over Boehner’s tax-hiking fiscal cliff standoff.  As if any legislative standoff will stop the bill-shoving Obama from hiking taxes on   American earners in 2013.

Reid blames Boehner, insisting he is pushing America over the fiscal cliff with a plan that terminates Bush-era tax-cuts to those earning $250,000 and under. Reid says this debacle could be avoided if only Boehner would concede to Senate legislation.  Political translation: Concede to Harry Reid. America’s dilemma: All Boehner ever does is concede.

America has a debt crisis both parities contributed to.  None of these spendaholic leaders ever admits that America goes over the fiscal cliff every time the Federal Reserve cuts interests rates too low, over prints worthless paper, and the federal government over spends, lends and borrows what it cannot repay.

That didn’t stop Reid from calling Boehner a “dictator” who won’t go against the GOP, because Boehner caterers to his fellow Republican leaders:

The American people I don’t think understand the House of Representatives is operating without the House of Representatives. It’s being operated by a dictatorship of the speaker, not allowing the vast majority of the House of Representatives to get what they want…If the 250 [cut-off for income tax votes] were brought up, it would pass overwhelmingly.


Furthermore, Reid insists “what goes on [in the GOP] shouldn’t be decided by the majority, it should be decided by the whole House of Representatives.”

Reid never made that statement when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House. Nor will Reid admit his statements reflect the way President Obama pushes bills into law without a “majority” Congressional consent.

As to dictators, most leaders in Washington are dictators, the reason many Americans dislike the modern-day government. Both parties have become power-grabbing life-termed aristocrats who care more about party loyalty than working to preserve, uphold, and defend the Constitution.  That’s why the Tea Party started.

Reid himself  admitted to the Senate that conservatives are sick and tired of Boehner:

He has so many people over there [in the GOP] that won’t follow what he wants, That’s obvious from the debacle that took place that week [with Tea Party leaders saying no to “Plan B”]. And it was a debacle. It was so bad, he was in such difficult shape there, he wouldn’t even allow a vote to take place with his Republicans because he knew he would lose.


Boehner cartoon


Conservative House members are furious with Boehner because he silenced their votes, removed their committee seats, trashed the Tea Party, and acts like Harry Reid:  He legislates as Democrat and compromises to Obama.

Boehner has not presented one, single plan that significantly cuts spending, decreases the deficit, and reduces taxes for every American.

According to The Economist:  

“Plan B” is a bill that hikes taxes only for income over $1 m[illion] per year, with no other spending measures or tax compromises…Mr. Boehner’s Plan B is an attempt to defray blame for the fiscal cliff onto Democrats, but if the country actually goes over the cliff, Plan B is unlikely to shield Republicans. Pressure from business groups and from taxpayers to reach a compromise deal before the economy suffers serious damage will become immense.


Hiking taxes on millionaires will crush middle class businesses that earn $1-$5 million before taxes. “Plan B” is another compromise for government programs to continue spending billions through taxes and  increasing debt as America defaults.

Both Reid and Obama should be jumping for joy; John Boehner has been a gift to the DNC: He’s just like Harry Reid, a liberal Democrat.






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  1. Agreed, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, and McConnell the so called leaders of their parties are in fact progressives. The progressive movement has destroyed both parties, but particularly the Republican Party. Where honor, integrity, and morals used to be, all we see is self serving politicians with none of these traits. Our politicians today do not even honor their oath of office.

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