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Fire Eric Holder [Video]

He knew before he knew and now he might have known before we knew he knew. So when did he know and what doesn’t he want Congress to know?

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Today I heard a report that Obama and Holder had already cooked this plan up before Obama took office in Jan. of 09. Holder began to institute this plan as soon as he took office, and Obama knew everything about the plan. Obama giving cover by Executive Priviledge is the effort on his part to over ride the Constitution to show proof that he and Holder were the direct agents in the creation of Fast and Furious that was copied from Line Backer that Bush did that was a success because it ended in arrests of Cartel members when they received the guns. See, Obama and Holder were trying to take Line Backer to it’s ultimate conclusion but was done dishonestly and wickedly because instead of planning a honest plan to catch criminals, Obama’s plan was to take 2nd Amendment rights away from American’s. See, under evil intent, when you try to take things to an evil end it comes back to bite you.

  2. I’ll guarantee you if this was done by a Republican President, he would have already been impeached and either out of office or in jail. The partisan politics are so out of control in that the Socialist Democrats have made all these laws that enable them to do just about anything they want to do, or at least they have made avenues where it’s easier for them to prosecute or threaten to prosecute Republican’s if they are caught at trying to get away with something, but Republican’s just use the regular law, and the Constitution to go after Democrats. This takes forever and a day to end up with a conviction and by the time the Republican’s have gotten through all the proceedure and processes the Democrats have ripped them apart for doing what they are doing, and have used their media to ridicule and embarrass Republican’s like Nancy Pelosi is trying to do today in her press release trying to make the Congressional Oversight Committee look like they are the ones who are trying to stop people from voting along with prosecute the Attorney General.

    This is as old as the hills and twice as dusty. Socialist Democrats have always used this ploy to try to undermine and destroy the honest attempt Republican’s make to show American’s what the Democrats are up to. But Democrats always get Republican’s to give up before anything gets done. So the American people never get to see what the Democrats are up to. But not this time. We’ve got honest, Constitutional Congressmen in office in 2010 and Nancy doesn’t like it. But do you think that she and the other Democrats would use some new ploy to take the wind out of Republican sails? NO. They are still saying that it’s a “political ploy” to do something bad and wrong(like Democrats have not done anything wrong). But, that’s not working either. Nancy just ends up looking stupid, and out of touch.

    For the near future if America was to loose this battle against the Socialists, this nation would become a mix of Nazi and Socialist governance. Nazi in that everything would be under even more regulatioins and oversight, and authorization. You would need a permit to take a dump in a gas station toilet on the highway. That is if you had a permit to be on the highway. You know those futurist movies that show America in the future where there aren’t hardly any cars still in existance? That would be the way it would be in America if we loose this battle against Socialism. And Socialist in that the government would own and operate all the major energy industries, large businesses both retail and banking, and the other major industries like automobiles. The rest if not own or total control by the government, would be controled by the Nazi part of the government. Obama would be the one who would do all the primilary work in setting up the governance and it would be future administrations that would sustain it.

    Want that?

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