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William Way, Jr.

It is hard to imagine a presidential candidate that is not focusing on a policy for Jobs creation.  It is the latest pet rock for the political rocket scientists.

Here is the flash that is in the pan: “What will you do to create jobs for Americans?”

That is what the 2012 presidential race is all about.  Sadly that is the worst thing that the race can be about!  Let’s examine reality.

Government, regardless of whether it is local city government or national government, is capable of creating jobs.  However, the jobs that governments create are NOT production jobs.  Government jobs are in fact production-regulating jobs.

Free enterprise creates products.  The demand for products drives the creation of jobs.  Then as the demand for production increases it also creates competition.  Competition creates two key elements; variety and efficiency.


Variety is simply product improvement; either by the first company in, or by new companies seeing opportunity to compete in the marketplace.  In order to compete all companies generate better products, with refinements.  It is not a far reach to suggest that refinement in production is the constant movement toward more efficient means of bringing a more diverse product to market at a more competitive price.

In free enterprise systems two phenomenon happen.  First, quality becomes a competitive factor.  Second, price becomes a competitive factor.  Some buyers want the bestest and latest new “version” to the point of sleeping on sidewalks overnight just to be able to be first in line.  However, there is another breed of consumer that is price conscious.  They are willing to accept slightly inferior products or wait until the better product makes its way to the “special price” display.

There are of course other factor at play in the marketplace, but for most intents and purposes free enterprise responds to and grows through the production cycle of competitive demand for improved product lines.  This process creates jobs.

As noted above governments also create jobs.  In some cases the jobs created by governments are service oriented jobs, such as solid waste management.  A public demand is for minimal cost of keeping streets and public areas clean and absent of obvious infringements on health and welfare.  Yet, even with public services in demand for this particular product (clean communities) more and more governments find that contracting these services is more effective and efficient when contracted to players in the free enterprise marketplace.

With services of this type, where production is most effective under a free market, governments inherently choose to assume some form of regulatory role.  Interestingly, generally governments expand to meet a greater and greater role for regulation.  Giving government their due, they actually are quite adept at creating regulatory jobs.  That should not suggest that governments are efficient in creating regulatory jobs.  From a long career in working within government, in top management, this author can verify from experience that public sector jobs creation and hiring is a tedious and expensive process, anything but efficient.  Why is this?  Quite simply because the government hiring process is highly regulated also.

Once jobs are in place and positions filled these bureaucratic positions function as a restrictive force to regulate free enterprise systems.  Examine this list of a few of the regulatory functions which inhibit the free enterprise system:

  • regulation of school curricula
  • regulation on housing construction
  • regulation of business licensing (sometimes to the extreme of controlling home occupations)
  • regulation of property rental
  • regulation of home purchases
  • regulation of banking
  • regulation on what type of trash container may be used
  • regulation of water
  • regulation of dental care
  • regulation of land development
  • regulation of every aspect of environmental impact, which adds hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects
  • regulation of household lighting
  • regulation of what insurance a person must buy
  • regulation of product labeling
  • etc. etc. etc.

There is another aspect to government jobs creation that is very popular among elected officials and most candidates.  It is the salacious idea that Keynesian theory was actually a serious economic concept.  In fact Keynes was really simply pushing the agenda for broader government control over people.

Striped of its academic allure Keynesian theory is quite simple, as well as simple-minded.  It can be stated something akin to the following.

When the free market is transitioning through product development and identification there will be fluctuations in price and demand for labor.  To correct those fluctuations it is essential that government creates public works jobs, in order to stabilize the economy.

From that simplistic view politicians have grown accustomed to the idea that governments, especially national governments, have an obligation to fix the economy.  They then begin pursuing adventures into stimulus packages, bailouts, and government run ventures.  These measures inevitably fail.  Why?  Because government bureaucrats instinctively push toward heavy regulation.

When elected officials realize the great disparity between producers and regulators, and the natural course of a shifting economy to have highs and lows they then attempt, under Keynesian philosophy, to force (regulate) marketplace equalization.  The vernacular for that is “A chicken in every pot and a car in every driveway.”

Because government is designed to be regulatory by nature all these lofty attempts to meddle in reality do not assist anyone in “keeping up with the Jones.”  Rather, the result is to regulate the speed of the Jones to drive only at the pace of the slowest car on the road.

