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President George W. Bush’s 9/11 statement 2012

President George W. Bush made a statement via Facebook today, honoring the memory of those lost on September 11



Just a few simple words, speaking volumes!

“On this solemn anniversary, Laura and I hold the victims of September 11th in our thoughts and prayers.”

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  1. The Baby Boomer Terror War and the Children they Sacrifice

    by Raun Pol

    I am normally a fan of irony. It is one of my favorite notions, and something that has kept me alive through the really tough times, but there are occasions when irony really crushes one’s hopes in humanity.

    I think the generation that exemplifies the biggest cache of irony are the Baby Boomers. A generation whose elders and government drafted them into a terrible war, a disasterous war, many innocent lives taken so that a few rich people could get richer all under the guise of “stopping communism”. They saw the hipocracy, they protested it with their very lives. They even spit on the all-drafted army when it returned and called them murderers and baby-rapers. This a tragedy in itself, as those young soldiers did not want to go to war, they just simply wanted to get it over with and hopefully come home and live a normal life someday. They did not have a choice. That didn’t matter, they still got assaulted when they got off those planes, and for years found it hard to get work and many ended up homeless and dying in the streets penniless with mental illnesses and drug addictions.

    You would think these fucking people would have learned something out of that unfortunate turn of events.

    They did not. They only took their self-absorbed hippie mentality, and morphed it into a yuppie existence a mere ten years later. Focusing only on greed and comfort for the next twenty years, and ignoring all around them except what is convenient to see. They shoved their brains so far up their own asses, that when once again their government asks them to send their own kids to a war with intentions so transparent, so obviously a war of dominance over natural resources so their personal comfort levels don’t suffer. They not only bent over and let the ass-fucking begin, but they offered up their children gratefully and asked them to “make mommy proud” by killing those damn Arabs (I mean Muslims) (No wait, I mean Terrorists).

    Now if there was ever a returning army to spit on, it is this current United States Armed Forces. They have had ten years to see what this is all about, and you can’t tell me they don’t. They know what it is, it is about jack-booted thuggery on a grand scale, and they do it with precision. These are not good people. Good people don’t volunteer to kick in the doors on families and kill them in their own lands. This is what Imperialist armies do. This is what Julius Caesar did to the Gauls. No difference, and I would spit on any soldier in uniform who is proud of their service in the Middle East Wars.

    This is not a drafted army, my heart cries for anyone who was drafted to a shitty war, and only tried to survive the life they were handed, no matter how bad the cards were they were dealt only to be spit on by those who forced them to do it. These fucking asshats are an all-volunteer force of ignorants who have no honor at all. Zero.

    There is a reason that the soldier suicide rate is higher than the rate they are being killed on the battlefield. It is because they know what I just said is right, and the only thing they could do to correct the wrongs they have committed in their own mind was to eat a bullet. Perhaps some of them got their just desserts. I don’t know, I am sure most of their last days before ending their lives was a tragedy the likes of which only Shakespeare can put into words.

    I support the troops who have quit the army. I support the troops who speak out against what they have seen and experienced. That is the spirit of true honor, the spirit of a true warrior. A warrior who fights for honor, not a soldier who fights for salary and a college education that should be provided to all citizens anyway. Our leaders know that if we had a decent education system they would have no military.

    It’s just too bad the baby boomers who brought you into this world won’t eat that bullet for you, Mr Armyman, but I won’t stop you from taking yourself out. I relish in the anguish the news of your suicide instills in your greedy shitty parents’ hearts, I want them to feel that pain, for that is the pain they inflict on the world around us.



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