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Racism-Alive & Well

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has yet to resign and Barack Obama has yet to nominate Susan Rice to take her place, but “progressives” have already brought the debate over Rice’s fitness for the post to a new low.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-SC claimed that Republican concerns about Rice being “incompetent” could be racially motivated.  In an interview with CNN, Clyburn attempted to make the case that “incompetent” is racist code:

“These are code words.  These kinds of terms that those of us — especially those of us who were born and raised in the South — we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them.”

Senator John McCain, R-AZ and other Republicans have been openly critical of Rice because of comments she made on five Sunday morning talk shows shortly after the 9/11 Islamofascist attack in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and two former Navy Seals.  Ninety seven House Republicans sent Obama a letter saying that Rice is unfit to succeed Hillary Clinton.

It’s pretty clear to those paying attention that Susan Rice was used by the White House to float a false narrative balloon the Obama re-election campaign hoped would take flight.

The fictional account, first fostered at the Democratic National Convention, that the killing of bin Laden meant al Qaeda had been smashed simply does not stand up to reality.  Regardless, the Obama White House’s re-election chances hinged on enough under informed voters buying into Obama’s foreign policy positions, initiatives, words and actions.

Clyburn, apparently incapable of letting facts speak for themselves, resorts to true “progressive” form.  He fulfills his “progressive” obligation to introduce the element of race into each and every political equation.

If calling someone “incompetent” is racist, then there must be a tremendous number of Caucasians who harbor racist feelings towards white people.  How else would one explain their making Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush one-termers?  Why would those nasty, evil, white devil Caucasians vote against Carter and Bush in numbers sufficient to doom their re-election efforts if those two men were seen as competent?

Others have raised gender as well.  Never mind that Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-NH was among the three Republican Senators who held a press conference where they criticized Rice for incompetence.  Does that mean Senator Ayotte hates women?

Of course Clyburn, being ever the “progressive” troll, could not pass up an opportunity to swipe at McCain and his 2008 running mate in his CNN interview:

“He told us that Sarah Palin was a very competent person to be vice president of the United States. That ought to tell you a little bit about his judgment.”

Clyburn should know, inferring Palin is incompetent and questioning McCain’s judgment are racist code and a clear sign that Clyburn subversively hates white people.

It is obvious that Clyburn’s motive is to shut down criticism and end debate.  That has always been the purpose of political correctness.

Clyburn needs to know that for decades white people in America have been unjustly and immorally accused of being racists; especially those who were born and raised in the South.  They have been “hearing these little words and phrases” all of their lives and “get insulted by them.”

With all due respect, Rep. James Clyburn should do America a favor and keep his race baiting slander to himself.  His “contributions” to the discussion are hurting race relations in America, not helping.

Thanks to the “unifying”, “post-racial” efforts of Obama and political cronies like Clyburn, race relations in America have been set back at least fifty years.


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  1. Why Yes It Is….And some want it that way so that there’s always an excuse or comeback to replace knowledge & truth.,,,and we all know who ‘they’ are.The seeds are planted in the fertile soil of ignorance & entitlements where they thrive.

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