There is no question that Barack Obama was saturated with Keynesian theory while in school.  It appears he cannot think past what his chalkboard cadavers preached to him.  Well, one thing about higher education that so many undergraduates camping out on Wall Street miss in those early college years is that when one reaches the point of a Master degree or a Doctorate it is incumbent to reason for themselves.  Mr. Obama, it appears, has stalled at the front end of that learning curve.

Yet, we ought not to hold him solely accountable for fractured common sense about the role and ability of government.  All but one of the Republican candidates running for president in 2012 have launched regulatory theories of jobs stimulation and growth.  Those with the more exhaustive plans are in fact quite liberal about maintaining exhausting regulations on business.  Their proposals all focus on the concept that somehow a regulatory system can be creative of jobs and a competitive marketplace.

That simply won’t happen!  The continued appetite by Democrats and Republicans both to regulate a stronger economy and regulate jobs creation simply does not pass muster.  As much as taxation schemes, lengthy (yet hollow) economic plans, boasting about running a big government state make nice ten second sound bites they all fall back to Keynesian theory that government can create a better mouse trap for the marketplace.  That is the trap for both job creators and job takers.  Government regulation is a failure.

Eight key concepts need to be pursued by candidates and supported by all Americans wishing to have a reliable economy.  Those eight concept are:

  1. REPATRIATION of foreign production gains
  3. REPEAL the personally regulatory system of OBAMACARE
  7. Open trade opportunities that would INCREASE EXPORTS
  8. UNLEASH AMERICAN INVESTMENT by returning control of the marketplace back to the producers, and I don’t mean Hollywood.

The field is ready to be narrowed among the Republican candidates for president.  There has been some fun with a variety of front runners.  But, now that time has come to stop playing and return to the serious candidates, of which there are only three.  Of these three there is one that replicates Barack Obama.  The field has been and remains quite narrow of those deserving serious consideration among the Republicans.





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One Comment

  1. That’s really all the GOP has for a “Jobs” plan or program? Looks to me like the same plan/program that got us where we are in the first place under Bush? Same as it ever was – no? What’s different? That’s a rehash of the same tried and still untrue policy nonsense pushed since Bush took office. Bush created only one (1) million jobs from the time he took office to the time he left, eight years. Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill has already created somewhere between two (2) and three (3) million jobs depending upon which of the four (4) independent analysis that have been performed to choose from.

  2. And more realistically speaking, what will we do if most of those jobs who’ve gone overseas don’t ever come back? Those were the jobs that created the middle class that spent the money buying houses, the furniture to fill them, the washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, then they were the people who in the 50’s and 60’s decided to buy cars like they were going out of style propelling the big three to the mightyest industries in the world. As a matter of fact most all of American manufacturing and industry were the most powerful in the world that built this nation into the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. It took Great Britain, all of Europe, and most of Scandinavia, and the Ukraine to match the numbers of industries and manufacturing to equal America’s output and financial might. That’s all gone now. Even though America still makes a few things, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what it was just back to the 70’s. In the 80’s was when we saw the mass exodus from the industrial North to the West and South, and then came NAFTA. After that the giant sucking noise that Ross Perot warned us about, happened.

    And don’t think our government didn’t have anything to do with it, because they did. I haven’t studied enough about it to be able to put it in a few words, but I’m sure a lot of you all know what kind of circumstances our government put our businesses into that made them run. I know there was some kind of deal that was made with our manufacturing and industry decided to move to China other than looking for cheap labor. I think it had to do with the fabrication of the myth about the “world economy”. To begin with there is no such thing as the “world economy”. The usual industrialized nations that have always been making things and selling them around the world are still making those things, except just like the U.S. they also left their native country and went elsewhere to take advantage of cheap labor. France took on the policy where their companies couldn’t leave and go anywhere else so they just stayed in place and smoldered down to nearly nothing, having been forced by the French government where they couldn’t even lay anyone off if sales got down where they needed to let some people go in order to continue to make a profit they had been making. So where is this so-calle “world economy”? It doesn’t exist…period. What it is are international companies and U.S. companies move overseas and take advantage of cheap labor and then sell what they make back to their respective countries for their people to be able to buy those products at a cheaper price. The U.S. made a science out of doing this to the point where over 90% of what they make is sold back to the U.S. consumer. They only sell to other countries in competition with European companies making things in those foreign countries as well, and they are all competeing for the same labor pool.

