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Van Jones: Libertarians Hate You! (Brown Folk, Gays, And Lesbians)

Democrats seem to be addicted to race hustling, and the closer this nation is to an election, the more it starts to come out.  Over the past month, the Internet has been inundated with Trayvon Martin stories and even cartoons like this:

In an election year, it’s not enough for the full time race hustlers to be on the job, Democrats need all of their public figures to pitch in.  This last weekend, disgraced former employee of the Obama administration, Van Jones, made sure to tell a group of people at an “All In For The 99%” rally that Libertarians “hate” blacks, gays, and lesbians.  And even people with piercings and tattoos.

The sad thing is that this kind of race baiting brain washing has worked before and has the chance to work again, if it’s not constantly exposed for the cheap and dirty tactic that it is.

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  1. This idiot doesn’t even know what a Libertarian’s main focus is. the main idea of Libertarian, is to not really care what anyone does in their own spare time, & or privacy, as long as it doesn’t have an ill effect on others, whatever you.
    He’s a genuine moron like Obama. Reagan wouldn’t get the clear & decisive vote of today’s conservatives. Has that guy ever even heard Mr. Reagan speak? He has plenty on U-Tube dummies!
    I hope these idiots keep talking, & by Nov second, we will know we won’t have to listen to this non-sense anymore after January 20th.

  2. No, sorry, electing someone else in November isn’t going to have any affect on what people like Van Jones puts out whatsoever. He wasn’t affected by eight years of Bush. No one shut him up by arresting him for subversion or sedition, inciting a riot, or any kind of negative talk that “authorities” might believe will hurt the ideology of Americanism(if there is such a thing, but is good enough for this discussion, you know what I mean, it’s being what being an American is).

    Unfortunately any and all conservatives being in office, be it Congress, the Senate, or even the President has not made the slightest difference as to how these Socialists, Communists, or any other “ist’s” has done or said that futhered their agenda to overthrow this nation. Even since the 60’s it became against the law to investigate, put under survailance for reason of suspicion of being a subversive, harrass or intimidate, and/or arrest and jail, charge with being a subversive and accuse someone of committing “sedition” in order to stop their influence on others listening to what those people are saying, and it’s all because liberals who took over our culture, our society back then by force of demonstrations, massive protest marches, court law suets, and huge pettitioning legislator’s made laws that stopped all those kinds of actions that kept Socialists, Communists, and other anti-American’s who were training young American’s and getting anyone else they could, to follow them, all under liberals enforcing the 1st Amendment on everyone who said Hippies and other subversives had the right to say whatever they wanted because “they could”.

    And that was enough to shut US up, not our ideology shutting them up for good. They shut us up for good because no one had ever done that to us before. We always were able to enforce our way of thinking onto everyone, and no one tried to challenge us before and we didn’t know what to do when our very representatives passed laws that told US that all these other people we had never let have their say before had the right to have their say. We didn’t know how to deal with that, and we still are having problems with dealing with it.

    Well, when we were scratching our head trying to figure out how to gain the upper hand in this situation and be able to promote conservativeism and Christian ethics and morality back into American society again, liberals and Socialist were passing one law after another that were nails being pounded into the lid of the coffin they put Americanism into. And liberals have continued to pound nails into that lid all these years because Communists told the liberal leadership what they needed to do in order to stop “opposition” against what liberals wanted to do to our society to “transform” it into the kind of society they believed America should be, and not to GO BACK to the way it was because they believe that White people had to much power and control over other races of people under such a society.

    And Obama is the final nail in the lid of that coffin liberals put Americanism into back in the 60’s. And what has “Republican’s” conservatives done to create laws that protect White point of view as to how this country should be, and how to preserve the Constitution that requires that ALL follow a set of rules that American society should be in order to protect what America was created to be from all those who would destroy it. But the liberals figured out by way of the advice the Communist were giving them how to beat us, and keep us from regaining power ever again.

    We would have to do to them what they did to us in order to get this country back. But I can tell you right now that there aren’t enough people in this country who would back anything like that in order for it to happen fast enough to stop this country from going down the “transformation” toilet the liberals are flushing it down. Are there enough, and would they be willing to give up all in order to accomplish getting this country back? And what rich people could we get to back us like the liberals did from all the rich Socialist who made their money right here in America?

  3. I resent his remark. I am a Constitutional Libertarian and that is far from true. Van Jones is a lying commie with too much time on his hands.

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