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The American Healthcare Catastrophe: Who’s Fooling Who?

This Administration falsely blames the high cost of healthcare on the American people. They smoke, they drink, they eat too many fatty foods, and they’re fat and lazy, with scheduled form of exercise. This is truly a hilarious act of “audacity” coming from a President and his First Lady, Government Agencies, The United States Senate, Congress and the Supreme Court, together with their Districts enjoying every extravagance, including unhealthy expensive rich meals and desserts at the expense of the taxpayers. The old adage of “Do what I say, but don’t do what I do” is the perfect example of their hypocrisy. 

We watched our President Barack Hussein Obama have a beer and smoke. He was caught on a few occasions lighting up! He and Our First Lady Michele have been noted and documented in indulging some high priced, high powered, unhealthy lunches and dinners, with excessively rich calories. Yet she has the gall to preach and dictate? These acts are usually kept under wraps, because in the eyes of the bought and sold main stream liberal media press, they only report their positives, hardly ever their negatives.

This debacle is obviously portrayed as a two faced insincerity of shaming the public into submitting to their double standards of lies and secret indulgences. They sacrifice nothing, take everything, give back nothing, yet they look at you with a straight face and accuse you, the people, of being greedy and selfish.

Yet, nothing is being said for the hospitals or healthcare facilities that are constantly padding the bills, while occasionally attempting to charge double payments for the same procedure, and sometime succeeding in collecting? No one investigates their escalated inflated costs that they disgracefully charge to the average patient staying, at their facility? Where are their scruples and morals?

No one legitimately investigates their staff, their administrators, for abuses, mistakes, incompetence or laziness causing harm, injury or even death? Misdiagnoses are being left unchallenged and permitted without any recourse, adding to expenses. This only proves that there should be no Tort Reform; because there must be consequences for their actions. That goes for the Doctors, The Hospital, their Employees as well as the Insurance Companies, Government Workers, Committees, and Politicians.

“Tort Reform” would be a good principle, if we have valid, legal protections, against the ineptitudes. Presently, we have “the fox watching the chickens”. There must be a deterrent to unprofessional acts of complacency with possible injury or death? If not monetary, then there must be another form of retribution to reprimand obvious signs of neglect instead of just another collateral damage statistic?

Now with the additional applicants and patients placed into Obamacare, leaving a shortage of home grown American doctors, more foreign physicians will be recruited, into our healthcare system. If we were taught anything from the past, proper credentials and qualifications verification screening of these individuals will be limited or non-existent, making us easy targets to slaughter! The confidence factor no longer exists! We obviously and naturally can’t trust them to police or discipline themselves. We are defenseless except for the right to sue?

We must never give-up our right in seeking proper retribution, for malpractices even though it gives them another bogus excuse to raise healthcare costs. If they were all diligent, professional, truthful and cautious, in a perfect world, in meeting all proper standards, with no man made clumsy mistakes then maybe there could be a compromise, but they’re not!

Nothing is said for the doctors who are employed by the same hospitals ordering countless needless expensive painful tests to their patients, escalating the monetary responsibility to an already exhausted healthcare system. No one says anything about an unknown doctor to the patient, saying “hello, how are you feeling today”, everyday, while they are in the facility and charging that patient a visit every time?te practice who refuses to accept Medicare or any other legally insured provider. Cash up front, the visit must be “Paid in Full”, before you have the privilege of seeing the doctor. No monetary protective limits or caps are placed, you’re at their mercy, paying whatever they demand, while you submit a claim to your Insurance Provider and wait, hoping and praying that they will reimburse you for some of your expenses. Where is the Hippocratic Oath, I guess money and currency comes before their professional honor.

No one attacks the most unscrupulous Shylocks of them all the Insurance Companies. They seem to have a free reign in determining what claims they are going pay or not, with no penalty for their actions. They charge escalated premiums, and aren’t afraid to discriminately raise them, at a moments notice. They have absolutely no remorse to drop you or your family, without due process. Obamacare presently have encouraged these companies to charge more, not less, adversely affecting their customers, placing them further in debt for proper healthcare coverage. Enhanced premiums with constantly decreasing services!

They look for any and all excuses or made-up loopholes not to acknowledge legitimate claims, forcing the customer to submit time consuming appeals, this is not cost effective. They are the most despicable, with everyone turning their backs on these rodents, allowing them to do whatever they want, relying on their compassion and decency. Did you ever know of a rodent displaying or administrating any human qualities? They are in business to make money, at all cost or suffering.

No one mentions the illegal aliens that cross over into our Country with nothing. They have no job. They don’t pay taxes, but are entitled to our healthcare system free of charge, as well as taking advantages of other generous taxpayer entitlements as well. Some come here to solely to use our healthcare facilities, because their own Country’s healthcare is sub-par with no modern day professionals, equipment, procedures or standards. Who will eventually pay their bill, whether in its in our “Present Form” or “Obamacare”, you the taxpayer!

The arrogance of this President, His Administration, the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives, authorizing the vicious destruction of Medicare, by robbing from Peter to pay for Paul is an abomination. Remember more than a Half Trillion Dollars will be removed from the Medicare budget to pay for Obamacare. This will coercively compel all those Medicare recipients, to submit to the inferior control of Obamacare, whether they like it or not! Anyone with a half a brain must realize this will adversely affect anyone on Medicare, and the Medicare system?

There is no rhyme or reason to Obamcare, and there was no rhyme or reason to our present day healthcare situation, both reek with the stench of greed, corruption misstatements, mismanagement and abuses unchained. Don’t allow them to blame us for their own self induced faults of using our life and death situations into a money making scheme. The first thing anyone does who is guilty is to spread the blame, taking the spotlight off of them. So we are constantly fed this non-sense, of believing that we are the number one culprit for the high cost of healthcare instead of these gluttonous, voracious maggots, mentioned in this article.

We the people must have a say in our own destiny, especially healthcare, don’t allow them to fool you twice, if they do, shame on you. Always question authority, always ask for a second opinion, and especially don’t blindly trust. We are Americans, and it’s about time we start acting and living as free proud Americans? God Bless America !

William P. Frasca
Copyright 2012

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