    That is your damn “world economy”. It’s American companies making our consumer products overseas where they are taking advantage of cheap labor with no unions, Social Security, Workman’s Comp., health insurance, income taxes, state taxes, and whatever else the company has to cough up for the high cost of government regulations. That all is pure profit for those companies now, and that is what they are saying is why we are able to buy consumer products so cheaply. Yeah, and I’ll tell you this, it is a lot more profit than they are telling you, I’ll guarantee you that. That is why our stock market is booming so much because the sale of corporate stocks of companies producing overseas it so high, and as new foreign markets open up those companies make more profit raising the value of their stocks. They aren’t making that money off of us, I’ll tell you that.

    If there was a real “world market” we’d be seeing other countries products and companies moving here, and we’d see many, many more foreign products on the shelves besides the same companies products we’ve always seen. There are a few new products from Germany, or some Scandinavian country like some new cookware, but that’s about it. If you go to a electrical supply company to buy, say a switch box, you’ll see it made in some foreign country, maybe China, but you won’t see “Made In U.S.A.” anymore on it. Even that stuff is made outside the U.S..

    We won’t be seeing any of those jobs ever come back to the U.S.. And those were the jobs that built the middle class into the powerhouse social strata they were. You notice I’m using past tence on that class strata. Because the only tiny piece of the middle class that might still survive will be working for the government sooner or later, not for American manufacturing or industrial companies. The only way that a few more people who aren’t working for the government will be working for a American manufacturing company or some American made industry, a industrial company is if some of these newly graduating young people want to start their own company. But that is if we can get a real conservative into the White House and throw out most all the Socialist Democrats, kill off most all the regulations, taxes, especially U.N. treaties that prohibit American companies starting a company that is in conflict with a foreign company making the same thing, and we ought to be because that’s called competition. End Part I.

    1. All makes sense until the argument veers off the road where you lapse into the tired Republican meme:

      “It’s American companies making our consumer products overseas where they are taking advantage of cheap labor with no unions, Social Security, Workman’s Comp., health insurance, income taxes, state taxes, and whatever else the company has to cough up for the high cost of government regulations.”


      Start with, for example, Vietnam where Intel just spent $1billion setting up a new “campus”. A reason for that choice is average annual per capita income of it’s people being $1,200. (US) As a starting point, that’s ruthlessly inexpensive labor to compete with. No? You can slash and burn all you need to argumentatively for the sake of corporations but look, labor here in the US is not going there. The wheels will come off long before that happens. Oh, wait, they’ve begun to wobble and rattle in recent weeks.

      Second, our corporations have $1.4 trillion untaxed parked overseas. It remains untaxed (at 35% capital gains rate) until it is re-repatriated (brought home). Corporations are waiting for their messianic tax-cut to bring it home. I say we remove their incentive to keep it overseas, for example. Remove their incentive to invest that capital in enterprise overseas by completely eliminating the tax-deferment provision. Remind me, what purpose does that provision serve other than corporate profit.

      Contrary to belief systems held by those on the right… there is something of higher priority than corporate profit: like people, as one example.

      1. and as an aside… the rest of the comment’s logic makes near perfect sense. The notion that those jobs never come back is fairly adept.

        The leap into a conclusion that the solution is that US labor agree to compete with foreign labor costs is fatally problematic. Is that the best you can do?

        Your argument’s entire framework about becoming too expensive with social security, workman’s comp, health insurance, etc. assumes an American worker is going to agree to become competitive with workers in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, etc. and in doing so be willing to accept a $100/month salary in order to be competitive.

        I dunno, perhaps the day after the day of the apocalyptic meltdown or something, the same day the corporation is officially declared dead and all corporate assets have been stolen or repatriated. I would assume those two events as needing to be roughly simultaneous timed. Neither seem like a workable solution although the second is not sounding as bad as the first.

