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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. it’s all about juxtaposition, yeah those gop donors belong in the toliet, with trying to bring back rev. wright and talk about cutting programs for the poor and you want 150 millon dollars in tax payer money for your baseball stadium the democrats did good for exposed the hypocritical standsards of the gop. free enterprise is great it’s those vulture capilaist that must go. obama is not against business he is for it if it will create jobs and not just money for investors like Bain. which is the bain of willards existence. it takes a certain type of person to constantly going around sucking companies dry like vampires of money, penions, benefits and medical benefits, it shows a lack of empathy, like when that young boy was held down and willard cut his hair. he will have a lot of sympathy for you if and that is the real question you are in trouble, you think it can’t happen to you guess again he was 47 in the nation for the economy as gov. of MASS. of 52 states and he could not govern a state properly and you want him as president real smart people. he made money for himself that is it and bain capital. willard cannot run a country, a state was a challenge for him. Mayebe if you had a better candidate for the GOP you would have a decent candidate things would be different; however based on the facts you do not and Obama is the better choice . so wake and smell the coffee people. Willard is a dud and will always be. He is not a coandidate for the people, but for the 1% rich. willard could not even say he was on the plane. why? willard said aircraft, he could not let his rich buddies think that is the way he does not travel with rows of seating . willard usually does travel with leather seating, comfort while flying. Romney travels in private jets. Romney has been building a home with a elevator for his cars, how can he relate to the average joe. if you don’t think you are the average job check your bank account if you work and the loss if your job will have you on skid row after 2 week to 6 months you are the average joe. The zombie homeless person it cannot make out what is on his headdress. Is he supposed to be muslim? is this a jab at obamas’ citizenship, faith or delusion of the masses? we have come a long way from hemorahging 800,000 per month to job gain, it does not get better than that with a do nothing congress. yes, one that will do anything to regain the white house. who will destroy obama at all costs, even on the backs of good americans like yourself. He wants to go back to the policies of the past. Willard will gut the USA make even more money from himself after he is out of office due to the policies he sets while in office. His gang will get richer and the poor will get poorer. If you are reading this you are poor; otherwise, you would be relaxing on your yacht, or vacationing in Europe.
    The policies of FDR and some of the policies of European countries could be helpful to us without causing a totaly socilist society, we must help the poor, old and infirmed is is just humanity. Capitalism will still thrive, people need to work, hence the need for captialism without the economy will fail. Adam Smith would wanted it this way and in discussions about romney peter drucker never comes up why? Becasuse he does not want to manage he wants to gut and run off with the money.

  2. Excellent toon as always Tony. Just catching up on my toons since I was ill. This one speaks volumes of the reality of the Obama hypocrisy. Well done!

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