9/11 Again? Saudi Arabian Students Are Here

There are currently 65,000 students from Saudi Arabia in the US. That may or may not be well and good. Even if the vast majority of them are, in fact, students, then some number of terrorists, recent history teaches us, have entered this country. For perspective, there are now four times as many Saudi Arabian “students” in the US as there were in September 2001.

So, with that number of students and perspective in mind, let’s examine three factors that had a effect upon the 9/11 terrorist attack:

  • “9/11 Terrorists” – Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. All the terrorists were affiliated with al-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden recruitedtwelve of the fifteen Saudi Arabian 9/11 terrorists on highway 15, which runs from Mecca to the Saudi Arabian border with Yemen.
  • “Students” – The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) notified the Huffman Aviation flight school of Venice, Florida, that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi had been approvedfor student visas. They were the terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center. The approvals came exactly six months after 9/11 happened. But that occurred eleven years ago. What’s going on now?Saudi Arabia paid $6.5 billion for the 65,000 students to come to the US. Saudi Arabian King Abdullah assumed the throne in 2005, and initiated its international scholarship program. He convinced President George W. Bush, to reopen the student visa service after 9/11, saying that the education program was crucial for the two countries’ long-term relationship. But even though Bush approved the student visa program, admitting over 30,000 students, President Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama has exploited it. Since Obama took office, the number of Saudi Arabian students has risen by 46.1 percent.The 65,000 students are more than there are Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Do you really think all of them, or even some of them, are being watched?

    The reason always given is that is that if the students are exposed to us, it will make them like us. But that never seems to work with hard-core, committed terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or Sayyid Qutb, both of whom studied in the US.

  • “Madrassas” – A madrassa is an Islamic religious school that teaches Wahhabism, a very austere and rigid form of extreme Islam which comes from Saudi Arabia. They are financedprimarily by Saudi Arabia and are located primarily in Pakistan. There was a growth of madrassas during the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan (1979-1989) that focused not on Islam, but on making war on infidels. Now the US the target of the madrassas teachings of making war on infidels. Saudi Arabia officials strenuously deny these allegations.Now we learn that Saudi Arabia financed madrassas are being built in previously moderate regions of Pakistan, where recruitment has become intense. One recruiting tool is “martyrdom.” The recruit’s family is promised that if their son(s) are “martyred” both the sons and the family will attain “salvation” and the family will obtain God’s favor. The family usually receives about $6,500 per son. The sons, usually aged eight to twelve, are sent to extremist madrassas in southern or western Punjab, Pakistan. There they are taught sectarian extremism and hatred for non-Muslims.

And let’s not forget the first NY Trade Center bombing in 1993, led by Omar Abdel Rahman, the Blind Sheikh. He was squired around NY in the early 1990s by Siraj Wahhaj. Guess who is leading a DNC activity and speaking at the DNC. That’s correct: Siraj Wahhaj. Wahhaj has said that the US will fall unless it “accepts the Islamic agenda.”

Will the US and its politicians never learn? Or will an event similar to 9/11 have to occur before they wake up from their eleven year induced sleep?

But that’s just my opinion.

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  1. No comments yet. I wonder how many of those Saudi Arabian student visitors here in the USA are women. Does anyone have that statistic? If you know, I would be most interested. Now while we are on the subject of female Saudi Arabian students here, I do know of one, her name is Huma, and she is a really close associate of our current Secretary of State. Remember, OBEY

      1. Americans and Saudis are two asses in one pans, it is a strong relationship, americans needs saudi oil, saudis needs america protection. If saudi got attacked by other country such as iran, america you be there for saudi arabia. Plus saudi arabia is supporting america’s economy by sending student to the US. Bottom line is, saudis gonna keep coming to the US, and the US gonna keep welcoming saudis, whether you like it or not.

  2. For some time before the horror of 9/11 I wondered “How” those overstaying their student visas were only deported IF arrested for a crime. Also “why” they were allowd to stay past the expiration date in the first place. And then 9/11 I was sure steps would be taken to track them For crying out loud!! Does the Taliban or Al Quida have to blow up the entire country to get these ’employees’ in Washington to get off their lounges & do something. How about if we close the door & turn off the light & concentrate on the safety of AMERICANS for a change. Political correctness needs to be slung into a vast trash can ! NOW!…I hope all will be as diligent with thier Senate & hous candidates as the oval office.