  3. Part II

    There is no “world economy”. It doesn’t exist. If it did we’d see foreign companies coming over here to take advantage of American consumers, and we’d see many, many more of their products on the shelves, and maybe even some of their stores here to. There would be more of a somewhat “equal” exchange of foreign companies moving in to fill in the space left by our manufacturing and industrial companies left who moved over to those countries and hired their people. But those countries don’t make anything we’d want. They don’t even make anything their own people wanted. They bought some other countries products and sold them to their people. If those foreign countries our manufacturing and industry’s moved to made something we could buy don’t you think they would have moved here, or set up stores from their countries and sold their products? Of course. But where do you find a Bulgarian washing machine company store that is competeing with Maytag? You don’t. Where are all the European car dealers, and I’m not talking about Audi’s either? Where are the Russian car makers coming here to compete with Chevy? Where’s the Chinese big semi trucks competeing with Freightliner, Mac, White? They’re not to be found. Where are the sewing machine companies from Uganda who’ve set up their stores to compete with Singer? Instead Singer went to Uganda to take advantage of the cheap labor, and no unions. And I don’t really know where Singer makes their machines, I just made that up. But it doesn’t matter because we don’t see all the stores we were promised when NAFTA was signed into law that said under “free trade” all these countries businesses would be pouring in here to our country to set up stores and manufacturing and industrial facilities. That was a lie, and those who cooked up NAFTA knew it. They knew all our companies would leave and millions of American’s would be put permanently out of work. But did they give a damn? Hell no. We’ve been lied to and you are lied to every time your company tells you that they are going to have to cut your pay due to competition with foreign labor and the world economy.

    The only foreign labor you are competing with are the people that your companies competition hired when they moved overseas and your company stayed here in the U.S.. That’s what “foreign labor” you are competing with who are making a dollar an hour compared to your 8, 9. or 10 dollars an hour, union costs, Social Security, Workman’s Comp., health insurance, etc, etc. You are competing with the poor people who were living off of like what Obama’s brother is living off of, a dollar a month in Kenya, and then your company moved there and now they are making a dollar an hour. As far as they are concerned they are now rich because they are making 8 dollars a day now, unless the company is getting the people to work twelve hours a day, in that case they are making 12 dollars a day!

    Do we think we could pay a mortgage on 12 dollars a day in pay working twelve hours a day? Do you think you could afford to buy a new car at 20 thousand dollars with a note about $360 dollars a month? Remember you are only making 360 dollars a month if you were making what some guy in Kenya is making. And since your company had to cut your pay because they now are competing with foreign competition for the same jobs, they can’t afford to keep paying you what you were making.

    End Part II

  4. The word on the street is, “American workers are to expensive to hire.” To expensive?? Let’s see them move here and pay for stuff we have to buy and let’s see them buy a car and pay the note, and let’s see how they like having a $1200 dollar a month mortgage, insurance, life insurance, burial plot, health insurance, Social Security, Federal Taxes, State taxes, sales taxes, the high ass price of gasoline, not to count any maintenance on the car if something goes wrong. And then there’s food!!! Medicine!! And let’s see them have to cough up money to pay doctor’s bills especially if you have a couple of young kids who are sick all the time. Then let’s see if they can live off of twelve dollars a day or something. I don’t care if they are getting three dollars an hour, they still couldn’t pay to live here in America and pay out the butt like we have to just to go get something to eat, and the gas to get to work every day. They’d be screaming for a raise to!!

    The last job I had, I was making $10.98 an hour. That was enough money to pay my $532.00 a month house note. That was back in the late 80’s and 90’s on a $55,000 dollar house at 11.15% interest. Now, I’m disabled and my wife and I moved to my mother-in-law’s house we bought from her. We paid $60,000 for this house, except it wasn’t in very good condition when we bought it, and we bought it “as is” and did all the repairs ourselves. The note is $560 a month including insurance. Not bad by a long shot with the price of houses these days. We watch HGTV and the same age house, this one was built in 1956 are going for $350,000 out in California, and a couple of other places in the country. That is ridiculous!!! That house is not worth that much.

