MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Makes the Case for Mitt Romney!

Monday night Chris Mathews ended his show by making a good case for Mitt Romney’s election to the office of President of the United States.

Mathews claimed that “Mitt cares about three things: his faith, his family, his business. Right now his business is running for president. That’s why he’s interested in the presidency. It’s his business to be interested.”

How refreshing it would be to have a President that cares about his business, being President. So far Barrack Obama has spent the majority of his time in office playing golf, raising funds, and targeting people for assassination.

Mathews went on to say, “The need for a new war with each new Republican president. And they need someone in the White House to push it for them.”

Again, one war would be refreshing; our current President has four of them going at once, and is busy poking the Russian Bear with a pointed stick!

In addition to vacationing, Mr. Obama has also spent a great deal of time ignoring the constitution, and circumventing the laws of the land.

I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Mr. Mathews, but in this case I’m all for a man who focuses on faith, family and the business of the country!

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Bruce MacIsaac

Bruce MacIsaac graduated from Computer Systems Institute with an AS Degree in Systems Analysis. He spent twenty years in the computer field, most recently as the Internet Administrator for Westco Internet. He is a published poet, professional truck driver, and blogger. His interests include politics, travel, Commercial Motor Carrier regulations, spirituality and aviation.

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  1. Opposite World: Where God, Family, and Security matters. Jeeeez…. And btw, a real American President would have put his foot down with Russia from day one. Obama is a walking time bomb. What a blow he’s dealt to foreign policy. He’ll bow to everyone but the American People.

  2. I think your interpretation of what matthews said is twisted. and is your interpretation.Many times matthews is being sarcastic, in this case that is exactly what was happening. His fatith could be many things, he is a Mormon – i wonder when he did not blacks were not the devil. He claims he did not believe or agree with everything in his bible as do many christrians. The mormons believed blacks were the devil until 1978.

    I for one hav a problem with this concerning him, because that sounds fanactical and how could anyone in their right mind condone such a vial portion of your belief. It would seem if he would have stepped down and chosen another faith.

    His family seems to be intact, eventhough his wife worked hard raising them with all the nannies, butlers, maids and tutors. He is probably a wonderful father and husband, but is the best thing he has done so far. I wonder how explained the fanactial beliefs of his faith to his children. How do they feel about blacks? How does Romney feel about them as well?

    Romneys job running for president for ten years has not been successful, it has taken him so long to get to this point and he is to run the country? He can’t even get elected and this is the first time he has become the nominee. I feel that he is trying to obtain a goal in his life without oncern of the american people. This would be a trophy for him. Something to be obtained for fame, fortune, prestige with this rich buddies and to be one up on his father.

    This man cannot relate to the poor man. He cannot relate to women with all these extreme views on the womens rights, this war on women will be his downfall, and the alienation of women from the GOP. yeah, there are some republican women married to republican men who are going along with the program, but in actuality, this is the most decisive war on women since the turn of the century.

    All of this wars are disheartening to say the least. Obama did not initiate any of these wars. The bush administration was responsible for the war in iraq, when binladen was never there. He was really after the man who threatened his father.

    The war in afghanistan is a continuation of the war in iraq, seeking binladen and the destrution of Al queda.
    All these wars are a product of the GOP. Drone strikes are killing innocents, but the country is not sending in any ground troops, saving american lives and money.

    obama is not ignoring the cnstitution, he is utilizing it to his advantage as any would that really understood it.
    As a constitutional law professor he knows the constitution like the back of his hand. He is doing things that the average lay person cannot understand, but it is constitutional or he would not do it. It would be a disgrace to the office of presidency and to the man to say he being unconstitutional.
    Read the constitution and may be you would understand it more. How ignorant it would be to president and not understand the laws of the country even with advise of counsel.

    These right wing fanactics who are grasping at straws trying to debase, humiliate and promote lies concerning our president is in many countries treason. In america we have free speech, however; freedom to tell lies, misinform lacks integrity and moral content.

    The GOP is no longer a party that deserves respect, with birthers, crazies saying obama is a muslim and he just does not understand how things work. Why because he is not white? The man is of superior intellect and there are not many presidents that can match him.

    Stop trying to twist the words of the left wing and come forth with logical and accurate information, so that you can regain your respect.

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