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White House Leaks


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Morons wake up. Obama is a strong leader, he has kicked ass on foreign policy. the killing of BinLaden and key alqueda leaders. There is pratically no one trying to sneak in over the border; he has deported more people than any president in history. oh, and don’t forget
    Hussein, this leak was done by undercover republicans within obams’ cabinet, Yes, spies. The leaks were to make chaos at a time approaching the election. These peoople are so fueled by hate, looking for him to be weak when he is so strong is delusional.

    Whatever survey they are feeding on is not working for them. Initially Obama was thought to be weak becasue of his professorial skills, and being a community organizer., those days are long gone. He now has a record to stand on. The hate that is fueling these racist republicans will be their doen fall, the best thing they could have done would have been to cooperate with the potus. As things stand, republicans are appearing to be the radical party of our times. Teabaggers, birthers and crazy old people who think obama is muslim is costing votes of sane people. however; the republicans can be counting on the nuts to get them the white house back. Where is the integrity of this party?

    1. Well, “voice” I’ve wiped the sleep dirt ouot of my eyes & am wide awake & as far as I can tell, the only butt kicking has been that of the American citizens (legal ones)Most obvious that you don’t do fact checking & just eat whatever the autocrats dish up, with specific attention to the border. Those of us that actually ‘live’ here know that there is an increase that exceeds deportation numbers. Criminal trespassers come across the Rio
      Grande in droves transporting people & drugs. Conex containers originating in China, Beliez,to Mexico & trucked into Texas with PEOPLE at est $70 K per body. This is NOT a survey, it is documented on film. (Retired Border Agent Assoc is one source)
      Frankly, this old person doesn’t give a rat’s pututie about where or when Obama was born. You either have leadership or you don’t. Obama “don’t” An inflated ego has tunnel vision & are so immersed in self that it’s impossible to see the whole picture. Perhaps it is not I & others like me that still have their eyes only half open. However, I am grateful to soulds like yours, it’s amazing how many times I’ve sold my ocean front property in Arizona to those of your persuasion.

      1. my persusaion is only an issue to those who do not agree with me. Your are either republican or democrat. and the views of those parties are displayed in commentary. Race is a issue when you feel that you are threatened and being treated unfairly, a white person has an advantage at birth, just for the color of his or her skin. No one can now what is going on if they are not in their shoes. I do not go around the country to see what is going on. Reading and watching good media is my source. I have never claimed be an expert in immigration policy and the plight of those who live near these borders. My informatiion has provided me insight to the problemm. People learn new things daily.
        There are documentaries that you have not seen. Especially when it comes to the racist tactics and the disenfranchise of minorities and the war on women.

        Just like you I have my sources, and from my prospective obama has almost eliminated the problem at the border (jumping the fence) and has deported many illegals. I stand on my sources and those issues are to a large degree racial. Yes, just not liking the brown people coming in.

        The dream act includs many germans, french and others from european countries. Yes, drugs from mexico is a problem and if people do not have income they will committ crimes.

        If you feel that obama is not a strong leader in the face of the racial discrimination( he does not understand- of course he is not one of us). Republicans know that discrimination is pervasive in this country and rhetoric in code is not going without awarness
        by the minorities in this country.

        The GOP does not care as long as it gets them in the White House again. Hopefully, the american people can see that they are like a cancer, waiting to infect the masses with austerity measures that have contributed to the issues overseas. You cannot pull your self up if you do not have a means to. It takes money to make money.

        The GOP is selling the brooklyn bridge, do you have your money for that purchase. It sounds like it to me. Hey, enjoy the view.it’s great.

    2. You peace lovin’ liberals sure love “killing” people now that you have your guy in office. Where were you when bush was in office?

    3. While you run around in circles screaming “racist”, “hate” and spouting conspiracy theories like “leak was done by undercover republicans within obams’ cabinet” .. I’ll just stick to facts.

      “..this leak was done by undercover republicans within obams’ cabinet, Yes, spies”

      Yeah, some GOP spy somehow got into Obama’s National Security Briefing and of all the things to leak, only chose those items which would make Obama appear strong to voters. Umm, yeah, that’s what happened.

