R.I.P. Marine Corps – November 10, 1775 – September 20, 2011

For almost 236 years, the United States Marines has served our country with valor, honor, perseverance and clarity of goal – to preserve and protect the great nation known as the United States and all that live within her. Their heroism is legendary, first in, last to leave. Grunts, jarheads – terms we use affectionately, yet they describe the often unbelievable working conditions and sacrifices these men and women have made throughout the young history of our Republic.

Sadly, today marks a pivotal day in the history of the Corps as well as the other braches of our military. As of 12:01 this morning, the U.S. military officially lifted its ban on homosexuals serving openly in the armed forces

Is the Marine Corps now defunct? No. Will it collapse overnight? No. Will it (and the other forces) cease to be the most powerful in the world? Probably not. Will their efficiency, numbers and dependability fall off because of this? Perhaps – and that is what is of great concern.

There are scarce few, who have opposed homosexuals serving in the military, that would argue that they can’t do as good of job as heterosexuals or that they don’t have a right to defend their country. This isn’t the point.

We live in a society where being counter-culture or going against the norm has not only become popular, but militant. Contrary to rhetoric, atheists have always had the right to be atheists, but it has only been recently that they have begun to beat us over the head with it. The same can be said for certain sects of homosexuals who insist on forcing it onto the public (when most REALLY don’t care one way or another) and insist that we “accept” it as just another “normal” lifestyle.

Aside from the fact that homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom is contrary to the procreation of the species, it also is contrary to most of the belief systems of the world. Does our 1st amendment protect the minority? Yes, but one must ask if this protection extends to those who are minority by choice and at this point there is nothing to suggest that homosexuality is a genetic certainty. In essence, it is a choice. We could argue that for a long time – let’s get back to the military implications.

Military experts will tell you that the way to keep casualties down in a conflict is to not just defeat your opponent, but to basically kick the crap out of them in the fastest time possible. The widely lampooned term, “shock and awe” is quite accurate. This is how you get an enemy that swore that we would “swim in our own blood”, to surrender to the nearest camera crew, like what happened in the gulf wars. A fighting force that is just barely the best is going to have a long, protracted, bloody war with their adversary. The body count inevitably will skyrocket.

So it is not enough that we are better than the next guy, it is enough only when we are the best we can possibly be. In other words, if you can’t fully trust the guy in the foxhole with you, more people will die. This may or may not end up being significant in terms of this issue, but consider the cost of being wrong.

The other factor is that of the military being used as a social experiment. Imagine how shocked you may have been after seeing Top Gun in the late 80’s, running out and joining the service for all the wonderful work and educational experience (which is indeed wonderful), only to find out that when crackpots like Saddam Hussein pop up, you may actually have to go to war. Would you find great solace in knowing that your military had been sensitive and politically correct to all of the small, yet noisy minority (by choice) groups out there or the fact that you and the men and women around you had been trained with the best techniques, best instructors and best resources to insure the best possible condition for your safety and the success of the mission at hand?

For as much as the PC crowd has tried to “normalize” it, sexual preference continues to be a deeply dividing issue in the country – and the military. Granted, putting a death date on the Marine Corps at the top of this article was used as an attention getter. The U.S. military is FAR from deceased, but history may show this to be a turning point – good or bad. Only time with tell.

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One Comment

  1. My father served in WW2 as a Marine Platoon Sgt in the 6th Division. I am so glad that he is not alive to see what Obama has done with his proud Marines.

    Spiritually, we’re done as a nation. God will not support a nation that flaunts it’s sins so arrogantly not expecting Him to do something about it. God owns this planet and the people on it. His chastising will be painful for this once proud nation under God.

  2. Not so fast, Brian Cook. I would agree with everything you say if,

    – Not a single gay person died fighting for America.
    – Not a single white marble cross stood over the grave of a gay person in our national cemeteries.
    – Not a single gay person killed the enemy.
    – Not a single gay person loved this country enough to die for it, giving me my freedom.
    – Not a single gay person loved my country as much as I love it.
    – Not a single gay person jumped on a grenade to save the life of his brothers-in-arms.

    I, like you, never asked gays to fight for their place in society. I, like you, wished they would have stayed in the closet for all eternity, because personally I don’t believe government should decide human relationships. The entire issue for me is just plain silly. Who should stand up for the right to pursue a human relationship of their own making?

