Obama Cries For Money; Now He Knows How The Rest Of America Feels

President Obama has spent more time raising money than any of his predecessors in recent history, flying on Air Force One to 175 re-election fundraisers so far in his first term. Let us not even mention the 102 rounds of golf he has played since being elected, also a new record. Obama is also worried about setting another new record, that he could be the first incumbent U.S. president outspent, so he is trying to instill a sense of urgency in his supporters as the campaign heads into a crucial stretch before the fall conventions. He can only dream about the days in 2007 when people actually believed what he was saying; now America has wised up.
It seems to me he really does not care about the troubles America is going through, he seems to be more interested in the perks of the job, than actually doing the job. Well what can we expect, the man had no experience or qualifications for the job, the only thing he did was hand out pamphlets on the street corner as a community organizer. I guess that qualifies a person to be president these days, no wonder the country is going to the dogs, which by the way is Obama’s favorite dish.
There is no doubt that Obama is in trouble, and he knows it too. The young people, the independents and even many democrats have lost all confidents in this president; he has not delivered what he promised in 2007. Obama is hitting every avenue that he can think of to raise money; he is so desperate that he is telling people instead of giving a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah or any other type of gift to a loved one, they should donate to his re-election campaign instead, now how desperate is that? Selling Tee shirts is also one of the ways he is trying to raise money. He would make more money if he started selling vote for Romney Tee shirts instead.
Even with all those fundraisers and parties with the liberal Hollywood crowd, he cannot keep up with what Romney is bringing in. The Romney campaign has reported raising more than 106 million dollars in June. Obama campaign officials said they do not expect the president to match that number and they were right, with the Dems only pulling in a little over 71 million dollars. (no wonder he’s crying) Within the first 24 hours after the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, the Romney campaign took in almost 5 million dollars, after which Obama threw a hissy fit and complained to his supporters.
There are over 30 million people either unemployed or under employed and he wonders why no one wants to contribute to re-elect him. His policies have failed, his stimulus which was supposed to save the economy did little if anything at all. He still does not get it, stimulus money is only a short term fix, when you give a state 10 million dollars for jobs, the jobs only last until the money runs out, than they are back in the same position. To grow the economy, you need to grow the private sector, his policies have just punished the private sector.
You have to wonder, is this poetic justice? The American people have been crying for jobs and more money for three and a half years now, now Obama is the one crying for more money.

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