Another Speech to Grow the Economy: You’re Welcome!

The President graced America with another campaign speech from the White House Thursday morning, and this time he took questions.  There was nothing surprising about Obama’s speech.  There was no new information or provoking thought.  It was simply a rehash, not much more than taking all the key words from previous speeches and stringing them together – millionaires and billionaires, fair share, pass this bill, teachers, construction workers, Japanese tsunami, previous administration,etc.  He actually did add two new buzzwords – independent economists.  Yes, Obama wants the hateful Republicans who refuse to pass his totally coherent and viable “jobs” bill to offer their own plan to review by “independent economists”, because “independent economists” all agree that the “jobs” bill is the best thing ever and will heal America’s economy for all time, forever and ever; plus, “independent economists” think Obama is just the bees knees.  He’s super-awesome, super-concerned about the middle class, super-compassionate and super-smart. If Republicans would just get off their high horses and ask “independent economists” , they would understand that.

Obama’s comments were brief and unsurprising.  He spent most of this presser taking questions from the peanut gallery…oops…White House press corp.  For the most part, the reporters at the White House simply confirmed what most Americans already know – they are completely complicit in this administration’s failures and the Democrat party in general.  For all the scandals and lunacy coming out of the White House in recent weeks, the amount of softball questions thrown at Obama was staggering.  Each question seemed to have no other purpose than to allow the President to spout off another round of key words problems and remedies.  Only one reporter (thank you Jake Tapper) asked a question about Solyndra and Fast & Furious and it was barely probing in any way.  It was more of a “can you please explain why unknown entities in the far,far reaches of your administration keep trying to circumvent your awesomeness with these bad decisions” sort of question.  Something like that.  In nearly an hour of questioning, only two reporters actually dared to ask real questions that required real answers.  Perhaps the most revealing was from CBS’ Bill Plante, who asked the President if being in constant campaign mode and blaming Republicans for everything was productive.  It was the one illuminating moment of the entire presser.  The question sent Obama into a tail spin almost immediately.  He seemed angry and lost, stammering his way through a barely coherent answer that included a lot of “uh”s and “I”s and glares.  Its a good thing that the white-haired Mr. Plante seems to be closer to the end of his career than the beginning, because he will never be allowed to address the President again.  BO was PO’d and the mood permeated the remainder of the presser.  His stammering only became worse, and his defensiveness was almost uncomfortable to witness.  It is clear why Obama’s handlers don’t allow him to answer more questions during his speeches.  Off the teleprompter Obama is unprepared, rambling and clearly unused to facing anything but glowing admiration and worship from those in front of him.

The presser lasted for over an hour.  Most of that time was filled with softball questions from “journalists” and Obama’s key-word answers.  Here are a few highlights from Obama’s checklist:

-the Japanese tsunami really put a damper on the roaring economic recovery.  Water in Japan will do that.

-the “Jobs Bill” is paid for, but in order to pay for it, we need a new national surtax (yeah, wrap your head around that one!)

-millionaires and billionaires need to start paying their fair share.  Its not fair to poor people that the top 50% of Americans pay 99% of the taxes.

-Occupy Wall Street crowd are simply “frustrated” citizens exercising their freedom to assemble and express their disappointments with Congress and cheating, stinking corportations.  Unlike the tea partiers, who are nothing more than racist, anarchist, violent sons-of-bitches.

-government must enact regulation in order to foster competition among businesses.  Solyndra?

-“folks” who are doing the right thing are frustrated because they are not rewarded while those who do the wrong things are rewarded heavily.  Solyndra?

-Obama has been “very clear” regarding Solyndra and Fast & Furious and has full confidence in Attorney General Holder.  Is that clear?

-Solyndra predates Obama, so stop asking about it! Bush did it! Hopefully you won’t check to see that Bush rejected the loan.  That’s not part of the campaign platform.

-Obama understood when making green energy loans that some would fail.  Americans should be comforted to know he willingly wasted billions of their tax dollars in surefire failures.  What a guy!

-Obama doesn’t understand why banks would react to Dodd-Frank by adding fees to make up for the losses imposed by the law.  Clearly banks hate the middle class.  And Barack Obama.

–construction workers and teachers.

-a huge part of a stable economy is buying things and selling things.  Those words were actually spoken out loud by our President. This just in:  water is wet.

-Obama wants reporters to do their homework regarding evil Republican stalwarting.  Also, eat their peas and take off their bedroom slippers.

The President ended by saying he would love for Congress to pass his tax, er…”Jobs” Bill so he didn’t have to campaign against a do-nothing Congress in the next year; admitting that his strategy would be to campaign against Congress instead of on his own record.  Inspired yet? No?  Well, maybe it will just take some more speeches.  Not to worry, America may be poor in jobs, money and progress, but we are rich in speeches! Stay tuned…

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  1. Rich in speeches, well said Kira! When the unemployed people in this country have to chose between heating or food this winter, I do not think they will be very impressed with Obama’s promise of lots more speeches if Congress does not pass his jobs bill right now!

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