  3. It is this type of fear-mongering and indiscriminate stereotyping that leads to hate and hate crimes. These 65,000 students are not the problem. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but if Saudi students were behind 9/11 then why didn’t the US go to war with Saudi? Food for thought.

  4. US want to say that all the Muslims are Terrorists and the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan were for democracy, and we see that us deceive its citizens, US supports Israel and even the childrens kill them on palestine, any democrasy this?!!!!

  5. Ok, why don’t you fucking kick them out of your fucking country and be safe!! Do you fucking believe that you miserable country is the most dangerous country all over the world? Do you have an idea how idiots you are? Do you have an idea about the crime rate in NY city? We were there to get fucking education from your racist universities and went back home, we aren’t interested in your fake country.
    O idiots, you know shit about what’s going on in your country, don’t you know that the fucking Al-Qaedah wes made by your shit government? We’ve been attacked by the terrorists who have been supported by the coward CIA agents and we lost many good and real men just because your stupidity.

    THUS, shut the fuck up and repair you damned country and close the doors mother fuckers. We don’t tolerate your stupidity any more.

    1. Do you really think that with this language you could convince anyone that his article is biased and wrong???
      sir this is the conservative daily new if you want to read something that could never talk bad about you then go read the Saudi press agency
      and please keep in mind that this is an election year and Mr. Beatty would say whatever he can to get his candidate elected its just politics.

  6. How about what happened in Colorado theater? Wasn’t it that kinda terrorism? Or just because the killer is from the US, you don’t consider him as terrorist?

    1. We should treat them like garbage and ship them back to their cowboy territory and stop provide them with the oil and let them die as dogs.

      We are treating them more than they deserve

      1. my fellow Saudi this isn’t a way to talk about any group of people and before you say how we should treat them you should first look at how they are treating us here in the U.S, I am a Saudi student and I’ve lived in Virginia for five years now and I have never seen or heard any American talk about us in a bad way except for the conservative media of course.
        now if you think for a second that the Saudi people and the Saudi government would do something as stupid as to shut down oil production then you are crazy because it is our only source of revenue and we could not live without it.
        my fellow Saudi if what you read here in this article was hurtful in anyway then what you said is much worse and as a Saudi I couldn’t keep my mouth shut after reading your racist and prejudice comment.
        everyone please keep in mind that the writer’s only goal in this article is to bash the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and he only talked about us so that he could associate The DNC and the Obama campaign with the increase of Saudi student in the U.S

  7. I do not know why always people from the Middle East or Muslims has been associated with terrorism? Terrorism was found before thousands of years and many countries and different religions have done some terrorism and there are many examples even before 9/11. I do not know why media is still focusing on 9/11, although it never have been a link between 9/11 and muslims .Have you ever asked yourself where Taliban located? what is the link between Saudi Arabia and Taliban? The answer is there is nothing in common, in fact Saudi Arabia is completely against Taliban and its fighting terrorism since it founded. If you only opened your eyes and your mind, you will find the facts that you are deceived on it, you are totally Given your brain to the media and they manipulate it as they want, actually you are feeding them by writing this article, you are just supporting them.

  8. do u know what is the biggest crime in the modern history ? of course The atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan which were conducted by the United States during the World War II,and the result: Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki….i think this is the real terrorism, oh Americans, study your black history

  9. As a former Saudi Graduate from the USA , I wonder how prejudice some Americans are ? In Saudi Arabia ,we host lots of Ameicans and we consider them as good friends and we treat them the same way we treat our guests.It’s worthnoting that almost three quarters of them work in the oil ndustry.Most of them brought their families and leading peaceful life .Saudis are willing that Americans should treat Saudis in America the same nice way Saudis treat Americans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    1. Treat them as shit and send them back to New Mexico state steeling and killing. They don’t deserve even one piece of respect mother fuckers.

      Homaidan Al-Torky still suffering from their fucking justice in Colorado.

      Hove you guys forgotten the fucking American cowboy who killed his Bangladeshi wife just out of the city of Riyadh? HE JUST KILLED HER and our government didn’t do anything but send hem back to the USA and he’s enjoying his fucking life wherever in the US????

