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Alan Colmes Mocks The Way Santorum's Family Grieves Dead Child

I’ve been thinking about this video you’re about to watch all day, and I still cannot find an adequate way to sum it up for you.  Alan Colmes can be a difficult pundit to listen to on even his best day, but I think he finally crossed the kind of line that can’t be uncrossed.  On FNC, Monday, he was asked to weigh in on Rick Santorum’s recent surge in Iowa.  As you can see in the video below, Colmes had many negative things to say about Santorum, so I think he could have easily left out the most offensive one of all.  Yet… somehow, he didn’t choose to.  In short, he needlessly and mercilessly ridiculed the way that Rick Santorum’s family grieved over one of their dead children.  The horrific display starts just after the one minute mark.


I don’t know where to begin.  I do know the word “unprofessional” does not even begin to cover it.  I know that much for sure.  But to be honest with you, this is par for the course when it comes to Left Wing punditry.  It’s never good enough for them to just criticize a Republican’s policies.  For some reason, they feel compelled to add personal attacks to the mix also.  Whether it’s Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut, or David Letterman calling Sarah Palin a slut, or an MSNBC panel talking about Michele Bachmann’s “crazed, bulging eyes”, the Left constantly feels it’s necessary to make personal attacks toward Republicans.  It’s never good enough to just discuss policies or issues.  But this time, it’s too much.  When you make fun of the way a family grieves the death of their child, you have crossed a line you cannot come back from.

Alan Colmes must have thought he was on the Jerry Springer show, where you’re paid to goad and insult the audience.  Where it’s your goal to stoke fires of indignation.  But you know what… Even Jerry’s audience would have no part in what Colmes was selling.  I’m ashamed for him.  And I’m ashamed America’s top rated cable channel even let him finish the segment.  I’m not sure Jerry would have let him stay on after saying that.  But like I said… this is par for the course with Liberal pundits.

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  1. Alan Colmes is a stooge for Fox News. This was a total setup. A transparen­t ploy to support Rick Santorum. Any other news organizati­on would have fired him for saying something so awful. Notice Fox News does not bother to even mention this on their website.

  2. Colmes did indeed cross a line he cannot “uncross”, as you say. The worst is he was given the opportunity to dial back the rhetoric and still make a thoughtful, legitimate point about the Santorum candidacy and he continued to push this truly revolting line of attack.

    Scarier still is that there are people who are cheering him on because they personally find Santorum’s choice “weird”. So what? It’s okay to mock the death of someone’s child because you think their grieving process is weird?

    That he wasn’t summarily fired as soon as the words flew out of his mouth the first time just goes to show how far, as a society, we’ve fallen. There was a time when no one would have even thought such a horrible thing, much less voiced it. Now it’s par for the course.

    The upside is that Santorum comes out the winner and Colmes is silenced re Santorum for the duration of the campaign.

    1. Yep, you can’t un-ring a bell and I think we should ring this one every time this guy goes on the air. Freedom of speech relieves us from political reprisal, but it doesn’t relieve us from the responsibility of our words!!

  3. Colmes is about the lowest of the low for his comment.

    @bagwellm – you alright? Been hitting the glue bottle again?

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