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Another Documented, Disgusting Failure by DHS to Protest U.S. Citizens

Meet Francisco Guillermo Morales Esquer, 36, who was arrested in Arizona on Oct. 13th, ( less than 3 weeks ago) in one of three major busts that state and federal officials credited with dismantling a far-reaching drug smuggling ring, which is believed to be tied to the Sinaloa drug cartel – one of Mexico’s ( and now, thanks to the DHS, America’s) most powerful criminal gangster-groups. (AP/Pinal County Sheriffs dept photo)

On Monday, officials held a news conference announcing the supposed breakup of a Mexican drug cartel smuggling ring in Phoenix, Az. in which they proudly displayed hundreds of pounds of drugs and numerous guns they had seized during the Oct 13th bust. A mere five hours later, law enforcement officials clocked a car going 50 mph in a 15 mph school zone about 50 miles south of Phoenix, and a high-speed chase ensued when the car’s driver refused to pull over at the request of police. After reaching speeds of over 100 mph, and an attempt by the driver to run over a police officer trying to lay down stop sticks to end the chase, the driver crashed the car and jumped into a canal, where they captured him. The driver of the car was none other than the above-mentioned Mr. Morales, whom was arrested in the major drug smuggling bust just two weeks prior. How Mr. Morales ended up back on the streets of America just two weeks after being arrested in a major drug cartel bust is a very real example of the DHS’ failure to do their job and protect the citizens of America.

Mr. Morales had been arrested in a home tied to the drug cartel in the Oct. 13th bust in which numerous guns were found, yet prosecutors somehow claim they didn’t have enough evidence to convict him at the time, so they released him to the border patrol. It is the responsibility of ICE and DHS to prosecute him for felony reentry into the U.S. as Mr. Morales had already been deported at least once before. DHS then refused to prosecute him and turned him loose, where he was caught again in the high-speed police pursuit where Mr. Morales also tried to kill a police officer by running him over.

Released by DHS, illegal immigrant caught in U.S. with carload of drugs two weeks later.


The Department of Homeland Security‘s refusal to prosecute Morales for felony illegal reentry into the U.S put police officer’s and citizen’s lives in danger by letting him back on the streets. And this ludicrous example of the DHS’ criminality in refusing to enforce our laws does not end there. Just two weeks after DHS let this criminal back on the streets, he is caught running from the police… in a car loaded with 80 pounds of heroin and another 8 pounds of methamphetamine! The number of lives that would be ruined by the amount of drugs that DHS allowed [Mr. Morales] back onto the streets to peddle represents a very serious problem, if not an outright act of treason against American citizens.

One of the officers on the front line of this battle, Pinal County, Az, Sheriff Paul Babeu held a news conference in which he explained just what is going on down there. “Here we strike a body blow on the Sinaloa cartel, (and) they’re still operating in a robust fashion,” he said. “They can regenerate immediately.” He went on to add that there are no consequences for their illegal criminal actions. Thanks to DHS, people like Morales just keep on being released to further endanger American’s lives and well-being through their refusal to prosecute these criminals, as evidenced by this latest episode of the Obama administration’s appointed DHS chief, Janet Napolitano’s failure and refusal to uphold and enforce the law.Meanwhile, Napolitano continues to deny law enforcement officials the ability to identify and arrest illegal immigrants across America, as evidenced in the DHS/ DOJ/Obama mandated lawsuits against Arizona, Alabama and now South Carolina‘s state laws designed to protect their citizens from the likes of career criminals and illegal immigrant/invader Mr. Morales and the Sinaloa drug cartel.

While DHS, ICE and assorted law enforcement officials were quick to hold major press conferences to announce the recent arrest of 76 suspected dope smugglers, the seizure of 61,000 pounds of pot, 160 pounds of heroin, 210 pounds of cocaine, $760,000 dollars in cash and 108 weapons including assault rifles and shotguns in the dismantling of this drug ring that brought some $33 million worth of drugs a month into the western desert states for nationwide distribution, we also see that they let many of these criminals go free to regenerate the drug smuggling operation in a short two weeks. This is what happens in a country where the President is seen to be acting like a Socialistic dictator in bypassing Congress to enact laws by executive fiat, as Obama has done concerning illegal immigration laws recently. This problem is being magnified tenfold by the politically correct cowards of the U.S. Congress, whom refuse to use their duly enacted powers to bring the president to heel according to Constitutional law. How many American’s lives and families have to be destroyed by these Mexican drug cartels and the thousands of pounds of drugs they are distributing throughout America, before our elected officials will take a stand and demand that those breaking the law through the executive fiat-mandated DHS policies be thrown out of our government and brought up on charges?

