Are We Witnessing The Death Of Our Society?

Mom sold 6-year-old daughter’s body for sex to score drugs: N.Y. Daily News 3/6/12

A Florida mom sold her 6-year-old daughter’s body for sex so she could get money and score drugs, according to authorities.

CUNY’s Baruch College under fire over forged business school grades N.Y. Post 6/17/12

A professor falsified grades, passed students who were failing so the school can receive larger grant money

Angry parents accused of planting drugs on child’s teacher because they were unhappy with her Daily News 6/20/12

A California couple is accused of planting illegal drugs on an elementary school volunteer because they weren’t happy with how the woman was supervising their son.

Mom who slept with teen son says it ‘genetic attraction,’ NOT incest Daily News 6/23/12

The California mom who slept with her estranged teen son says she didn’t commit incest – it was “genetic attraction.”

Mom parties while tot home alone covered in his waste: Daily News 6/27/12 authorities claimed they found her young son unsupervised, covered in his own waste and in a home described as so “filthy” that it smelled of “rotting food, urine and feces.”

‘I didn’t mean to kill them:’ Boy’s tearful confession to killing parents Daily News 6/28/12

‘I didn’t mean to kill them,’ says Alex Cain, then 14, who has never explained his motive for shooting his mom and dad to death in the family’s Florida home.


These are just a few of the headlines I copied from the newspaper, there are many more. Is it just me, or are there others saying, “What the hell is going on with this country.” It appears to me, society is collapsing all around us but no one seems to care, or at least it seems that way to me. Just pick-up the newspaper any day of the week and you find stories about kids killing their parents, parents killing their kids, murder, and rape. People that we were taught are there to help us, are now the ones doing us harm. Just look at our elected officials, politicians, judges, lawyers, police, teachers and the list goes on.

What has happened to our society? Where are the people that we can trust and depend on to do right by us? Our kids are running wild, they show no respect for any of our institutions or any respect for anyone for that matter. It seems to me that there are no parameters for anyone to live by anymore. We are without a doubt headed for, if we are not already in, an anything goes society. What has happened to the boundaries that a society is supposed to have? I am sure we all have different opinions as to why this is happening, the following are mine. You may disagree. Although I wrote a whole book on what I think is wrong with society, these are the top two.  God and Family.

I am sure there are many reasons for the down turn of our society, but in my view the top two are the removal of God in our schools and the demise of the traditional family. In 1962 the Supreme Court struck down prayer in our schools, they looked at this simple prayer and said God has to go.

“Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our country.”

You take out expressing the love of God and country from our schools and we are left with what we now have, and expect it to get worse if we do not correct it. We live in a country where you are free to pray or not pray, but if one person does not want to pray, they should not be able to over ride the majority that do. If one person says that they are offended, why should hundreds suffer by being forced to stop? As more and more people say they do not believe in God, the more our society spirals downward. People today like to take the easy path; it is easier not to believe, than it is to believe.

How did we come to a point in our society, that we mock a traditional family, while a same sex family is praised? Children need a mother and a father in their lives. Women that choose to stay home and raise their children are ridiculed, when raising children is probably the most important of jobs in our society. We have in this country, too many single mothers living with four children all of which have different last names and the fathers are nowhere to be found. Divorce has been on the rise for years, unwed mothers seem to be the norm these days. There seems to be no sense of commitment anymore. Just the other week I was reading about a guy who has fathered 15 children with 14 different women and are married to none. And you wonder why our society is crumbling?

I had put this article out on different sites just to see what kind of comments I would receive, a majority of the comments were the same; there is no difference in society today, it is just that with the Internet and the 24 hour news cycle it is just in front of us more. That was the overwhelming response. No one seemed to care, that’s just the way it is they said, if we as a people do not open our eyes and see that our society is crumbling, how will it ever change. We accept too much in society today, we give too many things a pass when we should stand-up against it. Society is changing that’s true, but not for the better.

This is one man’s opinion

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  1. I’m glad I am not the only one that notices the change, and it is not a good change.

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