    To every gay person who seeks validation, you now have it. And this will only strengthen our military as they continue to serve with honor.

  3. Max,

    This isn’t about whether they are worthy to wear the uniform or whether they already have. This is about whether the current culture of not just being homosexual, but being openly homosexual is going to have an impact of troop morale and cohesiveness. Maybe, maybe not. Again time will tell. Fifty years from now, when I am 75 (not) and our troops are stronger than ever, then great!

    What REALLY worries me is the impact of MILITANT homosexuality on the military (no pun intended). What happens when the first fraternizing case comes up and the militant homosexual community screams discrimination? Will the military backpedal to avoid looking like gay bashers? What kind of toll will THAT take on morale?

    1. “This is about whether the current culture of not just being homosexual, but being openly homosexual is going to have an impact of troop morale and cohesiveness. Maybe, maybe not.”

      God forbid we tolerate openly heterosexuals.

      “What REALLY worries me is the impact of MILITANT homosexuality on the military (no pun intended). What happens when the first fraternizing case comes up and the militant homosexual community screams discrimination?”

      Gee, I don’t know. Do you think that maybe there are already thousands of fraternization cases standing as legal precedent? All members of the armed services, regardless of sexual orientation, are subject to the same UCMJ. If that’s your biggest worry, well I’d say you’re grasping at straws.

  4. I went into the Army in July 1966. At that time America was still a moral nation, but was already showing signs of cracks in it’s foundation. But it still believed that the military, and especially the combat skills were no place for homosexuals. Maybe they got in and were able to keep it under raps and became a clerk or something like that where their emotions wouldn’t be put on the line every second of every day, and they could be gay and probably get away with it. But in 1966 if it were found that you were a homosexual, they kicked you out of the service. And the reason being was that it was additional unnecessary stress on troops to know that some guy in the shower was more interested in you butt than to be minding their own business. That the guy next to you in combat might be more prone to cracking under the strain because he was to worried about his lover over in the next foxhole, than keeping his eyes open to the front. That just the disgust that moral people feel when someone is known as psychologically unstable is going to be working on your wounds on the battlefield, or is going to flying the helicopters that will be coming to pick you up and more than likely will be under heavy fire when they come in. It’s morally offensive to a Christian for homosexuals to force their way into being a socially acceptable lifestyle choice that is claimed to be just as good as the Christian’s. That is stupid to think that, but that is liberalism’s moral equilivantcy they put on our society and make us feel guilty if we don’t accept it as being right.

    Well, it’s not right and it’s not alright for homosexuals to be anywhere other than under psychiatric treatment. In 1963 when liberals forced the Supreme Court to remove homosexuality and lesbianism off the list of psychiatric illnesses was when homosexuals were given the same rights as the rest of us who are normal, and moral, and believe what the Holy Bible teaches us that homosexuality is a abomination. But since liberals hate the Bible and what it teaches we have THIS.

    I have also heard that guys who would have reupped by now, have put it off, and have decided to leave the service, because they refuse to serve with queers. And if there was any way for liberalism/Socialism/Marxism to destroy our military, this is it. Liberals hate our military just like they hate America’s moral past, and what is supposed to be this nations foundation, the very thing that is the glue that holds this nation together, and that is our religious base. Without it, the nation will be taken over by despots and moral deficiants who have neither the moral compass that is needed to make decisions based on prayful thought, nor the kinds of decisions that will feed the people’s spiritual needs as well as their physical needs.

    1. Very fortunately your attidudes are dying out. You, nor anyone for that matter, gets to decide human morality. Your arrogant stance places “your kind” above “those kind.” And before you get all high and mighty about how superior christianity is, tell that to the tens of thousands of native american indians exterminated by manifest destiny.

      How you treat a homosexual is how you treat yourself. We are all humans, and your hatred of “human expressions” contrary to your own make you less than human.

