Clueless Obama Voters And What to Do About Them

In the video above, we see college students lined up to vote for Obama without a single freaking clue about some of the basic tenets of American government. When all you know is that we are a “democracy,” and majority rules, then you are more likely to support slick demagogues like Obama who promise free stuff, trample on private property rights, and act like vengeful dictators.

These millennials or whatever they hell they are aren’t ideologues; they’re just out-to-lunch. And there is a commonality of interests between the lazy, over-educated snobs who blow fortunes getting worthless educations at liberal colleges and the ignorant, under-educated folks who depend on them to loot the government on their behalf for goodies. Neither want to do any real work; and while those in the big screen-watching, X-box playing underclass take what they believe rightfully belongs to them, the upper class intelligentsia demonize the productive, the successful, the creators in the economy who make all those snazzy high-tech gadgets to begin with.

Sure, we’re supposed to believe that the sick bastards who drive the engine of the world’s biggest economy are “selfish” and “greedy” and every other epithet because they feel like paying half the country’s bill is enough. And as for the supposedly cruel market system, it is a basic fact that you can’t get rich without attending to the wants and needs of others. Go ahead, sit in your garage, poop out something into a bag, and charge a million bucks for it. Good luck making a fortune that way, kids.

But there is this primitive concept that if one is greedy and selfish, then he must be taking things that don’t belong to him. That’s wrong! It’s taking things that don’t belong to you with the force of government democracy that is morally wrong. In other words, for every one person Obama supposedly helps, he makes someone else a victim. There is no way around it, geniuses. The sh*t isn’t Obama’s. It doesn’t belong to him. He didn’t build that.

There is something Ayn Rand said in Return of the Primitive that has stuck with me, which is that the New Left rebels taking over were “Castroites”; and she pointed out that they were driven more by existentialist angst than by ideological fanaticism. She said that their literary tastes run more to Sartre and Camus than to Marx. Apparently, the literary tastes of today’s rebels run more along the lines of 50 Shades and the appropriately named Twilight.

Snide left-wing trolls will be taunting conservatives with their witless one-liners for the next four years; but let’s not fools ourselves, we’re not exactly dealing with mental giants, folks. These people don’t get their cues from stale Sunday show punditry or the New York Times as much as they do from bile-spewing gangsta rappers like Jay-Z and from post-moral Hollywood films like “Wreck-it-Ralph”

What we need now to be successful in imbuing our values into those who are anti-value and beating principles into the soft skulls of the moral relativists is a way to cut through the progressive think-smog of bullsh*t cultural innuendo and Alinsky-style character assassination. What is meaningful to Americans in their real everyday life experience? How do you make things stick emotionally as much as intellectually?

Odds are whatever it will be will be quirky, funny, and unexpected. You’ve got to go pre-cognitive; and stay tuned to CDN for an article from myself that will describe a new political paradigm of approaching American politics, instead of going by the same-old left-right dialectic. Regardless, selling the “conservative” soap is not gonna take home the knife set.

Some people may be tempted to mail it in, believing they’d rather preserve their dignity and talk to other prospective American voters like they’re, well… adults. Writing, blogging, trying to influence others in the new media environment is probably not gonna be for you. We’re all on a giant playground now, and sometimes you’ve got to use humor to take down the school bully, especially if the star quarterback who said has your back is making out with the tight end under the bleachers.

On the other side of the ‘change’ coin, it must be nice to live in the liberal netherworld of knowing how to vote each election based sheerly on who all the cool kids think should be the country’s top political celebrity for four years. Yep, despite all the conservative crowing about President Kardashian and Big Bird politics, the lefty culture trumped our smarts. Time to get over it.

We were all thinking Alinsky, when we should have been going Gramsci. In other words, a lot of bloggers were thinking ridicule hatchet-job on Obama’s character when we should have been thinking about the immense institutional and cultural resources working against us. Our constant sniping at Obama made those of us on the right come across to the young, dumb and proud of it as petty (maybe even… racist?) because our message wasn’t being reinforced through cultural media: movies, music, television, etc.

We were yelling into the cultural marxist ocean only to find that while our fellow fail whales could hear us, the giant group-think schools of lib-fish had tuned us out. We didn’t know how to change the color of the red tide except to pee in the currents.

Did you think this velvet revolution was planned yesterday? Hardly. As soon as radicals got their hands on Frankfurt School lit, they started taking over the schools, universities, news and entertainment media, and the courts. We were content to salute the flag, eat apple pie, and sing “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” while the left was brainwashing our kids (and damn proud of it!).

Want to live in the black-and-white era of American politics, believing we can beat the other side with newspaper editorial-type posts filled with “facts” and “figures” and “logic”? You’re probably going to be sorely disappointed by the lack of results.

Want more evidence? Here you go.

Obama voters slam Mitt Romney, while supporting his policy proposals; and they hammer the policies of “Mitt Romney,” which actually belong to Obama.

Shock jock Howard Stern’s infamous videos of Obama voters before the election.

Bonus: epic Adam Corolla rant on participation trophy left. Caution: explicit language.

