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Patraeus: The Story Gets Worse

It’s bad enough the timing of General Patraeus sudden resignation. The affair with a married woman was questioned by many whether it should be enough to cause him to resign as Director of the CIA. But over the weekend additional information has come to light causing many to wonder about this relationship, the foolish email exchange, how the FBI investigation began and what state secrets may have been divulged.

The first video is a FOX News exclusive interview with correspondent Jennifer Griffin and contains a clip by paramour Paula Broadwell who indicates she had knowledge beyond what the public knew of the situation in Benghazi.

“Now, I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually, um, had taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.”

This second video is from a weekend interview with Rep. Pete King bringing up more questions than answers.

News today reveals that a second woman was somehow involved through an email exchange which is what prompted the FBI investigation. Not only is this a sad fall from grace by one of the most respected generals of our time but the coincidental timing of the information release makes one wonder who, at the top levels, had knowledge of this affair and did someone try to use it to benefit this administration?

Judge Jeanine did not mince any words in her opening segment Saturday.

Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this story.

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