  10. Guys relax this is just an opinion of some conservatives , not all American think that way. I met a lot of Americans who earn your respect with their education and behavior. Meanwhile there is Americans that hate Saudis just like there is Saudis that hate Americans. The problem is that the bad apples make the noise

    1. no its not racist, can you show me one word that is racist against us in this article?
      even though I don’t agree with this article and even though I am sure that the writer knows the amount of work and effort the American agencies are putting to make this country safer for everyone but he still writes about it as if they didn’t do anything.
      BTW Mr. Beatty a Madrassa in Arabic means a school it could be a catholic madrassa or a any kind of madrassa
      anyway guys you should really go watch 2016: Obama’s America to see the other point of view

  11. So its been 7 years since president Bush reopen the students visa for saudis. simple question, don’t you think that amount of years is enough to know saudi students well ?. finally, a piece of advise, “don’t judge a book by its cover” if you’re a well educated actor, you should’ve known what does that mean. I bet you have never met or knew a saudi person in your life. I don’t want you to get with them because they don’t really get with low class minded people like you. However, ask as many people you know that got with Saudi people especially colleges faculty and staff and they will tell you the different mind between Saudis and You mister low class.

  12. Madrassas simply means school,they teach math, Studying there math and science, sports, geography, and Engineering. who gives that weird information? You are totally wrong.

  13. you totally wrong. I have a lot of Americans friend they don’t have this shit of thinking against us. read about relgion. there is a verse in The Quran chapter 5 says

    Whoever saves a life it is as if that person has saved all of humankind.

    Whoever kills a person it is as if that person killed all of humankind.

    See Quran 5:32.

  14. The Quran chapter 5.

    Whoever saves a life it is as if that person has saved all of humankind.

    Whoever kills a person it is as if that person killed all of humankind.

    See Quran 5:32.

    so tell in which scale u judge us?!!

    please, I am studying in America and I have many American friends we love each others, they are my best friend ever. you hurt us really

  15. First of all I wasn’t surprised when I saw the name of this site “Conservative Daily News”, we all know the hate and the war on Islam from the conservative party in the U.S government. I am against 9/11 and 90% of the Saudi population are. And I feel bad for the thousands of people died in that tragic. But it was politics, a war between the U.S and Al-Qaeda since the 80’s and American civilians paid for something they weren’t involved in. We are (Muslims) don’t fear anything but God and terrorism is not our thing our message is the same as Jesus Christ’s(P.B.U.H) message peace and love. We did not send our armies to invade the U.S and kill women and children and unarmed men like what happened in Iraq. when the U.S Army used and tested new weapons and bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan that is Terrorism. We are just Students and Tourists sir.
    May God guide us to wisdom

  16. my grandfather told me “you will never know why dogs are barking”, and in this article you are like a dog just barking without saying what you want or what is your point exactly! We received from you as Saudis this “America please kick Saudi’s out of America”, but you dont want to say that because you are afraid of losing your audiences. A thing that you dont know that America need oil so America have to obey Saudi Arabia because America without oil is going to be like “SOMALIA”, you said that Saudi Arabia gives Saudi student $6.5 billion “a year” so if we went back home because of you, you will be party in the terrorist attack of America’s Economy. LOL!
    so you should open you mind “don’t judge people without knowing them well,” and I think this is the first thing in elementary school you learned,if you had a good education. I would love to ask you a question, have you ever try to know a Saudi person or Muslim person in general? have you ever try to ask him/her what is the Islamic opinion about terrorism? Do you know that God told us in Quran “Do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except by right” and we all know what terrorist does is not a right. Not only America is suffering of terrorism, and we as Saudi citizens, we have suffered of many terrorist operations that have killed our children and our mothers and brothers, and many countries, too. America is not the only one who’s suffering from terrorism, and every country have this problem. I hope that before you have written this article you had the knowledge of Islam and Saudi Arabian society before you judge them as a terrorist or as cause of terrorism problem in America.

