Obama's 11/9/11 Emergency Alert Test

At 2PM EST 11/9/11 The United States will have it’s First Simultaneous Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System.

This has Caused Conservatives some Consternation.

Luckily, we have Obama Himself to Walk Us Through the Test.

[mp3player width=300 height=75 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=https://conservativedailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Obamas-Emergency-Alert-System.mp3]

And.. the iPhone-friendly version

Obama’s Emergency Alert System Test

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One Comment

  1. Am I paranoid? Yes. And why shouldn’t I be? Do I think the government is doing something I can’t detect? Yes. What do I think the Obama people might do? It’s not the Obama people because they are walking into systems that have been in existance for a long time. They would just say to go ahead and turn the system on. Remember the Army’s Data Mining system they were using to track Muslims telephone and radio transmissions? Why couldn’t Obama know about that since he’s supposed to know all of America’s secrets. I hope somebody with a drop of patriotism withheld things from this Marxist, because it would be bad if some scumbag like Obama knew “everything”. I don’t want this commie to know anything. It was up to the FBI and the CIA to inform Obama of all that stuff anyway.

    Do I think that if Obama could, he would put bugs into all our TV’s? Yeah. If your radio is transisterized/battery powered I can only think that a signal could be piggy backed to the radio station transmission and make your radio a listening device. But the good thing about battery powered radio’s is the signal can only work when the radio is turned on. Also the home radio is the same way, as it won’t pick anything up unless it’s turned on. It’s not like your TV. The TV is on all the time. Your cable is plugged in all the time. Other than people who don’t believe the garbage that is what is seen on TV these days, that is if you watch the sitcom’s, and news programs, many people don’t even have TV’s. There are more people who don’t watch what is on TV, they bought the TV to watch movies on. It may be plugged into the cable, it may not. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch TV. But the rumor that your TV could be turned into a listening device is true even more so now than it ever was. Why do you think the Obama administration decided to go ahead with converting our TV signals to digital instead of giving us the choice of either analog or digital, like whatever we could afford, or wanted to buy into the signal from their local cable company.

    Am I going to do anything different come 2:00? I think I’ll unplug my TV’s coax cable just in case the government is sending their spy signal into my TV processor circut board, you know about the “V” chip that all TV’s are supposed to have in them these days? What do you think that is for? It’s so it can get a signal from ther government and activate itself for whatever the government is programing it for. If it’s to turn the chip on so that your TV becomes a listening device, then that’s what will happen at 2:00. That is unless it’s already happened.

    It’s like, why would you advertise that you were going to get into everyone’s TV’s and radio’s on a certain day, at a certain time, unless you have already gotten into everyone’s TV’s days before, or months before. They may want to see how many people turn their TV’s off so they can see who opposes the government and who doesn’t. They would know by the “V” chip sending out a signal to a satellite that you were paranoid and don’t trust the government. This is big brother if it ever was. Am I paranoid of big brother? Yeah, I am.

    1. Will, why would “obama people” (or anyone) want to use your tv to spy on you? Are you THAT important?

      You tinfoil conspiranoids are some of the most defective critical thinkers on the planet. Face it, your life is worthless and mundane. So you dream up all these elaborate and ridiculous conpiracies because it makes life more enojoyable. Life is just so much more exciting when you believe conjure up all these dastardly conspiracy theories, where evil villans muhaha and plot to control your mind. These unnamed and unknown people, whom you idiots simply refer to as “THEY” or “THEM” make your life worth living.

      1. “why would “obama people” (or anyone) want to use your tv to spy on you?” – It worked in 1984…

  2. whatever happened to this much-trumped test?? I had the local tv channel on and nothing at all happened.

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