One Cup Humility Plus One Cup Understanding Equals One Sweet Story

ENUMCLAW, Wash., May 18, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — There are so many people struggling under the pressure of the weak economy or from the onslaught of natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes. Those impacted are reliant on the virtue of self-sacrifice to help them meet their overwhelming needs. How do we teach our children that selfless acts benefit the giver and the receiver? One way is through the story of “Charles T. Cup”, self-appointed commander over the creepy Creamer, the sassy Salad Bowl, the silly Saucers, and all the Others. Charles knows he is the star of the china cabinet. He knows he is, in fact, “absolutely marvelous.” However, a traumatic event causes an abrupt end to his idyllic life; Charles is forced into a dismal life which ultimately proves to be even better. Author Dalen Keys’ latest children’s picture book “Charles T. Cup”, is the story of an arrogant teacup who finds out what is truly important in life.

Charles is bossy, rude, and very proud of his flawless appearance. All that changed when his beautiful golden rim is cracked, and the Others start calling him Chip. As a result, his luxuriant lifestyle drastically transforms, and he finds himself on a dusty shelf in the Mission Thrift Store between a superhero cup and some old plastic cereal bowls. When Friendly Person decides that Chip can help him serve homeless people a cool drink or a hot cup of coffee, Chip finds that no one cares about his damaged rim. He discovers that life is not about beauty or gold; “life is about serving other people — even if you have a nick.”

A poignant story for four- to eight-year-olds, “Charles T. Cup”examines the concept of self-worth, the deception of outward appearance, and the value of service to others that children will understand. Using the setting of the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmington, Delaware, Dalen Keys melds a thoughtful fantasy with real-life situations that teaches a lesson while it entertains.

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