  17. Hi is haters,

    If you think Saudi are terrorists make a comparison between crimes in the US and Saudi and see which country is living in peace. One more thing do you consider that guy in Colorado the one who killed people in the movies theater batman movie is having a mentley issues come on wake up and look clear and you’ll know who’s is causing fear to people. Ask any tourist is the us is dangerous and you’ll get the feedback.

  18. Hi us haters,

    If you think Saudi are terrorists make a comparison between crimes in the US and Saudi and see which country is living in peace. One more thing do you consider that guy in Colorado the one who killed people in the movies theater batman movie is having a mentley issues come on wake up and look clear and you’ll know who’s is causing fear to people. Ask any tourist is the us is dangerous and you’ll get the feedback.

  19. I can’t believe this article is actually published. Bad writing aside, the U.S population is composed of every race there is in the world, so where do you go off being blindly racist? Try to actually have a civil conversation with any Saudi and you’ll realize you’ve waisted time and effort on writing this clear demonstration of idiocy. Also, try to get your facts straight next time.

  20. I think some one else make us start fighting all time.
    life is too short to spend it that way.

    stop fighting
    engoy the life away of anything else
    and leave people live in peace.

  21. I’m sure the one who wrote the article hates Islam and the Saudis, either be a Shiite or a Jewish fanatic.
    As evidence that he has no culture of education and I am surprised that such an article is published!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Really? so what is it in the article that you find wrong? Saudi Students? they are all terrorists, freaking wahabis, when is the last time you saw one of them graduate and actually get a job? they are best at Sucide bombings and violence. the author is right we should look at them with grave suspiscion they call for the distruction of all minorities and also the same is wished upon all Non islamic countries? realy that is what islam tought you, you pathetic wahabis? get a life and suck it up, its the truth. I DONT KNOW IF ANYONE WHO LOVES THE SAUDIS.

    2. Correction the authir HATES SAUDIS not Islam….read the article first…..Saudia is home to the most fanatic Terrorists you can imagine, the entire population funded Al Qaeda in Afghanstan, all suicide bombers are trained in facilties YOU FUND, Wahabi Salafi Islam is a poison, the sooner it is removed the better I hope pakistan also kicks you n your asses and thrown you out soon,,,,you funded all wahabi madrassas in our country…oathetic places of not learning but brainwashing sucide bombers…..get the hell out of our country you Rag heads. Good riddance to you and the sooner you get out the sooner we can start going back to the PAkistan of the 1980 PEACEFUL, MINROTIES WERE SAFE, ISLAMIC IN CULTURE and tolerant. Zelots like you need to be droned CONSTANTLY from the air,

      1. What I have noticed you Pakistani Shiite, filled with hatred and this is what Shiites have for years toward Sunni Muslims.
        As we know you sons of adultery and your mothers enjoy several marriages and brothers from different fathers, and we understand the cause of your hatred and your hatred for Sunni Muslims, you believe Mamamenkm of Shiite clerics can not listen to others, where blind your eyes from the fact that the Islamic religion is correct.
        I can not help but ask God to guide you to the right.
        I have one question for you, Was there Shiites at the time of the Messenger and Prophet of Islam and our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him?
        And you must know, O vindictive that many Pakistanis living and working in Saudi Arabia for many years and do not want to return to Pakistan, think why do not wish to return to their homeland?
        I Now noticed the hatred in your heart towards Saudi Arabia, did not give you the work visa and will not be granted a visa for you.
        Live in hatred and malice that fills your heart.
        I feel sorry for you and people like you
        Muslim for a Muslim as architecture, I do not think you are a Muslim!!!!!!!!

    1. Believe it its the truth, why are you so surpised? look the hatred these Saudis have planted in Pakistan, as early as 1980 pakistan was peace loving country, islam flourished in diversity of its minorties, then the Saudia show up funding Madrassas and planting this poison called wahabi salafi Islam, everyone turned out to be a KAFFIR after that only wahabis were right? who made you king? the article expresses concerns that are LEGITIMATE, I have not seen but a few of these Saudi student graduate? all they are good for is DRUIKING, PARTYING and eventually loyalty to their mother countruy home of the Sucide Bombers and terrorists…..well written piece If you ask me, I hope Pakistan expels all Saudis from its borders and ejects them back to the home of the suicide bomber..Saudia Arabia.

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