Herman Cain Talks About How Accusations Of Sexual Harassment Have Affected His Campaign

On Tuesday night, Herman Cain went onto the O’Reilly Factor to discuss (among other things) how the allegations of sexual harassment have impacted his campaign.  According to him, business is better than ever.  Watch the video below to see what Cain says about how these allegations have impacted him and his campaign.





I have to admit that Cain makes some compelling points in this video, especially the fact that over a course of 42 years, these (supposedly) “baseless” accusations are the only thing he’s been confronted with.

What do you think?  Is this story finally behind him?  Or does Herman still have some ‘splainin to do?  Let us know in the comments below, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can rent out a billboard with your opinion on it.  Prizes will be awarded to the most creative billboard that’s submitted.  The deadline is 3pm tomorrow afternoon. (but we suggest telling us in the comments section; it’s much simpler for all of us)

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One Comment

  1. One of his accusers has an attorney on this now. The accuser is pissed and believes Cain already violated settlement terms in his statement that her claim was baseless. She was given a year’s salary in settlement for something baseless? Hell yes, expect more coming for Cain. The number of slipping denials in backpedaling and revisions of sexual harassment allegations only invite closer scrutiny. It may well be that Cain has nothing to hide but presidential hopeful politicians in the past were derailed after issuing a public invitation to check out their conduct, see Gary Hart (1987). With Cain’s understatement of facts (under-truths) offered up in solid-firm declarations about past conduct later discovered as otherwise, he’s begging for it…. effectively challenging people to turn over every rock to see if there are other incidents. He raises the stakes himself and elevates the importance of even marginal information. He’s an idiot whose time has come or he’s not… but his boat certainly has more storm to weather in front of him.

  2. During my 34 years of employment with a major US corporation, it was my unfortunate responsibility, on 3 separate occasions, to fire a female employee. In all 3 cases, the employee had continued to perform her job duties in an unacceptible manner even after annual performance reviews where the shortcomings were discussed. In 2 of the 3 cases, the employee alledged unsupportable claims of sexual harrassment. It is a fact of life that retalliation of this type is commonplace with employee terminations. Subsequent hearings before the State Labor Relations Board proved the allegations to be false. In lieu of going through these lengthly legal procedures, some corporations elect to enter into a stipulated financial settlement with the employee. This is what I suspect happened in the Herman Cain case. Just my opinion.

  3. Anita Hill joined the Liberal plantation politics of lynch mob racism against Clarence Thomas. Now we have the Mandingo politics that infer that all “black-men” are nothing but penises looking for White women to sexually assault or sexually harass. The Liberal politics of innuendo and smears raises its ugly head again. Brother Cain this what happens to all “Blacks” that would dare to leave the “Socialist-Commie Democrat Party Negro Plantation”. They have just begun to ravenously tear you apart. So much for the MLK’s judging people by the “content-of-their-character”. I have judged the Socialist-Commie Democrat Party and their plantation politics and as Ronald Reagan clearly stated the root of their very existence, he identified them by their fruits when he called them “The Evil Empire”. That’s what you’re dealing with here, the Darth Vader forces of politics.

  4. Herman Cain: The ‘voice of the people’ greater than voices of women he sexually harassed. He says: “There are factions that are trying to destroy me personally, as well as this campaign,” Cain said. “But there is a force greater – there is a force at work here that is much greater than those that would try to destroy me and destroy this campaign and this journey to the White House. And that voice is called the voice of the people. That’s why we’re doing as well as we are in this campaign thus far.” So you can see how Cain would be confused, because clearly what happened 12 years ago was a business situation, not a legal situation. If only he’d been asked about any business agreements with any former employees who accused him of sexual harassment, well, this whole misunderstanding could have been avoided.

    But now that Cain has an opportunity to reveal the details—which will of course exonerate him because, as he’s told us, these charges were “baseless” and “ridiculous”—Cain’s suddenly donning his legal cap, and thinking that maybe Haley Barbour’s advice to “get the facts out” might not be such a smart business plan for the pizza man after all.

