The Case to Impeach Obama Builds: Why the Right Should Start Preparing

The word “impeach” followed by “Obama” is enough to make liberals roll their eyes and conservatives squirm. Images of tea party rednecks waving handmade signs “Impeach Obama Now!” have seemingly made all discussion of impeaching Obama mere blog fodder for red meat conservative sites and tinfoil hat forums. This is not one of those pandering articles.

Nor is it idle talk or wishful thinking from someone fantasizing about his persona vendetta against the president. There is currently a resolution in Congress that would condemn Obama for “impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.” The central complaint is that the president committed our troops to an act of military aggression in Libya without an act of war, authorization, or even consultation with Congress after 60 days, as stipulated by the War Powers Act.

This is not a dead issue, either (unlike Moammar Gaddhafi). When confronted, the president flatly denied that he was under any obligation to seek Congressional approval for his Libya action. This is in no way equivalent to how President George W. Bush handled the military invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, which he received Congressional authorization from both Democrats and Republicans to lead. Yet such equivocation is par for the course from such mendacious outlets as Slate and MSNBC, which betrayed their blind partisanship with an Orwellian pivot on an anti-war dime following the election of Barack Obama.

But reinforcing the conclusion that Obama does not even believe he needs Congressional authorization to wage war in principle is the recent testimony of his CIA Director Leon Panetta. The CIA director, who was not an intelligence expert by specialty before being appointed to recent security positions, provided a statement to Senate Armed Services Committee member Jeff Sessions that implied the president may use military force abroad without a declaration of war and without Congressional approval. Panetta’s remark was made in the context of a potential U.S.-led military campaign against Syria and carries implications for a looming armed conflict with Iran.

“You know, our goal would be to seek international permission,” Panetta said. “And we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would want to get permission from Congress.”

This specific remark, both brazen and profound in import, prompted Congressman Walter Jones to introduce House Concurrent Resolution 107, which would condemn President Obama for committing the “impeachable” offense of illegally committing American troops to military engagement. This is more than campaign electioneering from a Congressman in a safe district.  Our entire system of checks and balances and divided powers are at stake, not to mention our national sovereignty. Foreign policy analyst Bruce Ackerman rightly points out that Obama has done more to push this administration in the direction of an “imperial presidency” than George W. Bush ever did.

Building the case for Obama’s eventual impeachment, should it be required under this term or (heaven forbid) a subsequent one, is a list of twenty-one illegal acts brought forth by nine state Attorneys Generals. The diverse list includes everything from the National Labor Relations Board’s bullying of Boeing to the FCC’s imposition of net neutrality-type regulations in defiance of defeated legislation. Most significantly, it includes the PPACA (otherwise known as Obamacare), whose provisions of disputable constitutional authority are slated to be ruled on in the Supreme Court. The federal healthcare law continues to be very unpopular, including in several election “swing states.”

But whether or not the Obamacare law’s more egregiously unconstitutional provisions are struck down in the Supreme Court, or even if Barack Obama himself is defeated in upcoming elections, there is still a strong case for House Republicans to censure the president for his unconstitutional acts on both political and constitutional grounds.

Many believe that any drive to impeach the president prior to the elections would be futile, since impeachment cannot be successfully decided in the Senate due to party politics. This is true. Impeachment in any event does not mean automatic removal from office, as we saw with Bill Clinton. It is a manner of bringing a case before trial in Congress that a person in a position of governmental authority has violated the terms of his office and should be censured and possibly removed.

House Concurrent Resolution 107 would not even bring impeachment charges, as it is not legally binding legislation. It would only pave the way towards such legislation. There is no reason not to get the ball rolling towards future impeachment should Obama somehow win re-election. If H. Con. Res. 107 were to be passed, a duly mandated and Republican-controlled House and Senate would feel confident to take up impeachment charges, should the next president be Mr. Obama.

Many Republicans would object to even taking this half-measure to register an objection to Obama’s unconstitutional actions for fear of voter backlash. They would reason that the president is losing approval and his viability is in doubt in several swing states. An estimated 80% of those polled believe they are no better off now than when Obama was elected. There is a certain anxiety that the Republican Party would be proverbially cutting off its nose to spite its face unless it lays low and channels voter dissatisfaction towards Obama. This sense of momentum is leading to complacency, which is born of overconfidence.

