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Obamaphone Jackpot: Woman has 30 Obamaphones

By now you have probably seen the woman from Cleveland who wants to ‘keep Obama in President, ya know‘, because he gives out free phones.

Well, it looks like this lady from Baltimore has a leg up on the now infamous Obamaphone Lady.

I don’t really understand why she needs 30… yes… THIRTY(30)… phones, but just remember… you and I, Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer, are paying for all 30 of those phones!

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  1. Free phones or a woman who receives welfare assistance (Older story, see link below)- Sure, these are only two incidents BUT what’s the difference when our tax dollars are going to people who clearly abuse the aid that is offered???


  2. If we’d would consider asking her to reduce her number of Obama phones from 30 to 28, The current “black culture” would say “that’s racist”.

  3. You can’t be serious asking why this person needs thirty phones. I assure you she is not taking orders for cheese pizzas. Can you spell D-R-U-G-S?

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