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Obama Skips NAACP – Makes Romney Winner?

Citing a scheduling conflict Team Obama snubbed the NAACP with the strategic decision not to speak at their convention this week.

“We declined a few weeks ago and [the] NAACP was pleased [Vice President Joe Biden] was able to attend,” a campaign official told CNN.
But the president’s schedule for Thursday, released Wednesday evening, appears to be wide open with the exception of his daily briefing with senior aides and advisers.
Hilary Shelton, the NAACP Washington Bureau director and a senior vice president in the organization, said the White House never confirmed a visit.

On the other hand, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney found time in his schedule and braved the mostly Democratic crowd. Media will report that Romney was booed during his speech. They may neglect to mention the many times he was stopped by applause and that he received a standing ovation at the finish.

Many, liberal and conservative alike, are giving Romney credit for speaking to a possibly unfriendly crowd. Some say he had nothing to lose (Obama won 96% of the African American vote in 2008.)

On Lou Dobbs Tonight Ed Klein, author of  the best seller The Amateur, shared his thoughts. It’s an interesting perspective. Was this a Ronald Reagan moment? Time will tell.


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