    But here’s what the banks do. In order to get the value of the house up, they sell the house back and forth to other banks and investors to drive the price of the house up every time it changes hands. Everybody wants to make some money off of it so they will add 20 or 30 thousand to the price. And then comes along a young couple to buy the house. Well, the last time it was sold to some bank the asking price was at $275,000. That’s the price the young couple pays for it. You know as well as I do there’s no way that a remodeled bathroom, and maybe some new kitchen cabinets run the price of the house up from $55,000 to $275,000, a increase of $220,000! From where? I’ll tell you where. And you know it wasn’t because someone paid that house off at some time in it’s life. You might come across one that has, but it won’t be $275,000, it’ll be the total of the paid off balance with interest, plus about 33%, and some of the going price of houses like it in the neighborhood. Maybe $150,000-$180,000. Depending on the remodeling that might be okay. But not no $275,000. All that is is greed between bankers and investors trying to drive the profit of investments up artificially so they can get rich quick instead of waiting thirty years for someone to finally pay the house off so you can get to sell it all over again and make somemore profit off it. But now the bankers don’t even wait that long. As soon as you buy the house of your dreams within three months the bank or whoever you bought it from has already sold it. That’s why you start out getting your coupons from your bank, then in about three months you get a letter from somebody you never heard of tells you that they own your home now, and you have to call them to set up payment schedules, and whatnot.

    The only way that people are going to be able to stay in their homes is if the new President is aware of this scam the banks and investors are running with each other and puts a stop to it once and for all!! If the Occupiers are talking about this, they are speaking my language. The banks are the biggest rip offs there are when it comes to home ownership. The other thing that needs to be put to a stop is the scam of “Minimum Daily Balance” accrued on your note. Everytime the banks or anyone does that you got ripped off. That is how you can buy a house for let’s say, like the one my wife and I bought as our first house, for $55,000. If we had paid it off in thirty years(30 years), we would have paid back $130,000 dollars!!! And don’t tell me, “That’s the way it is.”, because that is BS!! There’s no way I could pay that much more back and it be fair to me, and the bank make a decent profit. That’s not a decent profit, that’s almost 140%, not the 11.15% I signed a contract to pay back. 11.15 % is about $6500 for $55,000 loan at 11.15% interest. But!!!!! If you add in the “minimum daily balance” to it over 30 years that’s where you get all that profit the bank makes. Selling homes to people is a racket that needs to be stopped. If we were to pay back only what the interest the loan was for when we bought the house we could pay off the house in 15 years. And then we’d could sell it for what we paid for it and buy another house and maybe some land to. But no!!!! The powers that be don’t want you to do what the Bible tells us to do and that is “Possess The Land!” How can we possess the land if we don’t make enough money to pay the house off in fifteen years so I could go buy another one and some land or just land if all I make is $7 dollars an hour?? You can’t. That’s where they got you by the short hairs.

    End Part III

  5. Anonymous,

    Did you actually think that what I was talking about was that American workers need to start making what the Vietnamese are making? You haven’t gotten to the point of what I’m talking about, yet. Unless you can read between the lines, I’m describing the problem we’re up against. So stop sounding like you are so “enlightened” just because you know somemore parts of the information that I’m talking about, doesn’t mean you know everything I’m talking about. You don’t. You aren’t so enlightened as to assume you have got the “right” figured out, you don’t. There are millions of people who have got it all over liberals like you and that crazed bunch down on Wall Street, the so-called “Occupier’s”. These people are clueless as to what the problem is with companies moving out of the U.S. because most of these people haven’t even looked for work yet to know what is out there and what isn’t.

    I don’t know why you are critisizing me for saying the exact same thing you just got through saying yourself, about Intel building a new campus. What’s the matter with building that new campus here? That’s just my point. The American worker is to expensive for anyone to comtemplate hiring anymore. Okay, ready for Part IV?

  6. What we will have to do is something that a lot of people will think is some sort of weird isolationism or something. No, it’s neither isolation or weird. What we are going to have to do, and just wait for what I’m going to describe before you start yelling, “It can’t ever happen, it can’t ever happen!”, okay?

    What we are going to have to do is completely reform business in America. We are going to have to reform how business is done in America if American’s are going to be able to keep what we’ve got, and not loose it because of some crap the Socialists thought was a good idea, but found that you can’t do that here, and get away with it for long. American’s have worked very hard to have homes, cars, savings accounts for their kids to go to college. That might be an antiqued idea, and it may very well be. But a lot of families are still saving money so that little Bobby and Sally can go to college when they graduate from high school. Why? Because they are their parents children that’s why. And what that means is our parents saved so that we could go to college and we do the same for our kids. And we do that in order to keep America alive and well, successful and prosperous, safe and secure. Those things may be something left over from the past, but there actually are people who still believe that America is the greatest nation on the Earth, including myself. But I’m not naive.

