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U.S.Missile Secrets to Russia


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Tony! Outta the Ballpark! This is not only a beautiful peice of work, it’s also right-on! I’m sure you’ve heard today that Obama wants to now have Congress “streamline and re-organize” the Executive Branch. And IF they don’t do it, he will. I’m not quite sure where that is in our Constitution, but I’ll be looking!
    So, we have Obama withdrawing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely which will no doubt get us back over there in a worse way, he’s said that he’s going to now downsize our military and now he wants the Congress to make it so he has more power and if they don’t do it, he will…
    Let’s not forget Fast and Furious, the corrut healthcare law that was shoved down our throats to add to the above.
    If people don’t start to see the writing on the wall now, we may not have an election in November… In which case, I’m pretty sure we’ll then see another Revolution in this country!
    Anyway Tony! Awesome toon! Getting ready to share everywhere!

  2. Corkie Taylor,

    Add this to your list of crimes committed by this Marxist. Last night I heard that Obama is selling a contract to tally the Presidential results to a company in Spain. Guess who these people are? They are a Chicago based company who is a Muslim owned company he knows. Out of Chicago, worse case senario, Muslim and we all know about Barry’s Black Berry contacts of Islamic terrorist organizations he talks to all the time, and outside the United States where we can’t review the findings about who won to see if there is any fraud or purposeful miscounts in Obama’s favor. I have emailed my Congressman and Senator to stop this contract, that I’m sure Obama is not authorized to initiate. His agenda is to, in this case, to see to it that he wins no matter what he has to do, cheat, steal, kill, move the results out of the country and put it in the hands of a people who anyone who would cast doubt, would be in danger of being called a racist. This is what the left’s history has been for decades since they integrated the schools and that was unnecessary in total. They just wanted to pit Blacks against Whites and take as much power out of the hands of Whites as possible. This is exactly the same thing. Allow the vote, but take the results out of the hands of those who would find fraud and purposeful miscounts. Does this sound like Al Frankin and the car trunks full of filled out ballots?

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