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America: A Country In Denial

Many Americans believe that America is the greatest country on the planet; we are the shining city on the hill and the land of opportunity, the last great hope for the world. However, Americans need to wake-up, because that is a load of crap, oh all that was once true, but not anymore. Many Americans are living in denial; they refuse to see the truth of what the reality of this country has become. Many Americans delude themselves into thinking that America is still the America of the past, but it is not. Just the fact that a majority of Americans feel that their children will not be better off than they are, should tell you something right there.

A new study just came out recently which stated that America is now rated 16th in the world for places to be born, 16th, when a generation ago we were #1. That means there are 15 better countries in the world to be born in than the good old U.S.A. In addition, another study found that America ranked 11th in happiness, which means that there are 10 other countries out there that are happier places then the good old U.S.A. We are also ranked 19th in being the most successful state in the world and ranked 12th in prosperity. 34% of Americans think that America is in decline and that china will emerge as the next super power.

How can a country like ours, which has a constitution with the 1st amendment, rank 22nd when it comes to freedom of the press. Just look at the press today, whether it be print or media, the majority are left leaning with many being far left leaning, where can you get the truth in this country anymore? We are ranked 24th in perceived honesty. It is hard to believe that we are ranked 10th when it comes to economic freedom, we were a country that prided ourselves on economic freedom, that was the main reason people came to this country. Now we are ranked 4th in  global economic competitiveness, which is why we are ranked 12th in a thriving population. Our education system in this country is a disaster, with being ranked 21st in math and 17th in reading, Washington’s solution is just throwing more money at it and everything will be O.K.

I am old enough to remember when we were number one in all these categories, so what happened? We let Liberal views and policies infiltrate the American way of life. We cannot blame any one President, because little by little we the people have let this happen. But this I will say, the President we have today is only going to accelerate our spiral downward to be sure. What do you expect when we have a President that is backed by the Communist Party of America? In a recent interview a representative of the party was quoted saying, “The Communist Party USA not only welcomes the reelection of President Barack Obama, but actively engaged in the electoral campaign for his reelection and for the election of many Democratic Party congressional candidates.”

Under Obama, he said, “…we have been forming Party clubs in states in which we previously had very few or even no members. This influx of new members led us to have a national Party school earlier this year to acquaint new members with the Marxist-Leninist orientation of the Party.”

All this and America still does not wake-up, what is it going to take to turn America back to greatness, or can it? Well, I truly have to say I don’t know, if American’s would just get out of their denial mentality we might have a chance, but I do not see that happening. You have to admit there is something wrong before you can fix it.  It is obvious that the majority of the people in this country are happy with a mediocre America, or else why would they have voted for Obama, I mean it is obvious that Obama is the most far left President we have seen.

It is no secret that the Democratic Party has been taken over by the Socialist Party, I mean after all at their convention they voted to take God out of their platform, what more proof do you need? The old Democratic Party, the party of J.F.K is long gone; a party that once believed in small government, low taxes and a strong defense is no more. What is left is a party that stands for entitlements, high taxes and lots of borrowing, and lots of spending, that is why our country is sliding. There was once a feeling that was America, that I am afraid is also no more.

So, which country holds the top spot for economic freedom? Singapore, Why? Because there is very little government intrusion in the private sector, like, no minimum wage, no discrimination laws, it takes 2 days to open up a business, instead of the 2 months here because of government rules and regulation, unemployment is at 1.9% and never rose above 3% during the global recession. Guess what, Singapore has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires, with 1 out of 6 households having a net worth of one million dollars or more, a sliding income tax system, with top earners paying a 20% rate  and there is no welfare state, the government there encourages work not welfare. Regulation and taxes kills growth, are you listening Obama?

Why are we not following Singapore’s example, why do we instead follow the same path as Greece, Spain and Italy and all the other European countries that are failing? We have a President who believes in the European model and wants to take us down the same path, it is pure insanity.

I am happy to say we have reached number one in one category, cacao consumption, so maybe all is not lost.

This is one man’s opinion.



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  1. Chris, I sooooo wish I didn’t agree. Now that I do…well, what to do about it?? Perhaps that’s part of the delay,…acknowledgment almost mandates action…& I really don’t know where to start. We need to continue efforts to REstore the Constitutional values purported by many groups. I’m thinking that actual awareness has to start with the individuals admitting there is a problem. Parents often are slow to admit fault in their own child while blaming the neighbors…& this might well apply to the country also.. So I’ll take a critical look at my own neighborhood’s flaws & ‘admit’ where I have contributed. I might get lucky & get others to join me. Given an opportunity when speaking I’ll work on including ‘something’ that turn on lights. I can’t find an excuse for our loss of standing…just lame excuses.

    1. Jan I wish I didn’t have to write it, but facts are facts this country haS fallen. We should be following Singapore’s example, but Obama chooses to follow Greece.

  2. One lit candle can be seen for a mile or crowd the darkness out of a room. We all have candles, now just to get them all going….We must, as individuals, acknowledge & accept the problem before we can corret it. I pray for the wisdom to shine my candle to light up others…in other words, like most things, it begins with each one of us.This is how the Tea Party garnered it’s power.

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