The grounds of H. Con. Res. 107 seem specifically designed to trap the partisan mainstream media into discussing their hypocrisy on the issue of war and their treatment of President Bush versus their treatment of President Obama. It would therefore add the realm of foreign policy to the economic arguments for voting against Obama or abstaining from voting by putting the mainstream media on conservative terrain. This maneuver would actually broaden gains among anti-war moderates, should the Republican Party and New Media conservatives and libertarians wage the battle correctly.

A lot of people on the right are afraid of such battle. We need to stop fighting the left in perpetual fear. The majority of Americans are on our side and we can actually expand our lead and political clout by taking the fight to our opponents. Getting the media to out themselves as blindly partisan, anti-constitution, and pro-war in sentiment to the wider voting public only helps our cause.

In addition, conservative voters are seeking evidence that the GOP is a legitimate opposition party. This would do much to infuse enthusiasm into the base and bolster our energy for campaigns in elections around the country. If constitutional conservatives and libertarians see that the Republican Party cares enough about The Constitution to at least defend it with a Congressional resolution, it would allay doubts that the party considers it to be more than just an old piece of parchment.

The response “who cares about The Constitution?” no longer pass muster. The document will only continue being relevant to our national conversation if the American people make it so.

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  1. Sadly, expecting strength from the current Republican leadership in Congress is a pipedream. Boehner and McConnel just don’t have it in them to do what is right and abide by the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold. They seem to keep saying that “This is not the hill to die on.”

    Well then, which one is? Obama’s abuse of power must be stopped, and the American people are waiting to see who steps up to the front line and leads the charge. Whoever does so will be supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans who want their country taken back from the Progressive Left who are currently ruining us.

    1. Interesting comment. I have been saying for a time now that to stop the Resident’s assault on this country will require the power We the People have given to our individual States. Not a very popular notion, I guess, but it’s what I believe. That said, I am working not for the Republican Presidential race or ticket, but I am focusing on our U.S. Senate race. I am also more involved with my State elected officials.

  2. I still believe that we should follow all the hard work that has been done to find out the fact that we all know to be true, that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen as the Constitution requires only of Presidential candidates, that so many have committed hundreds even thousands of man hours of their time without pay to see to it that this man and both parties be brought to light before all Americans. It above all other crimes that this fraud has committed since he has darkened the office of the President is that he refused to be fact checked to see whether or not he was obeying the law. He turned in a document, one document and on others that the law demands, that everyone else turned in, but Obama was spared by members of both Parties as it is now known they to are equally guilty of this conspiricy and fraud. I want them to pay equally with Obama who should bear the full weight of guilt for what he did, he did knowingly and with full permission of both party heads and those responsible for either passing or stopping such a candidate that if found wanting would be rejected from running for the highest office in the land.

    Obama’s Presidency should NOT be ended with empeachment!! His Presidency should be stopped with NULLIFICATION!! That means that Obama was NOT a LEGAL candidate and the law needs to go back to that point in time and not included all the crimes he has committed while in office instead. Obama’s crime was that he presented false and misleading document in order to fraudulently make his way into candidacy. His crime began then, not at the end of his first term of office after all that he has done that was agaist the law. Of course that alone if a man be found guilty would certainly qualify him to be empeached. But this is not that case. This case needs to be handled differently in that there can be only one outcome and that is NULLIFICATION, TO NULLIFY, or to make like it had never happened. If we do that, so to will all of everything he has done and that all the Democrats have done in his name will be like they never happened, and more importantly so will their affect on America and it’s people.

    Do you know what that means? It means that no law, no Presidential Directive, and no Executive Order will hold any power over this nations laws, lands, states, cities, or people. Not even the air or water will be held at bay by Obama’s evil and the evil of the Socialist Democrat Party, which is what they are.

