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Big Government Starves the Homeless.. to Keep Them From Getting Too Fat.

Just when the average American thinks today’s government could not fall any further out of touch with reality…N.Y.C. Mayor Bloomberg has stopped food deliveries from charitable organizations that feed the homeless under the guise that… the homeless people of N.Y.C are just too fat!  You just can not make this stuff up folks: From The Daily Caller we see the headline, NYC  ban on unhealthy food at homeless shelters irks volunteers . Have churches and synogogues in N.Y.C. been proven guilty of poisoning the homeless with rotten meat or dangerous pesticide-laden veggies, causing Mayor Bloomberg’s nanny-state thugocracy to crack down on the folks feeding the homeless here?  Not quite, as can be seen in the above-linked DC article: (emphasis added)

The source of the new ban is a mayor’s office policy memorandum. Mr. Stier,  a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, who obtained  a copy of the memo just weeks ago after being tipped off by a local cleric who said that his religious organization was being bullied by the city for providing food that allegedly contained too much salt and fat content to the homeless or near-homeless, senior citizens who were too aged to work, and recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

Of course as with many nanny-state totalitarian edicts, the charities weren’t informed by the Mayor’s memorandum ahead of time, instead finding about the new N.Y.C. prohibition against donating food to homeless shelters until they showed up with donations:

“Churches and synagogues have been bringing food to city shelters for decades,” said Stier, a lawyer and a former official in Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s administration. “Now they’re being turned away. Shelter managers told them they were forbidden by the city’s homeless department bureaucrats from accepting the food. The charities had to throw away the food.”

Of course in Mayor Bloomberg’s common sense ideologically-depraved world, denying food to the homeless will….. keep them from getting too obese. Homeless drug addicts will also be made “healthier” by the bureaucratic takeover of Bloomberg’s homeless food donations mandate by limiting the fat and salt content in any food donated to feed them.  Of course, someone will still have  to provide “healthy” food to the homeless and needy people of N.Y.C. Who will that be, hand-picked people from another long line of crony-capitalists from the Bloomberg organization whom are ready to reap massive tax breaks with their support for Bloomberg’s new “healthy homeless” policy?  How will the more expensive  “healthy food” for the N.Y.C homeless be paid for? How about the possibility of  imposing more stealth tax increases on the already highest-taxed city in America to pay for this scheme, all under the guise of helping people?

Big government enforcer, Mayor Bloomberg and company are trying to imply that this healthy food mandate for homeless shelters will lead to “revolutionary” new ideology in eating habits across America in the future. Will the next starving homeless person you see eating out of a dumpster in N.Y.C. stop to read the ingredients label for salt and fat content before eating it?  Only in Liberal La-La-Land would anyone actually believe that big-government excuse for Mayor Bloomberg’s latest round of tyranny, posing as concern for the “healthy” feeding of the homeless in N.Y.C.


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