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  1. So what do we do? I stopped buying Hollywood crap a long time ago. I don’t go to movies. I joined a Million Moms. Don’t send my kids to liberal universities. I would put my two youngest in private school if we had not just lost $100K from the housing market and moving home to the South to get out of the unionized school system where even the Catholic school was liberal. Money talks. Think before you spend anything. I am also stopping charitable contributions because they pay their staff too much and the people they support voted for Obama and these liberals all over the country. Enough. We need to learn to say “I will not comply.” If enough people withheld their taxes because it is used for abortions then we could make a difference. Too bad there are too many sheep. I have never been a sheep. I will not start now.

    1. Faithwalk, Im all of your frustration I hear a heart that is 100% American & doing all she can for her Country & children. I’m glad someone with your passion is on Our team! I believe we’re all a bit frantic, angry & ‘battle weary’…yet we’re still here..We’ve learned a grat deal & lost some innosence & have seen a bruised ego or two… So now what? ..Perhaps it’s time take a quite momment or so & just ‘listen’so that we may hear….and with refreshed minds & resed bodies we can continue this fight even more UNITED.

  2. the Republican party has some serious thinking to do. Ask yourselves why Ron Paul is so incredibly successful at reaching young people, and the Republican party fails so miserably. If you think it’s because he wants to legalize drugs you are sorely mistaken. it is because his message is eloquent and well spoken, and most importantly, consistent and truthful. The party could learn a lot from not having abrasive loudmouths like Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity be its mouthpieces You can find all the videos you want of young people saying stupid crap (which by the way you could find plenty of Romney supports saying stupid crap too; out of millions of millions of people there will always be some idiots. and what percent of americans can eloquently express political viewpoints when a camera is shoved in their face?), but young people are not as moronic as you seem to think they are. They appreciate honesty and consistency, and a focus on issues that are genuinely important to America and not a bunch of distracting moral social junk which is better decided by the states anyways. I do not think that Obama is a great leader. But I also think that the Republican party is an incoherent, hypocritical, ideologically confused, disingenuous mess of an organization. What the party stands for makes no sense to me at all. I have to sit through this incessant, ear-splitting screaming about how Obama is a “socialist,” while it’s difficult for me to see how Romney is any less of one. If Obama is so socialist, and Romney is not, then why does Romney constantly ensure his supporters that while he will implement entitlement reform, their Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security will remain untouched? If he is supposedly such a great leader with such brilliant ideas, why was his solution to the health care problem to implement mandated healthcare, just like Obama, when he was in charge? (something that REPUBLICANS brought up and thoroughly tarnished him with before the “smear campaign” by Obama). Why does Romney support limiting deductions ONLY FOR THE RICH which makes it so they pay MORE in taxes which amounts to nothing more than a TAX INCREASE FOR THE RICH??? And if he is so fiscally responsible, then why did he want to INCREASE military spending while lowering taxes, which surely will lead to a debt increase??? (he never actually gave specifics on how the deductions limitations and tax code reform would actually cover this gap).

    maybe this makes you angry to read. but take it as good advice: I am one of those voters who the Republican party COULD reach, but does not. I am sick of disingenuous behavior by BOTH parties. I want honesty, and consistency. I think in these trying times the Republicans should SHUT UP already about social issues. Who cares about things like gay marriage, that the states should decide anyway, when our country faces this amount of debt and fiscal irresponsibility? It turns off voters who could otherwise be reached, and you are playing into the democrats’ hand. I think the core fiscal message of the GOP is deeply valuable and important, but it gets lost in the messy fray of the party talking points. Ron Paul has honed his message to an artform, and his rallies are heavily populated by young people. It is because he talks in clear terms about issues that truly matter to our country, and maintains a consistent and honest message that he explains in detail. Yet the Republican party pushes him out. you all could learn a lot from the movement he created.

    1. Ron Paul is for isolationism while radical Islam takes over the rest of the world and for legalizing marijuana other illicit drugs. We have voted on Ron Paul repeatedly. Now go away. But he won’t because he is a control freak as are many of his followeres who would rather lose and endure Obama than do the right thing and support the lesser of the evils. Control freaks never compromise an inch. They are dinosaurs.

      1. if they are dinosaurs, then how come they have so much support with young people? And how is more laws governing personal freedom (and on the federal level no less, at least the states should be able to decide for themselves) not bigger government? Would you really side with the Obama administration when it comes to prosecuting non-violent marijuana users in the state of Colorado when the people in that very state voted to make it legal? Side with the Obama administration federally charging individuals and throwing them in jail for something the people spoke out on? It’s distractions like that that make the Republican party un-appealing to young people. They say they want smaller government, but then they want MORE laws governing personal freedoms. Federal laws. THAT is big government. I don’t think that Ron Paul and other libertarians are right about everything, but at least they are more honest and consistent with their viewpoints, and that is why young people listen to them and not to Republicans, who earmark bills, balloon the debt (look at how much the debt increased in the Bush years), and play petty politics just like the democrats.

          1. those weren’t rhetorical questions… would you side with the administration and federally prosecute marijuana users in Colorado, even though they voted to legalize it?

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