  5. Cain Mutiny. This guy’s toast. Luckily, the Republican bench is deep with talented and seasoned professionals.

  6. MR. CAIN, DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE ACCUSATION. You could be the REAL first BLACK American president, indeed. You are an 100% BLACK MAN (no white mother), and an 100% AMERICAN, born in this Country. obama is NEITHER and he is “president.” So, what’s the problem? Just say a lot of STUPID STUFF, things YOU DON’T MEAN, and, from SERIOUS, VITAL issues affecting EVERYONE, make STUPID JOKES. VOTERS will LOVE it.
    THEY ARE STUPID, DUMB, DEAF and BLIND! They believe obama is BLACK, and an American!!!!! But obama has a HUGE advantage over you, though, HE IS THE ANTICHRIST.
    He has a BIBLICAL commitment to fulfill. I know you know that. The elite OWNS ALL politicians. You are either with them or against them. Against them… NO GOOD!
    OBAMA, THE SON OF SATAN, THE ANTICHRIST, Knows that he is a total failure, as well as his “Yes, We Can,” and that he has nothing but little time to fulfill his satanic agenda. ALL the MEDIA and ALL the politicians are owned by the satanic elite, Bill / Hillary Clinton, Bush, obama, ALL of them. G. Worst Bush paved the way for the antichrist, obama. Remember the Twin Towers? Not “Osama Bin Laden”, but OBAMA BEING LIAR. He is NOT an American. Why can’t you see it? If forgot… Because you’re BLIND, and STUPID!
    Obama was the reason for the 9/11 “terrorist” attack. Because he is the New World Order dictator, THE ANTICHRIST. Do not let obama TRICK or TREAT you. He will treat you to HELL. We are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits which are under Heaven. OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! Wake up now before is too late!!! OBAMA IS THE BEAST, THE ANTICHRIST. No birth certificate because he is from HELL. “obamacare” is the mark of the beast, 6 6 6 !!! DO NOT allow obama to TRICK or TREAT you. Remember, once in HELL, NO WAY BACK! THEN YOU WILL KNOW WHO obama REALLY IS! Wake up! He is the ANTICHRIST. He is from HELL, born in KENYA. The SERPENT is deceiving today’s ADANS and EVES all over again. If you let obama deceive you, this time the punishment is HELL. JESUS paid the price already.
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    If you’re STUPID, your NEGATIVE reply is very welcome. You have the right to be known, and don’t read the whole thing. It’s TOO much for your “eyes,” GOD BLESS YOU.
    HE IS waiting for ALL of HIS children to come to HIM in complete repentance and obedience. JESUS is at the door. Be ready to receive HIM, be prepared!

    1. I thought Jesus protested against greed? No? I believe Jesus protested against the moneychangers long before protesting against the moneychangers was cool. The money changers, if I got that story right, petitioned a governor 300 miles away to sentence him to death – no? I think Jesus said about his persecutors, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” (?) Help me with this one?

      1. Many of us just went and invested heavily in Orville Redenbacher stock. In the case of Cain’s sexual harassment issues… it seems the more you learn… the less you know. I advise all to consider laying in a couple of cases of popcorn BEFORE retail shelves empty. This promises to get better before it goes away: all of a sudden there are legal implications involved now that his accuser is willing to come forward. Why, it seems like it was only yesterday that Cain was explaining why this wasn’t even a “legal” situation at all. Cain now, responding to a line of questioning yesterday evening from Charles Krauthammer on Fox, saying that his sexual harassment problems are fueled by his political enemies, including not just Republicans, but also Democrats who dislike him because he’s black. Democrats and liberals don’t have a problem with Herman Cain because of his skin color any more than they like Barack Obama because his skin color. Republicans and Cain might not like to hear it, but their problem with Cain is that his ideas are bad. Frankly, Cain needs to get a grip on the fact that the unfolding “scandal” surrounding this is his fault. If he did harass the accuser, then he needs to take responsibility for his actions. And if he didn’t, he’s got nobody to blame but himself for his utter incompetence in handling the story’s unfolding. That’s what’s keeping it alive—it has nothing to do with race. We’d all agree that this is a terrible week for Cain but many are not yet ready to accept it is of his own making. Seems we’ve nearly arrived at the implied but unasked question, “Did those awful racist accusers figure out how to travel back in time and force Herman’s hand to grab *ss?” I think we might also be at the “baffle-them-with-twaddle” stage, that often comes right before the “drop-out-of-the-race-and-pocket-all-remaining-campaign-cash” stage. Either way, I don’t see KochCain doing another debate, where he’ll definitely get hammered on the subject. (Though perhaps not as hammered as Perry gets.)

  7. AP: Third employee says she was harassed by Herman Cain: A third former employee says she considered filing a workplace complaint over what she considered aggressive and unwanted behavior by Herman Cain when she worked for the presidential candidate in the 1990s. She says the behavior included a private invitation to his corporate apartment. She worked for the National Restaurant Association when he was its head. She told The Associated Press that Cain made sexually suggestive remarks or gestures about the same time that two co-workers had settled separate harassment complaints against him. The employee described situations in which she said Cain told her he had confided to colleagues how attractive she was and invited her to his corporate apartment outside work.

    1. Is it just me of have you ever noticed that for the Republicans, when it’s a scandal involving Republicans, “divulging it” equals “creating it.” (?) Of course it has no existence prior to being divulged. Making public some misdeed of a Republican is precisely the same as inventing it. Never mind getting to the bottom Cain’s behavior, who leaked his behavior is more important. It couldn’t ever be something as simple as when one runs for president of the United States people examine one’s life with a fine-toothed comb? And if some other campaign has leaked this information, so what Ron Paul? What if it has? …But I digress.

      To me this obviously gets a standing Rovation. We’ve already seen Rove badmouth Cain and everyone else…excepting Mittens. The people who set the republican agenda and decide who is really a part of it or not,
      cough *rove* cough, want to clear it for Romney. Cain is, after all, his nemesis KOCH-funded Tea Party candidate. AND to muddy it all up just a clump, Perry’s pollster and one of his staffers had ties to the National Restaurant Association when Herman was running the joint! One only flatters Gingrich by crediting him and Paul is going far off-script… but no fears, Limbaugh will remind him… “No, you idiot, it’s the Liberal Media doing this.”

