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By Gina Aveni on Aug 30, 2011 in Politics

The cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers in the U.S. is astranomical. In addition, it is unfair to those people who went through the process the right way, while others come here, stay, and do it all illegally and yet they are rewarded with a life of entitlements via U.S. taxpayers. Is there something confusing to people about the word illegal; the word ‘illegal’ should shed some light on what action to take. Is it fair to people who have been waiting for years to become American citizens to continue to wait while others just do things illegally and still recieve benifits as though they are citizens?

Two of the three people who were innocently hiking and accidentally wandered into neighboring Iran were sentenced to eight years in jail by the Iranian legal system. They were charged with spying and entering the country illegally. July 2008: Abu Dhabi: Twenty-seven men were convicted by the Federal Supreme Court for illegally entering the country. March 21, 2009 two women journalists were arrested when they illegally crossed into North Korea. January 2, 2010 North Korean authorities detained a U.S. national for illegally entering the communist state from China. August 2, 2007 Russian Guard services claim they have prevented more than 6000 people from entering the country illegally. The list is endless; no where in the world can a person enter a country illegally, stay, and also get government support for food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical treatment – all via taxpayers. The key word is illegal. If you are here illegally, you’re not a U.S. citizen, thus like everywhere else in the world you don’t have any rights here.

Currently our nation is heading toward an economic meltdown with no clear path for revival in sight. AT the rate congress and this president are spending it is just a matter of time before we see the events of the UK and Spain right here; we are already witnessing the flash mobs here just in lower levels of violence. The spending trends surpass that of any other president. To make matters worse is the obvious misrepresentation to the American people regarding spending, the economy, and lowering the deficit. Despite the negative consequences this president refuses to deal with illegal immigration acccording to the laws of this country, which is costing money we simply do not have, rather he plans to put into law the Dream Act or other legislation in favor of illegal immigration. Clearly, there is a blatant disregard for all those American’s who came here and did things the right way. In addition, there are numerous studies which were presented to him stating the insurmountable cost of illegal immigration on taxpayers of the United States. Why is all the evidence supporting the obvious being ignored?

The Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) published a report on the cost of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers. The charts from the study are listed below and they are representative of a small portion of the full report. To read the study in full go to: https://www.fairus.org The title of the report is: The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers. Written by Jack Martin, Director of Special Projects and Eric A. Ruark, Director of Research – July 2010 (revised February 2011).

Educating the Children of Illegal Aliens: Children of illegal aliens in public school: title l program – $1,332,900,000 Children of illegal aliens in public school: title iii program – $538,000,000 Migrant education program (title i, part c)- $236,900,000 Total – – $2,107,800,000

Medical Expenses: Emergency medical care – $250,000,000 Fraudulent use of Medicaid – $1,235,000,000 Medicaid cost of childbirth – $1,238,100,000 Medicaid for children – $1,626,800,000 Other medicaid outlays – $1,600,000,000 Total – – $5,949,900,000

Administration of Justice Outlays: Scaap compensation – $330,000,000 federal incarceration – $678,400,000 Byrne grants – $24,300,000 Detention and removal – $2,545,000,000 Project safe neighborhoods – $39,500,000 Residual ice functions – $2,824,000,000 Executive office of immigration review – $222,500,000 Southwest border prosecution – $33,000,000 Coast guard – $500,000,000 National guard – $642,000,000 Total — $7,838,700,000

Public Assistance Benefits: Free and reduced meal program – $2,264,600,000 Temporary assistance of needy families – $1,030,000,000 Child care and development funds – $633,000,000 Housing assistance programs – $787,000,000 Total — $4,714,600,000

Federal Fiscal Costs: Education – $2,107,800,000 Medical – $5,949,900,000 Administration of justice – $7,838,700,000 Welfare benefits – $4,714,600,000 General expenditures – $8,184,400,000 Total — $28,795,400,000


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Gina Aveni

Gina is a Journalist, Constitutional Rights Activist, Conservative Commentator.

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