  5. See, all the way back to the 60’s the left forced upon us the notion that all our morality wasn’t necessary in order to have a good country. Liberals believed that more than anything our morality got in the way of fair treatment of people who were different from the rest of us. They claimed that Christian’s were the ones who had been driving racism and discremination of Blacks, as they claimed that Blacks weren’t worthy of consideration as having the same rights as White people because they were to primitive and backward, even more so than the American Indians. Liberals claimed that White discremination was what was keeping Blacks down and did not allow them to be able to access the same things that could be a way for them to have a better life.

    But what liberals didn’t tell you was that the Amansipation Proclamation, and the 14th Amendment gave Blacks the same rights as everyone in America. They could buy land, they could conduct legal affairs, they could vote, their kids were legal citizens even if born overseas, and could work anywhere they wanted, be married in a church, and all the rest. That’s the reason why most White people didn’t understand what liberals were trying to do with Blacks. What liberals were trying to do was to eliminate human behavior through the court system, and government legislation, telling White people that they couldn’t treat Blacks less than how they would treat another White person when it came to jobs, property, education, being able to sit down at a counter in a cafe and order food and be able to eat it right there, and sit in a bus where ever they wanted.

    When all the Black Rights protests and legislation and court trials were over and Blacks were allowed to access main stream society liberals were bombarded by homosexuals who claimed that they were just as discreminated against by White people as Blacks were, and demanded the same representation and rights as the Blacks just got. So liberals had to go back to the courts and the legislatures and start over again on seeing to it that White’s were made to feel guilty enough….again, so that since all the judges were White, and the legislators were White, they were going to have to include in their guilt, homosexuals and lesbian’s to.

    And after all that Whites had already gone through with Blacks they had to go through with homosexuals. We got all the same protest marches, demonstrations, parades, people making scenes in court rooms, banners hung from buildings and the whole nine yards. And they won their rights just like Blacks got a year after the Supreme Court ruled Blacks had the same right’s as Whites, homosexuals had those right’s as well.

    And now we see liberalism in it’s true image and that is, they never were satisfied with everyone they represented getting the same rights as these conservative, Christian, White people. What they really want is for White people to be fundementally changed in their souls where they won’t ever think ill of another person for the rest of time…..human nature is what liberals are after. They want to be the ones who mold and shape human nature. Not God, not the Bible, not religion, not spiritual things will ever be applied to how a person turns out. This is what liberals are after, the very thing that makes us human. And if we were created in God’s image, so are we directed in the way God wants us to go according to how He has written in His word, the Holy Bible, then we have the right to make those decisions on our own as God has given each one of us a “free will” so that we can choose right from wrong. Liberals want to remove God in how human’s are because they believe He was wrong in how we turned out. Liberals don’t even care about any of that, they just want control over our society because after all liberalism is Socialism is Communism. And that is what has happened to our military.

    1. What a bunch of garbage. The truth is liberals took up the gay cause, not to force the lifestyle on all of humanity, but to give this lifestyle a seat at the table.

      They still don’t have that seat, not until Gay marriage becomes law, and silly backwards people (like you) are outnumbered by “humanity.”

  6. Steven, what you are saying is typical liberal moral equivilentcy, “my stand is just as good as your stand” crap! We are challeged by God to be better than we were yesterday. And are Christian’s better than your typical homosexual? Yes. And do you know why we are? Because we are free to be so, that’s why. We are free NOT to be like homosexuals or lesbians and end up dieing with AIDS, okay? I don’t want to be in sick sexual relationships like the kind we find those boys or men involved in. We believe that sort of behavior is morally wrong. If you don’t believe that people should have a moral stand on things that HISTORY has shown to be destructive to society, then that is your problem and not the rest of society’s.

    America used to banish homosexuals from being able to access main stream society because America used to be more moral than it is now because of the destruction of our society by liberals guilt trip they have put on anyone who would dare say anything about so-called “gays” that sounded unkind, or in the mind of a liberal, “hateful”. That is why so-called “hate crimes” were created and that was to keep White, Christian’s mouths shut up so that they could not be allowed their free speech right to critisize men who were making homosexuals out of boys. As if that is a good thing. Do you believe that turning boys into homosexuals is a good thing, Steven, and that doing something as sick as that is equal to how a Christian man relates to a boy telling him that doing things like that is wrong? If you follow liberal equivilentcy, then you would. Do you believe that it’s a good thing or that it’s just as right for lesbian to have access to the girls gym class as a gym teacher, and we know what happends in that situation with all the women who are in jail for what they did, and that that same kind of thing should happen to a Christian woman to telling some girl about Jesus?

