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Tebow Bandwagon


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Well done Tony!!! Very well done! Obama wouldn’t know who to pray to. Marx, Soros, Rogers, the Unions, Alinsky… maybe he’ll pray to all of them! One things for sure, God isn’t going to Bless the corruption and manipulations of deciet that he and his crony administration are responsible for these last three years.
    Excellent work Tony as usual Tony!

  2. And let me tell you something. All the writing you want to do on your face isn’t going to do any good whatsoever if you aren’t prepared to do something more about it. Writing on your face scripture is just fine if that’s all you do to be a witness. But it has to show up in actions that are not inward. God does not bless writing on your face if it’s not backed up by outward action and not inappropriate action of claiming Jesus in the midst of people who hate that sort of thing. As a Christian for decades, and one who has not spent decades on his knees either I’ll tell you that, have found out the honest truth about people who go around wearing their Christianity on their sleeve. If you live the protected world Tebow lives in you don’t have anything to loose going around always saying “…Lord Jesus…” whatever. Tebow is to young and is to supported by hoards of support systems to ever find out just exactly when and where to stand up for Jesus. I don’t have any time for people like Mr. Tebow and I have known many, many who thought they could leave those protected circles and still be able to keep talking all that John 3:16 and believe God will protect them because after all Mr. Tebow loves the Lord. Love is one thing, but finding out that you probably should have kept your mouth shut just then, in time has the bad habit of teaching you that there is a time a place for proclaiming John 3:16. Sure let Mr. Tebow leave all those who’ve spent many years protecting him from anyone who might reveal the truth to him, and it’s to keep him from finding out the truth until they believe he is strong enough to be able to handle the truth.

    And what it the truth? The truth is God gave us a mind, a brain that we are to use to do the thinking we need to do that will keep us safe. But unless Mr. Tebow plans on never leaving the safe confines of all those around him that are protecting him from the world, Mr. Tebow needs to be allowed to grow up in the Lord. And if he isn’t planning on leaving that confines of the protection systems there are around him, then he’ll never grow up and will be a little baby for all his life. And little babies need to be protected from the world because the world has a bad habit of destroying a person if they lack the faith it takes to be able to resist the attacks of the world.

    So Mr. Tebow can paint that business on his face and go around declaring that he thanks Jesus all he wants, but hopefully those around him will let him go into the world so that he can grow up. Then you won’t be seeing such foolishness anymore unless he has some kind of death wish or something.

    1. Are you one of those that hides his faith under a basket instead of being a beacon on a hill? Do you ever share your hope in Jesus Christ to those who don’t know Him? I think not.

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