Romney addresses the NAACP Convention, the Left Wing cries foul

There’s a conversation going on about Mitt Romney intentionally getting booed at his speech at the NAACP Convention that makes very little sense. The idea being put forth is that he used the term ObamaCare in order to provoke a negative reaction from the crowd as a dog whistle to the far right base of the Republican Party. This assertion is so bizarre that it’s difficult to believe that it has any teeth, yet it is gaining traction in the media at large.

The idea that the use of the term ObamaCare is a pejorative against the President is ridiculous. ObamaCare is a term that people in the Obama Administration have used themselves.

Mitt Romney has used that term consistently throughout the campaign to describe the Affordable Care Act, and if he had switched it out for the legislation’s proper name, for this speech only, he would have been accused of flip flopping or pandering. Mitt Romney intentionally trying to garner boos from the NAACP, defies all logic. Why would an candidate try to incite anger from an already hostile crowd, instead of asking for their vote? For any sane person watching the speech, it’s clear that he was comfortably and genuinely trying to connect with any member of the convention that was willing to give his ideas and platform a fair and open hearing.

There were numerous times during his speech that he received applause. Romney’s comments were respectful and filled with the decorum befitting the occasion. Romney clearly presented his ideas for running the country openly and honestly. To assert otherwise is a blind partisan attack on an individual that has gone further than the President has, in that, as of right now, Romney has spoken to the NAACP exactly the same number of times that President Obama has. Once. President Obama has had many invites and only seen fit to accept and speak personally one time; a salient point that no one has bothered to report on.

As a point of order, how many times has Barack Obama gone to address any group of conservative individuals that have ever voted for the Democrats at more than a rate of 10%? Never. And with just cause since our president is very thin skinned and could never speak with the grace and aplomb that Romney demonstrated so easily in his speech to the NAACP.

By making this attack on Romney, the left is proving that they had no intention of giving him a fair audience in the first place. Their very insistence that he went there with foul motives proves that Romney never really had a chance with them to begin with. That isn’t the case with every Black person in America. The NAACP, while once revered as the premier civil rights organization has fallen into a decline in membership and relevance. Their agreement with President Obama on his evolution on the issue of Homosexual Marriage is just one example of how disconnected with the majority of Blacks the NAACP has become. This leaves an opening for Romney, and this speech was his first crack at it.

People of all races are disenchanted with the rhetoric emanating from the Obama campaign: criticizing successful Americans, pitting them against other Americans that are struggling under a crushing Obama economy. The class warfare attacks have gone so far that one of Obama’s chief bundlers has started to publicly push back.

In order to successfully campaign on your record, it has to be a good one and President Obama’s isn’t even decent. A stunningly poor record that Obama and his supporters can’t campaign on opens the door to attacks on his opponent like this one. This tactic is ineffective due to it’s obvious nature.

What is painfully evident is that the Emperor has no clothes. No amount of inveigh against Romney’s speech can hide that fact from an increasingly disenchanted voter base.



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