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Dayton’s View Conflicted over Gun Rights in Light of Tragedy

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton
Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s opinion on gun control is conflicted as he tries to make sense of the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

Interviewed by the local CBS affiliate here in St. Paul, Dayton said there is nothing really he can do about gun laws in the state, commenting that it is more of a federal issue, (despite the fact that carry conceal laws absolutely are a matter for individual state legislatures).

“At this point, I don’t think we have an option under the 2nd amendment to do what some people are advocating,” said Dayton.

In the interview, Dayton responded to the question of arming teachers, which he believes is a bad idea and would further endanger students. He didn’t elaborate as to how gun free zones like schools could be any more vulnerable than they already are.

“I think that would increase the danger. To have weapons in classrooms, to me, just defies common sense,” said Dayton.

I believe that Dayton absolutely would support an assault gun ban if he could, if Minnesotans were not so pro-gun and self defense. The state has a strong carry conceal law, with requirements for gun owners to attend a safety class in order to carry. Long guns considered to be assault weapons require one of these special carry permits in order to be purchased. Minnesota is a shall-issue state, requiring county sheriffs to issue a permit after a proper background check, withholding such a permit only if there is just cause to do so, a wise stipulation in my view. May-issue states are more problematic and give local sheriffs much more leeway in determining who can carry a gun in his county.

Earlier this year, Dayton vetoed legislation aimed at strengthening the state’s castle law, giving residents more freedom to defend themselves with guns when threatened. The Governor sited opposition from law enforcement chiefs and said Minnesotans already have self defense rights.

If it wasn’t for strong NRA influence in Minnesota, bottom line, Dayton would ask for a gun ban on assault weapons. It is his knee-jerk, feel good liberal reaction to the shootings around the country, especially this latest in Newtown. But gun and ammo bans won’t solve the problem of gun violence, or any violence at all. I live in a town where in my youth, a teenager just a little older than me slaughtered his whole family while they slept, using a lumberjack ax to commit the crime.

The Liberal worldview blames inanimate objects for crime, not blaming society or the individual for participating in crime. That’s a shame. We’ve banished God or a higher power from our society and have the audacity to ask, “Where is God?” when crises hit. My view, I’ll continue to hold fast to my religion and my guns and I won’t be relying solely on the government for my protection.

Author’s note: Governor Dayton appropriately remembered the victims of the Newtown Tragedy by ordering all American Flags in front of State buildings to be brought to half staff. Kudos for that Mr. Dayton.

Dayton comments on arming teachers:

Dayton vetoes enhanced Castle Law:

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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  1. “It is his knee-jerk, feel good liberal reaction to the shootings around the country”

    Look, I understand that on the right there is a need to push off a substantial gun control conversation because it is “too soon.” But here’s the problem, after 26 people died horribly because a crazy person was able to easily get his hands on three guns, it is actually too late. I have to wonder why your knee doesn’t jerk a little.

  2. The governor would sign a ban into law if Minnesotans weren’t about self defense? I think that line right there describes the senselessness of this article

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