    Nullify Obama’s Presidency which will make all that has taken place since he has held the office and even before he was in office as was the case when Democrats were passing law in Obama’s name for him to sign the hour he became President and were waiting for him in the oval office. Those murderers of our sovereignty and Constitution who waited nervously for his arrival to have him put his cloven hoof onto the page to signed with the blood of innocents who were to suffer unto death at the stroke of his blackened pen, they waited.

    Nullify his Presidency so that no law that has Republican signature on it to, will be law over no man. For to empeach him will preserve until repeal and all the time, debate, votes of endorsement or rejection it will take to get rid of them all would have to take place before we are unchained from the black ink Obama laid to paper. Empeachment will not rid us of all that we may not even know of all that he did and the evil Democrats and compliance of the Republican’s that will remain law until undone may not ever come unless they are brought out of darkness into the light of day.

    Empeachment will keep his evil in place, and nullification will free us as our Constitution enumerates we are forever to be under God’s heaven. Nullification will give us freedom, empeachment will bind us in chains even though the evil be gone that wrote it to us.

  3. WillofLa–as appealing as it might sound there is no provision for Nullification in the Constitution. At best the President might be relieved of his duties because of “inability” pending the outcome of a Senate Impeachment Trial, but that’s ify even if the leadership of both Houses agree.

    Backwards–The leadership of the House can’t even get 218 signatures on a letter demanding Eric Holder Resign.. Initially I expected them to have 250 or more in 24 hours- It’s taken weeks to get to 121 That’s why the Administration is so certain they can get away with murder– Literally according to the AG

    Mrs Al, I think you have the solution.. Conservatives see no difference between Obama and Romney, the way it looks now if Romney gets the nomination, large numbers of them will be too disgusted to vote.. If they see a chance to install a Senate that will do what it’s supposed to do, they’ll give it a shot– Otherwise it could be 2008 all over

  4. Here we go again!…

    Let me say it one more time!

    You CANNOT IMPEACH SOMEONE who is a Fraud USURPING the Office of President He is not Natural Born as Evidenced no only by the fact that his father is now and has always been a Loyal British Subject which makes Obama a “Dual Citizen” at best and thus does Qualify under Article 2 of the Constitution to be President….aside from this a Sherriffs posse Law Enforcement and Forensic Document Specialist all over the country have come out after months of investigative work and said not only are his Birth Cirtificates Fraudulant Documents so is his Selective Service Card and his Social Security not to mention that he could have played it straight if he had nothing to hide and just give up all the documents at the begining but has done everything to evade this issue…..Obama Nancy Pelosi Harry Reed Bill and Hillary George Bush Sr. and Jr. The Joint Cheifs, Supreme Court Justices and other various Federal Judges and Govenors etc…and many many many more including George Soros! These Criminals are all in Collussion together paid off and criminally in a bed of Sedition and Treason to kill and over throw these United States mountains of evidence exist, video coverage with their Treason spewing from their very own lips, their actions and voting records and criminal and terrorist associations speak volumes as to what they are up to!! Here is the kicker most of our Congressment and women and Senetors are in this Seditious Traiterous bed as well and are all Deep in DOO DOO and should all be immediately arrested and charged for Treason and Conspiracy to over throw these United States and for many many other crimes as well…THey have all earned their place before the gallows and the only reason they are choosing IMPEACHMENT is that they are trying to figure out a way to save their asses but the damage has been done. To impeach this fraud is to say that he is lagitimately President and all the damage he has done to destroy this Nation stays as is……what needs to happen is that The Military needs to step in and immediately arrest these people and we will replace them with strong Gosd Fearing Constitutionalist and bring our Republic back and destroy everything they have done…….
    If we must rise fully empowered under the Constitution and the 2nd Admendment to rise up in the millions to clean house once and for all they so help us GOD ALMIGHTY ABOVE we shall do so….we’ll show you why we were given the 2nd Admendment!!

    1. We know Obama isn’t eligible to be president…but it has to be ruled so by a court of law. So far no judge has gone along with the Constitution on ruling. So,
      if the deck is stacked against a judge agreeing with the Constitution that Obama is not “natural born” citizen then we have to go with another option…second best maybe…but an option. Impeachment.

  5. And will the SCOTUS inductees be nullified – and all decisions in which they were involved be RETRIED?

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