Will the Obama-appointed DHS Chief, Janet Napolitano call a national press conference to announce how her new department rules mandated that ICE officials let Mr. Morales back on the streets to continue his drug-running operation in the U.S.? Don’t hold your breath. All we hear out of the DHS nowadays, is how our Southern border is more secure today than ever before.  What a joke.
2012 just can’t get here fast enough!

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One Comment

  1. This is Ramos and Compean all over again. Orders came down from the Bush administration to let the Mexican criminal who Ramos and Compean shot at to be used as a witness against Ramos and Compean to back prosecution attorneys and Federal Attoney Johnny Sutton, Bush’s friend. The Supervisor of Ramos and Compean, Mr. Martinez knew this dope dealer, and was ordered to go into Mexico and to the home of this criminal to talk to the parents of this criminal to convince him to come out of hiding so they could use him to prove that Ramos and Compean had violated the rules and the law in how they delt with the situation of catching this criminal inside the US with 800 lbs. of pot in a van. This criminal did agree to testify against Ramos and Compean. The government paid for medical care of this criminal, who by the way was not shot with the .40 cal. glocks the agents shot at him with. Part of the cover up was the Supervisor ordered that all the cases from the fired weapons of the agents to be picked up and that was so the proof of what bullet actually struck the dope dealer was whatever the government wanted it to be. The bullet that was removed from the dope dealers butt was a 9mm, not a .40 cal.. So who shot this man? It wasn’t Ramos or Compean. The criminal was given a “gold pass” so he could go and come as he pleased while the trial was going on to convict Ramos and Compean. Two weeks into the trial the dope dealer was stopped coming into the US with another van, this time loaded with 700 lbs. of pot. The agents had to let him go because he was favored by the US attorney Johnny Sutton, and ordered him to be released, so they had to let a criminal go just because the government wanted to use him to put two border guards who were doing their job, in prison. Once Ramos and Compean were convicted Compean was put into prison with the general population in violation of court orders for him to be separated from the general population for his own safety. Somewhere the order was misplaced and so the prison officials put him in the general population, many who were put in prison by Compean himself who were dope dealers, Mexican illegal. They beat him almost to death before guards got to him and stopped the assault. In the prison hospital he was fortunately put under 24 hour guard and survived but not without permanent damage to his brain from being kicked in the head with hard prison shoes. Only after that did they find the court order to keep him separated from the general population, to late, to little to protect this man.

    The Bush administration was behind all of this, and when Bush was about to give out the overturns of prison sentences like every President does just before they leave office. What those around Ramos and Compean were hoping and praying for was that Bush would repeal their conviction, or whatever the word is. What did he do? He reduced their prison sentence, but not their conviction. They got out of prison, but now they are having to fight the conviction at extreme cost to go up against the government with federal attorneys.

    As a side note what did Bush do for Scooter Libby? He reduced his sentence and he got out of prison, but lift the conviction in place. Two things I will never forgive Bush for, amoung many things he did while in office. But Bush knew that Ramos and Compean were innocent and were being convicted for doing their jogs. The same thing with this article about the DHS letting criminals go for the purpose of getting votes from Mexican’s who are here illegally. That is why I am emailing representatives and making phone calls to representatives offices to pass I.D. voter laws in those states that are Democrat states so that illegals cannot be used for keeping Democrats in office.

  2. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that the dope dealer that Johnny Sutton loves, is still out on the street dealing dope. Obama is not at fault for what is going on here. He is a major part of the problem by not doing what is the law of the land. That is the problem. But let’s go back several Presidents, and numerous Democrats in office who used fraud to get back into office with fraudulent votes coming from ACORN and others. Obama will not obey the law, and neither will Republican’s and obviously Democrats. Reagan got a amnesty law passed. In that law was the doubling of the border guards, SEAL UP THE BORDERS, and DEPORT ALL THE ILLEGALS FROM OUR COUNTRY!!! What did the Democrats do? They recognized the amnesty part of the law but made sure they all ended up in Democrat states. But they ignored the rest of the law, never authorized the money to be spent to build up our fencing, steel sheets placed along the border like we’ve seen, regular fencing or whatever they used back then. None of that was ever paid for to be used to keep illegals out. And the deportation was never ordered either, but now the number of illegals which was about 12 million back in the 80’s is now 20-30 million. They could be deported, but it would be a lot harder and take a much longer time to accomplish all that needs to be done to clean out all the illegals. One thing about Reagan’s law was a allowance for seasoninal migrant workers to still be allowed to come into the US like had been done for decades to help bring in the crops from ranches along the border. But that was used by the Democrats was to keep the border open so that millions of illegals could pour in so that a huge problem could come from it, and they could use it for their crisis creation anytime they wanted.

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