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NFL Player Busted by Undercover DHS Agents

Hurd said that he was already distributing four kilos of cocaine per week in the greater Chicago, but that wasn't enough.

Chicago Bears wider receiver Sam Hurd was arrested on Wednesday as he was caught purchasing a kilo of cocaine from an undercover DHS agent. Hurd had signed with the Chicago Bears on July 29th, 2011 for three years and $5.1 million dollars, after a stint with the Dallas Cowboys. During his arrest, according to, Hurd was already involved in a major Chicago drug-trafficking ring in which the sale four kilos of cocaine a week was not enough:

According to Jensen’s reports,(Chicago Sun Times) Hurd met with an undercover Homeland Security agent on Wednesday and attempted to set up a system by which he would purchase 5-10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week to distribute in Chicago. Here’s the real kicker — according to the complaint, Hurd said that he was already distributing four kilos of cocaine per week in the greater Chicago area with a co-conspirator, but that this amount wasn’t enough.

Hurd apparently has been involved in drug-trafficking in the Chicago area from the very first day he was signed by the Chicago Bears, as when Hurd’s co=conspirator met with agents on July 27th of this year he had a bag which contained $88,000 in cash, as detailed from the above-linked Yahoo sports article:

The agent in question believes that Hurd has 21 possible violations of federal statute in a timeline that goes from July of this year through last night. The complaint, which can be seen at the Dallas Morning News’ website, relates the agent’s statement that Hurd was willing to pay $25,000 per kilogram of cocaine and $450 per pound of marijuana. The statement also says that when Hurd’s co-conspirator (identified as “T.L.”) met with the agent on July 27, he had a bag in his vehicle which contained $88,000 in cash.

After a series of cocaine purchases by T.L. Sam Hurd actually met the agent on Dec. 14 where Hurd admitted that T.L. was in charge of most of the deals, while Hurd himself focused on only the “high end” deals. Hurd then asked the agent if “Mexican cell phones” could be provided for future deals because he thought law enforcement couldn’t listen to Mexican telephones. Hurd then explained that he was a Chicago Bears football player and that he could make arrangements after football practice to pay for the kilo of cocaine that the agent gave him. Hurd was then arrested as he walked away from a Chicago restaurant with the kilo of cocaine.

Former Dallas Cowboys and current Bears teammate Roy Williams weighed in on the tragic situation, while noting that Hurd has a wife and daughter, in stating, “But I know it has to be tough for him, because he has his family, and that’s a choice that he made. And there are consequences with the choices that you make.”

The Chicago Bears have cut Hurd from the team and he is out on a $100,000 cash bond he posted. Hurd’s attorneys David Brenner and Brett Greenfield described Sam Hurd as follows in a statement during a telephone interview from their Los Angeles office: “He is a nice, nice young man,” Greenfield said of Hurd. “People have nothing but wonderful things to say about him” … Would the countless numbers of families that have had their lives ripped apart by the drugs sold by the likes of Sam Hurd and company feel the same way as his high-priced attorneys, that Sam Hurd is indeed a very very nice young man?

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