Cain Accuser Comes Forward with Lawyer Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred brought forth the 4th accuser in the ongoing sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain Monday afternoon.  Sharon Bialek worked for the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association in Chicago in 1996-1997.  Part of her job was to work on a new scholarship initiative for students who wished to continue their education in the restaurant industry.  She was let go in 1997 after being told she had not raised enough money.  Bialek felt her discharge was unfair but had no legal resource.  Having spent some time with Cain at an NRA convention in 1997 she felt they had made a warm, respectful connection and reached out to Cain for help with employment.  As Allred puts it, Cain offered her his own version of a “stimulus package”.

Allred offered declarations from an ex-boyfriend and businessman friend of Bialek’s who back up her claim of harassment by Cain during that time and will attest to the fact that she shared her concerns with them.

Bialek was well spoken and intelligent.  Her resume is impressive and she is currently a stay at home mother.  Allred was also careful to note that Bialek is a registered Republican.  She described first meeting Cain in 1997 at an NRA luncheon with her boyfriend and how they immediately like Cain.  She claimed Cain was “warm and attentive” and she was honored when Cain invited her and her boyfriend back to a party at his hotel suite later that night.  It was her boyfriend who suggested she contact Cain to help her with a job hunt.  Bialek continued that she called Cain and arranged to meet him in Washington D.C. “for coffee”. When she checked into the  D.C. Capital Hilton, Bialek described how surprised she was to find her room was rather “palatial”.  Upon meeting Cain in the lobby bar, he proceeded to ask her how she liked her accommodations.  At this point, Bialek describes Cain as “smirking” as he said, “I upgraded you”.  Later, the two went to dinner and then Cain suggested they drive by the NRA headquarters, to which Bialek agreed.  That is where the alleged assault took place.  Bialek claims they parked the car at which point Cain reached up her skirt and tried to fondle her, then grabbed her head and forced it toward his genital area.  She immediately rebuked him, explained that wasn’t what she came there for and left.  Bialek later described the general incident to her boyfriend and another friend, but not the details.  She also says she did not come forward with the accusations at the time because she was not employed by the NRA, but seeing his candidacy now, she felt it was important to represent the other women who could not or would not come forward, and victims of “sexual harassment everywhere”.  Bialek wrapped up with a statement aimed directly at Cain – “I want you to come clean…I implore you to make this right”.

Bialek answered no further questions herself, but Allred did take a few from the press directly following the statements.  Allred says her client is not filing any law suits, has not sold her story or profited from it and is only interested in lending a voice to the charges.

Bialek seemed confident, well-spoken and quite put-together.  She did not carry an air of fake desperation or duplicity, but she was also rather emotionless considering she was speaking of such a disturbing event.  The press conference seems to raise more questions than answers.  Has Cain known about this woman’s claims (false or true that they may be) all this time and if so, had he simply hoped they would not be publicized?  Why did Bialek fly all the way from Chicago to Washington D.C. to ask for help finding a job in the first place?  It seems a simple phone call or a few emails could have sufficed.  If the allegations are true, why would Cain – a very intelligent man- even run?  The ball is clearly in Cain’s court and it remains to be seen how his camp will handle this current situation.  So far, Cain’s support has only swelled in light of the controversy.  It remains to be seen if that support will continue now that America has a face and a voice to put to the accusations.


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Well, now the harassment issue is clearly off the table for me. Two words: gloria allred tells me all I need to know!
    The Al Sharpton Queen of Leftwing Democrat Stuntsmanship pretty much proves to me that Cain never harassed anyone.
    The two women who filed their grievances in a timely fashion deserved credibility with the public, but it just doesn’t prove anything more than that something Cain said or did made them unhappy or uncomfortable. That’s not harassment.

    Waxahachie Texas

  2. I was suspect of this….woman..from the moment I heard that somebody had come forward today, and with none other than Gloria Allred. Mark Levin was reading a report that a real journalist found out about this woman. She’s from Chicago, has a history of going from corporation to corporation working for executives, and then suddenly she’d move on. She has one, or had one paternaty suet against some executive with a corporation.

    I see what she is, and other than being a professional liar, she’s a corporate whore who goes around looking for some executive whose bed she can get into, screw the guy, then black mail him for big money to keep her quiet. Then she moves to another corporation and does the same thing, and has a history of doing such things. Cain was just another big shot who she thought she could get into bed with but if the story were true, he wanted what she was offering right there in the car. Rather uncomfortable surroundings for a girl as a high level whore as Sharon Bialek. I’ve heard of women like her who are nothing but “gold diggers” who unlike Sharon and are looking for a rich husband so they won’t have to work and pay for the lavish lifestyle they have gotten themselves used to. Sharon spends a lot of money to keep herself in fine clothes and surroundings, jet plane rides in 1st class where all the executives ride so she can keep her eye on them if need be. She’s an opportunistic whore who stalks her prey like the lioness she is. And once she has her claws dug in deep enough she cuts the sex off and starts making her demands. If the guy comes through then she turns the sex on, but she’s very clever in when and how she performs her little tricks on the unsuspecting guy.

    But that’s what she is and that is a high level executive whore who goes down on whoever she has to in order to get what she wants with her body. But she is still in business to jack money out of Herman Cain for something she did 14 years agon when she was just starting out as a high level whore, and it just wasn’t Herman Cain who she was after, and she was trying to make believe she had morals. But that was a long time ago and since she has been all grown up now. She is not going to act a part that she doesn’t have her genitals into.

    She’s lying her butt off just to get money out of Cain in order to drain his war chest so that he runs out of money before he has to really put out in order to stay until the end. He won’t be able to do that if all these women come out of the woodwork sueing him for thousands every time Cain turns around. Sharon Bialek is a executive whore gold digger!

  3. And the other mystery about Sharon is why did she get fired so often? Why did she quit so many places? What was the reason why the N.R. A. fired her? And why did she think that she could go to Herman Cain and maybe bed him to get her job back? And was she prepared to give him oral sex in order to get her job back. And who was she after when she got fired from the National Resturant Association? Was she after Obama ? Was she after Axelrod? Who was she after when she went to Herman to get her job back?

  4. Sharon’s schtick is the innocent young executive secretary to get her targets all riled up and want her real bad. What a turn on and that is the girl who plays like she’s real innocent but we all know she wants it real bad and is more than experienced to do whatever some perverted executive would want out of the girl. She’s an expert. And who dug this girl up, Obama? Maybe Obama’s had her? Maybe Obama called ‘ol Gloria and told her about this hot blond piece he once had that he knew would go down for a potato ,and would be a good liar to try to get Cain out of the race?

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