My Name Is Michelle Malkin and I’m Just A Blogger

I’m Just a Blogger

Well, it was no surprise that Michelle Malkin just killed it at RightOnline.  Malkin, fresh of her heated exchange with Juan Williams, reiterated that bloggers and citizen journalists are not part of the “new media,” but the right media.  The cohort of concerned citizens, who armed with phone cameras, write and post stories, in their free time, about what is really going on in the arena of state affairs.  We proudly share a distrust of the “dead tree media” and other affiliates peddling the narrative of the Democrat-media complex.

She gave a nice shout out to real reporters, like Sheryl Atkinson at CBS, for exposing the “bloody malfeasance” within the Obama administration.  That malfeasance came in the form of Fast and Furious and Malkin made a note that, while Atkinson’s reporting on the subject is commendable, it was just bloggers, like Mary Chastain and Katie Pavlich, that set the narrative and culminated in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voting to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder over the issue on June 20th.

It was just a blogger, like Anita Moncrief, who exposed the fraud and abuse of our electoral system at the hands of the Obama administration.  She said what made the late Andrew Breitbart  so great and so effective was that he exposed the lame-stream media for who they are with a smile on his face and a stiff spine.  She stated how we are in the fight of our lives, which doesn’t necessarily end in November.  We’re a democracy and democracy is based on public opinion.  Public opinion is shiftable sand, therefore, there are no sustaining victories in democracy.

As Malkin stated, the war hasn’t changed, only the tools used to fight the battles.  We’re just a “different set of combatants.”  New generals, foot soldiers, and strategists will rise and everyone at RightOnline, and those sympathetic to the conservative movement who blog or investigate, is essential.  Everything is on the line come November against the toughest, meanest, most vicious political team we’ve ever faced.  Malkin is right. This is war. Let’s get to work!

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Matt Vespa

I'm a staunch Republican and a politics junkie who was recently the Executive Director for the Dauphin County Republican Committee in Harrisburg. Before that, I interned with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania in the summer of 2011 and Mary Pat Christie, First Lady of NJ, within the Office of the Governor of NJ in 2010. I was responsible for updating his personal contact list. My first political internship was with Tom Kean Jr's. U.S. Senate campaign in 2006.

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