Which Man Do You Want As A Role Model For Our Children?

It seems to me society has been turned upside down somewhere along the line. I am 60 years old, and living in a society that is the complete opposite of what it was when I was growing up. What was right then is wrong today, and what was wrong then is right today, how did this happen?

Let us take a look at two men, one in the White House, the other wanting to move in. Two completely different men, opposites as much as I ever saw two men be. Let us look at the differences between the two men, and then you can decide for yourself which man is the better role model for our children.

Let us start with the man in the White House.

*Here is a man who may or may not be an American citizen. (The jury is still out on this subject) There seems to be proof offered on both sides of this matter.

*Here is a President who is married 10 years with 2 daughters.

*He is said to be a smart man, yet he refuses to reveal any of his college transcripts, or his college applications. It is rumored that he lied on his applications in order to receive government money.

*By his own admission, which is in the book he wrote about his life, he bought, sold and used drugs frequently when he was young. And he’s our President?

*His religion is in question, he says that he is a Christian, so I have to take him as what he says he is, but he seems to have been raised a Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama,  mmm I wonder?

*When growing-up, his mentors and teachers were all radicals who believed in Socialism, Communism and the damnation of Capitalism.

*Here is a President who when traveling the world after being elected, chose not to praise America, but to apologize for America.

*As an American President, when meeting foreign leaders, he bowed to them.

*Here is a President that truly believes that successful people should be persecuted, while the unsuccessful should be rewarded.

*Here is a President that believes the way to elevate the poor is to lower the rich.

*Here is a President who truly believes that Government is the answer to everything.

Now, let us take a look at the man who would like to occupy the White House.

*Here is a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Wait, I wish I was too.

*Here is a man who was born and raised in the Mormon Religion.

*Here is a man who does not smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs.

*Here is a man who when his father died, donated his entire inheritance to charity.

*Here is a man who has been married for 43 years; to the same woman I might add.

*Here is a man who has raised 5 sons.

*Here is a man who has been a success in business. He has had some failures, but in life sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

*Here is a man who was a successful Governor.

*Here is a man who came in and saved the 2002 Winter Olympics.

*Here is a man who believes a strong private sector makes a strong America

*Here is a man who now wants to be our next President.

Well, there you have it; it is up to you to decide which man is the better role model for our children. I could not make it any clearer. The only thing that these two men have in common, is that they are both good family men, other than that, they are like night and day.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll choose the man who wants to live in the White House, not the man who is there now.

You know if you would have told me when I was a kid, that this country would elect a president that admitted to buying, selling and using drugs, I would have said you were out of your mind. It seems we are now living in a Bizzaro society.


                                                                             A Role Model? 

This is one man’s opinion.








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    1. Oh, you must have been in a coma from 2001-2009. Look at a few headlines from that time period and the picture will clear up real quick.

  1. Excellent article. I’m with you too.I’m 65 and this man is completley different from what I was brought up on. You’ve covered all the basics I’ve been arguing with friends and writing about. Clinton at first tried moving us in the same direction,but even he had the forsight to move to the center.This guy is sticking to his rigid left wing ideologue. Let’s hope Mitt and Ryan get in and restore our country. They’re off to a good start. Check out my article here “Mitt takes the Gloves off.”

  2. Okay, well your first point…No, he is an American. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise, and harping on that really reveals more about you than you would probably care to admit.

    What does his marriage with two daughters have to do with anything?

    Well, he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, and he did get into two Ivy League schools without being the son of someone who is extremely wealthy.
    Also, is it customary to know anyone’s grades?

    Yeah, he used drugs. He was a teenager in the 70s. Were you this upset by W’s coke use, or is this a special rage you were saving up for another occasion.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s a Christian. He has an ethnic name, and if you are making a comment like “I wonder” I can go ahead and wonder if you are racist.

    Probably not all of his mentors, and teachers but, yeah, he surrounded himself with people who had ideas that were not in the mainstream. That’s what smart people do. I also wouldn’t plead the benefits of capitalism too strenuously when you consider that capitalism had destroyed the economy right before Obama took office.

    Yeah, he did apologize for America. Between the years 2001-2009 America had been behaving like someone’s uncle who shows up drunk on Thanksgiving, who insults all the food, then can’t find the bathroom and pees on a houseplant. I have no problem with Obama being self aware. If Obama had gone around the world suggesting that the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq was anything other than an unmitigated disaster, he would have looked like an idiot.

    Ugh. I understand the concept of politeness is lost on most Republicans, but you realize that considering the amount of money the Bush administration borrowed from China right before the value of the American dollar dropped most protocol offices would suggest that Obama give hand jobs. I think bowing was appropriate.

    Rich people need to stop pretending to be persecuted. They sound really ridiculous.

    Considering lower and middle class incomes have remained stagnant for decades while upper class salaries during that same time have increased 300% (in other words, the people who decide how much to pay the people below them have decided to keep all the money themselves) this argument is without merit. Conservatives LOVE to call Obama out on class warfare. The reality is there has been class warfare for decades, the middle and lower class just didn’t realize they were under attack.

    Obama doesn’t think the government is the answer to everything. But that doesn’t mean the government should do nothing.

    You wish you were Little Lord Fauntleroy? What do you want him to be president of? A country club?

    You really shouldn’t suggest that being a part of the Mormon church is a positive. Mormonism is a glorified cult. You do know that Romney was also very high up in the church, right? This would be the equivalent of a Catholic Bishop running for president.

    That only means his vices are more devious.

    Romney gave some money to legitimate charities. He also gave a significant amount of money to his church, which is not a charity. He also gave away that fortune after he was worth many millions of dollars himself.

    Yes, he has been married longer. He is older. Obama has only been married once. Your point?

    He has children. This is all fine. Are you saying that sons are better than daughters? I don’t even remotely understand your point.

    He has been a success in business, oftentimes at the expense of others’ hard work. He also got started at Bain Capital with money invested by violent Central American dictatorships.

    One of the key elements to Romney’s success was his health care plan. But we don’t mention that in polite conversation I guess.

    As David Cameron said, running the Olympics is easy if it is in the middle of nowhere.

    Did Obama ever suggest that a strong private sector would make America weak? No, that did not happen.

    Yeah, he wants it really bad. It’s kind of pathetic…

    By the way Conservative Daily News, I noticed that almost all of my posts that call you on your nonsense have been censored. I guess you can do that, but don’t pretend that your ability to silence the loyal opposition makes you morally right. I would also argue that I am not a troll. A troll says something like “BABABOOEY BABABOOEY HOWARD STERN BABABOOEY” and I clearly have not done that.

      1. Yea Jerry, Him and Chris Matthews both. I have to laugh every time these liberals try to say something intelligent. Either way Romney is the better role model by far.

        1. I agree Chris, this guy sounds like he walks around with his nose up in the air, typical liberal.

        2. Chris, are you claiming your article was intelligent? Let me give you a hint. If you are a Birther, intelligent is not something you get to call yourself. If you say that being born with a silver spoon in your mouth makes you a role model (you can’t really aspire to be born into a wealthy family…), you don’t get to call yourself intelligent. Doing so would make me laugh.

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