  7. What ended up as an attack on mostly White, conservative, Christian’s, liberals used the courts to do something the government nor the courts had any authority to do and that was to dictate morality. The government doesn’t have the right to tell people how to act towards each other. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights does that. We have the right to decide if we want to teach our children, our son’s that is morally wrong to touch another boy’s private parts. That was how our society used to be directed, and guided. And that was according to what we were taught by the Bible as how we were to act towards other people, no matter how you say, are different from us. Difference has nothing to do with how society was organized, and was not the reason why most everyone at one time, treated homosexuals in this society. It was what they were doing that we knew was destructive to our moral foundation, and how people in our society disiplined itself, and how that disipline was used towards people who were doing things, and were involved in relationships, and were doing things in those relationships that we believed was morally wrong.

    We used to have the right to make moral decisions towards certain kinds of behavior of certain kinds of people in our society. We lost that right when liberals took those issues to courts and our governments Congress and Senate and FORCED our society to be IMMORAL. See, what happened? When you are a moral person and somebody comes along and says they don’t like the way you are thinking about some other person who is acting in a way that you believe is morally wrong, and then that person, in actuality, sues you for taking a moral stand against another person’s behavior which you believe is morally wrong, and they get a judge to pass a opinion that you can’t take that moral stand against someone who may be behaving in a way that you believe is morally wrong. In that the person who believe’s they have the right to take a moral stand against someone who they believe is behaving in a immoral manner, now does not have that right anymore and must accept that other person’s behavior is just as moral as your behavior by not doing those things that other person is doing.

    White, conservative, Christian’s right to direct this society according to the Bible, and that that right cannot be infringed by government, which is our Constitutional right and responsibility was taken away from us by liberals insisting that their stand that a man can do whatever he wants anywhere at anytime, and that man has just as much right to do those things he wants to do as White, conservative, Christian’s. And White, conservative, Christian’s don’t have the right to direct how society is anymore. That court did not have the authority to take those rights from us due to the fact that the Constitution protects our right to have a moral society if that is the way that most people accept is okay with them. And that is the way is should be, that if most people in this society agree that conservative, Christian’s can direct and guide this society according to the Holy Bible, then according to the Constitution, no one has the right to take that right away from us. If we say that homosexual behavior is wrong, and is destructive to our military, then no one has the right to say otherwise so long as most people in our society agrees that keeping homosexuals out of the military is okay with them. And what would be that convincing factor is they agree with where we get our authority and not what the courts say, or what the government says should be no matter who pays the bills. It’s the beliefs of the men and women who are joining the military who want it to be like they agree it should be based, morally. If they believe that it should follow the same moral stand that the rest of society is, then that’s the way it should be.

    Now, that should clear up any questions that liberals have about what and how American society should be. It is the right of the people to decide how our society is structured, not the courts, and not the government. It’s because the Constitution gives those rights to the people, and not anything else. Liberals stepped out of bounds in forcing American’s to accept immoral behavior because they claimed it was the right of people to act any way they want. Yeah, that’s true, but they must also be willing to pay the societal price for behaving that way to. And that is what liberals wanted to destroy. And that is why homosexual behavior is destructive to civil society.

  8. When Christian’s ran (so to speak) the society, most all American’s believed that it was okay with them that our society was directed and guided by what was taught in the Bible. And in the Bible there were penaties for behaving in certain ways, and one of those penalties for behaving in a way that was homosexual, was that you couldn’t be in the military. If you wanted to behave as a homosexual then you had to understand that if you displayed homosexual behavior in public, and were caught by the police, which also was directed and guided by Christian teachings, you would be arrested. It was against the standard by which society was structured that dictated that anyone who displayed homosexual behavior openly in society would be arrested and charged with violating societal rules and laws. That is why homosexual behavior was on the list of psychiatric illnesses so that when a person committed a crime and it was found that this person was driven to commit that crime because they were homosexual, the defendant was allowed to go to a mental institution for treatment to see if they could be turned from their homosexual behavior. Being a homosexual was considered a mental illness when America had a moral foundation that guided society. But when that law was challenged by liberal lawyers their arguement was that society shouldn’t have the right to define what was acceptable behavior and what wasn’t. After some time the Supreme Court finally relented and decided in favor of the lawyers for the homosexuals and lesbian’s. They were able to gain the right to access main stream society which removed certain penalties for that kind of behavior, and that’s when they were allowed to join the military, after some more fighting it out in court. But they were finally allowed to join but there was a requirement put on that right. What was required was they couldn’t tell anyone that they were homosexual, and that was so that it wouldn’t upset anyone who disagreed with that kind of behavior, and believed that those people were mentally ill. But also when certain penalties were removed from the direction and guidance of our society, it opened the door to all kinds of perversions to also be allowed to be in main stream society as well.