      Yeah… there’s posts all over the RW blogosphere speculating about which campaign leaked it. Nobody discussing Cain’s alleged behavior… nor anything remotely related to the problem of sexual harassment in the corporate workplace. That point is likely the reason why many of us are not Republicans. But the RW general feeling seems to be settling into one of relief, as most R’s are glad this came out now, and not after a nomination win when it would’ve destroyed any small chance of a Republican presidency. The RW is obviously trying to figure out what to do next…very entertaining. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is hoping that when Cain falls he’ll be next to ride the “anyone-but-Mittens” roller coaster. This sure didn’t come from the Dems or liberals. I mean, why risk getting in the way of a great Republican circular firing squad like this one? Obama for sure would rather run against Cain than Romney, and Dems and libs want Cain vs. the candidate of The Owners of the Republican Party (Wall Street 1%.) So, take it to the bank it was another Republican campaign that leaked Cain’s history.

  8. >>> The New York Times leading the pack now with a blistering editorial on Cain:

    Mr. Cain knew the harassment charges would become public 10 days ahead of time, but still he stumbled for three days. First he said he knew of no settlement between his accusers and the National Restaurant Association — rather implausible, considering he was its chief executive. Then he said he was aware of it but didn’t know the details. Then he put out the details. […]

    None of this should be surprising. From the start, Mr. Cain has made outrageous statements, then taken them back, then modified them. He said he would not appoint a Muslim to his cabinet, then apologized, then railed about Shariah law creeping into the courts. He said he wanted a border fence that would electrocute illegal crossers, then said it was a joke, then he still wanted one.

    Mr. Cain’s core supporters don’t seem to care about such minor details any more than he does. But, eventually, a campaign run solely on charm and hokum tends to wind up in a ditch. The question now is how much of the Republican Party will follow him there

    >>>> Bwhind the NYT is David Brooks and Gail Collins chat about whether the Herman Cain bubble has burst:

    David Brooks: Do you think Cain can be excluded from the presidency based on what we know so far, given the Clinton standard? My impression, for what it’s worth is that no, he can’t. Even if everything that is alleged is true, this is less egregious than Clinton.

    Gail Collins: Go back to the congressmen with the bare-chested cellphone pictures or the lewd tweets. Why did they have to go away? Because the one thing voters will not abide is behavior that suggests the pol in question is a whack job.

    >>> Dana Milbank gives us a revealing anecdote about Cain under pressure:

    “Excuse me. Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!” At that, his bodyguards began throwing elbows and shoving the reporters and photographers. “Stand back! . . . Do not push me! . . . Pushing is against the law!. . . Watch out!. . . Get a grip on yourself!” In the melee, a young boy and his father were shoved up against a wall.

    His campaign’s fisticuffs with Washington journalists probably won’t do Cain any harm among his supporters in Iowa; in fact, it will probably help. But Cain’s loss of control is a reminder of why he’s never going to be president, no matter how high he rises in GOP primary polls.”

    >>>> Jonathan Capehart tears into Cain wearing ignorance like a badge of honor:

    On a near-daily basis, Herman Cain, the front runner for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, denigrates the high level of expectation and preparation demanded by my mother and mothers everywhere. […] Sarah Palin was rightly eviscerated for her lack of knowledge on just about everything when she was the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee. She didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was. Even though she’s pro-life, she told Katie Couric that she believed there was a right to privacy in the Constitution, which is a cornerstone of Roe. v. Wade. And she tried to claim foreign policy experience because “as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s right over the border.” That Cain can’t even rise above this decidedly low bar set by Palin

    >>>>> Justin Sink points out a silver lining for Cain, if it could be called that. The firestorm of a sexual harassment scandal has eclipsed other major policy gaffes made this week:

    Lost in the calls throughout the past 24 hours for Herman Cain to respond to new details surrounding allegations that he sexually harassed employees during his time as president of the National Restaurant Association were a number of policy statements that in an ordinary week would have raised eyebrows among political watchers.

    Perhaps most significant was Cain’s suggestion in an interview Monday that China was a threat to American interests because of its attempts to develop nuclear weapons, despite the nation having been a nuclear power since the 1960s.[…]Cain also suggested deploying a fleet of naval warships armed with defensive ballistic missile technology around the globe to project American power.[…] Cain also argued for tort reform and “loser-pay” laws that would punish those found to have filed frivolous lawsuits….

    Etc… he’s as over and done as a new McCain/Palin ticket.

  9. The contitutions reserves to the people all rights not given to the goverment. Certainly we have a rigth to privacy. We also have a right to life. It is a subversion of good sense to say privacy entitles one person to kill another. Even the “Roe vs Wade” supporters know this is shaky ground and an unsound judicial decision and they are in deserate fear of any appeal that could reach the Supreme Court.

    When you criticize Gov. Palin when she is completely correct, what does that say about you?

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