      “Obama is a strong leader, he has kicked ass on foreign policy.”

      – Iran (trying the same approach as Carter w/same result)
      – Syria (hasn’t done anything right)
      – Pakistan (giving them money even though they’re hostile to us)
      – Russia (copters to Syria – reaction.. nothing)
      – Canada (XL Pipeline)
      – Egypt (Arab spring.. oops)
      – Poland (missile defense)
      – Germany (oddly, they don’t like being told what to do either)
      – Mexico (guns walked into Mexico by his administration – no one held accountable)
      – Allies (leaks of sensitive intelligence data compromises trust of allies)

      “Teabaggers, birthers and crazy old people who think obama is muslim is costing votes of sane people. however; the republicans can be counting on the nuts to get them the white house back.”

      Occupy D.C., supposed GOP spies in National Security briefings, Wasserman Shulz, Waters… yeah, go sell crazy somewhere else.

      .. the list goes on. He is failing on both the domestic and foreign fronts. He’s .. an embarrassment, an absolute failure and the worst President in American history.

      Your repeated attempts to bolster his image are riddled with falsehoods, illogical and appear more as rantings than information. Using a pseudonym to hide behind just takes away any possible credibility that remains.

      1. Great reply R. Mitchell. The funny/strange thing about Libs/progressives is that their rantings never live up to the FACTS. They tell/believe so many lies it’s difficult for them to keep them all straight. A good way to shut them up, as you have found out, is with logic and facts. You just gotta love it when they go off in a huff when confronted with the facts. I know from experience as my husband is a liberal…the same tactics work on him as well. 🙂

    4. Let me get this straight…

      FAILURES of the Obama administration, (including TREASONOUS information leaks that have COST LIVES and the freedom/safety of a guy who HELPED us get Osama Bin Laden)are NOT the Obama admin’s fault.

      No, it’s all been the work of devious, undercover, rotten, no-good republican SPIES… because they’re racist. Is that about right?

      Oh… well, of course it was. Because it couldn’t have possibly been our highly-qualified leader, what with all his experience in military intelligence, foreign policy, business, economy… oh, wait…

      Here’s a dose of reality… Despite what you’d like to believe, Obama isn’t seen as weak because he was a professor or community organizer. He’s seen as weak because, judging from the state of everything he’s stuck his hand into, he hasn’t got a clue as to how to best keep this country from going under. I have to believe that. Because otherwise, he’s been doing it on PURPOSE.

      He’s consistently shown, from the actions he’s taken and pushed, that he has NO IDEA how American business really runs, how families earn a living, or how screwing with the entire system just to appease a certain segment of your voters has disastrous results.

      I do, however, agree with you on one point. Morons must wake up. And I think you’re going to get that wish in November. All the suckers who voted for Obama in 2008… a lot of them ARE waking up, realizing what they’ve helped create, and will vote the Golfer in Chief OUT of office in November.

  2. This one made me sit back and say, “Wow,how true. He nailed that one”. Hard hitting. Kind of takes one’s breath away. The American lives lost due to Obama’s egoistical,imcompentence is traitorous to say the least. What makes this worse is Obama could care less of the America lives he has lost and ruined to ensure that his Muslim friends remain happy.

    Great work as always, Tony.

  3. Here is another bit of irony– Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize????????? LOL at the group that gave it to him — his actions in office should make that group ASHAMED of themselves? Great job Tony

  4. Hey, let’s face it…We got caught “skinny dippin”!! Sounded like fun. So we rushed to the “feel good do it” rivers, sluffed off our stewardship sandles,& & threw our liberties & freedoms on some branches of ‘so what’ tree & jumped in!We were so caught up in the exhilaration of tghe moment we just didn’t see Big Brother steal our most treasured vestments. We could either dive into the Socialist bushes to hide with the poison ivy & ‘skeeters n’ snakes & wait for ‘entitled ‘ replacements…or we could grab a little dignity & responsibility & chase the thieves down. Seems most of you are a chasin’ with me, while poor bubba wallows in entitlements. Man it’s great to keep company with all of you GREAT Americans! Now that’s a freedom to cherish!!

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