    What used to be has come and gone. I doubt that any of that will come back. If it does it will be possibly 50 or 75 years from now. Why so long into the future? Because it may take that long to undo what has taken 50+ years for the Socialist/Communists to do to us in order to take this nation down. But you know what? America and the idea of it is to precious to let be destroyed by the likes of liberals, Socialists, Communists, Muslims, or anyone else who thinks that something as powerful as this nation once was is something they can’t let live because it stops what they want, and what they want is control of the whole world. Well, we don’t want control of the world, we just want control of America.

    What will have to be done in order for America to survive into the future so that those generations will have something left of the original to rebuild on is to have every price, profit, cost, to go back to where it was in the 60’s! Everything! Gasoline? $.38 a gallon. Housing? Three bedroom, two bath, garage, 1500 sp. ft. $20,000. New car? I’m going to make an exception with my numbers here and bump it up to $3,000. If you can find a newspaper from the 60’s you’d be surprised how high some stuff was. But that was new technology electronics, and appliances. Cars weren’t as high as a new sterio was going for. And it was even higher in the 70’s. A new Tech reel to reel four head studio quality tape player was $5-700 dollars. Back then that was about six months work, or longer if you made less. But food and other stuff was cheap, cheap, cheap.

    The banks could just forget all those big buck profits they’ve been making all these years, that would be gone, but people would be buying houses like pancakes, buying cars, buying washing machines. American manufacturing would be popping up all over the place. Hell, we might have to start building new oil refineries to handle all the demand again.

    What America needs is to renew the American spirit again, but not at rinky-dink houses built in the 1940’s going for $400,000 because no one is going to make that much money anymore.

    When someone in our government decided to kill off the middle class, the way they were going to do it was to transfer the American economy from a manufacturing/industrial based economy to a service based economy, that was the end of the middle class. The middle class was built on new manufacturing and new industrial plants that sprang up after WWI when we discovered that we could build tanks and planes, and guns, and ships real fast and good. Right after that was when America took off and the companies that supplied the war materials began to supply the materials for the homemaker, factory worker, and farmer. Tank makers were making tractors to plow the land. And the American farmer discovered that he could out grow what he thought was possible to provide food for our fighting men in Europe. So when the war was over he kept up his production and American’s had more to eat than ever before. The middle class took off like a shot. That is what needs to be done again except we’re not going to be able to do it at the prices things are at now. Those prices are going to have to fall like a rock.

    And I’m not talking about every business going out of business in the process either. What they are going to have to get used to is making less profits, but making them up some in volume of sales. Business used to be based on this. You didn’t gauge the hell out of the customer just so you could make a huge profit because you didn’t know how much longer you were going to be in business. You believed that as long as you kept your prices low, and service good, people would be back to buy more. American business used to be based on this system. But not now. American business is cut throat, stab you in the back, cut your head off, cut you off at the knees, and any other cliche you want to use to describe ripping people off. We’re going to have to get used to making less but selling more.

    But if people don’t have those high paying jobs anymore, how are they going to be able to buy all this cheap stuff? Well, that’s just it. Those high paying jobs are gone forever to, and they won’t be back. But low paying jobs will be here, and all you want. But it’s back to what I was talking about in part II and part III with the costs so high, and pay not enough if we are to be trying to compete with foreign workers. We may have to make less if we are going to be able to live like America used to be. If service jobs is all there is going to be, then we can forget making the big money we used to make. Those jobs will be leaving soon and they won’t be coming back either. Do you actually think Ford Motor Company is going to hire all these people? You are in La-La land if you think that is true. If Ford is getting all this money from Obama then I’ll tell you what they are going to do with it, and that is they are moving all the rest of their manufacturing to Mexico. They said so some years ago when they announced they were going to be laying off 41,000 people and shut down American plants. Well where would we get Fords if they went out of business? They’re not going out of business, they’re just moving their business outside of the U.S..

    I’ve got to go, but you get the idea. American business will have to cut prices and profits in order to come more in line with the new wages American’s are going to be making, like, 6, 7, dollars an hour and the most 8 dollars an hour. You can’t buy things at the price they are at now if things don’t go way, way, way down. The new America. Along with the lowering of prices will come no more high Wall Street profits like there are today, they will be gone forever. Gone will be the high anything that we see today, along with the high money the government has been taken in for the past three decades. That will be much, much, much lower. We will have the small government our Constitution calls for.

    End Part IV

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