    See, what Marxism does in destroying civil society is they force the allowance of perverted sexual behaviors. This is just like giving drugs to a drug addict, it just makes the drug addict worse. Communism has used this ploy in taking over every country they have taken over, and that is by allowing the people the right to let loose their sexual sicknesses and then challenge the people who claim they are moral to accept their behavior. It doesn’t even matter if people are moral, liberals enjoy forcing Christian’s to have to hire homosexuals to work in their offices because the government has overstepped their bounds of authority by making the church accept immoral people to be able to answer the phone at the church office, and there’s nothing the church can do about it.

    The same thing about the military. Liberals have forced the people to accept sexual perversions and accept those people into the military just like they were just as normal and a accessable candidate for training just as if they were as normal as anyone who was not homosexual. This is wrong, and should not be tolerated anymore. But Communist have done what they always do when they are trying to tear down the civility in a society they are trying to self destruct itself, and that is what we find here with “open” homosexual behavior being allowed to be displayed in military settings. What do you think will happen when moral men and women have had enough of having to see that sort of stuff going on out in the open.

    Moral society was kept clean by Christian ethics being what was what guided the policies, practices, and proceedures in how society was policed. That is how our society was controled when people went into “public”. When you were in “public” you put on your best behavior because you never knew who would be watching you for an example of how a person should act. You were supposed to be the kind of example for others to follow. When foreigners came here to visit, and were walking around in some town, they saw how nice people were and there was nothing out of the ordinary going on out on the street that was offensive to them. That is how things used to be. And if you did behave in a way that society frowned on there were penalties for behaving that way.

    But now, we see what liberalism has done to our once moral society, and that is they have forced our society to act immoral. When foreigners walk around our streets now, what do they see? When people who may not have had any experience with homosexuals and join our military, what are they going to see now?

  9. Steven says that he doesn’t believe that one group should have say so over the morality of another group. Well, Steven you obviously don’t know anything about other cultures in other countries around the world. Steven, they are ALL like that! America is that exception where one group, in this case the Christian’s, does not dictate what is tolerated in all other groups in this society. See, you obviously are a homosexual and cannot accept the fact that you believe that you don’t need morality to function in this society. And that is the way it is now, Steven. And obviously you don’t know anything about true Christian’s. We don’t look down on homosexuals. What we expect of homosexuals, Steven is that they understand that their chosen lifestyle is destructive to civil society, and spread perversion like a disease, because anything outside of the kind of relationship that is discribed in the Bible is that only healthy relationships that can be accepted by a moral society. That means that in order to be accepted by the rest of society groups who want to go against what is considered “normal” will have certain consequenses if they try to display their perversion in public. You understand that what you want to do in the privacy of your own home, that is your business. But don’t expect that you can bring that filth out into public and think that it’s going to be okay, because it’s not. At one time in this country people would say something to you about what you were doing and say it in such a critical way as to embarrass you about what you were doing. And that’s what needs to be done to you and that is you need to be embarrassed by people in public every time you think that what you are doing is okay. As long as people were not afraid to say something then American society could stay moral.

    But as soon as liberals started forcing law makers to make law that took those rights away from people, those law makers violated our Constitutional rights to keep our society moral by not allowing perverts to show people, and especially children their sick perversion out in public. Steven, I don’t have as many rights as you do now. Your group tells my group what we can do now. So what were you saying about one group telling another group how moral they can be? I think you need to take a look at what being a homosexual means in America now. You are the ones who dictate what morality in this society is. And it’s sick. You are the reason why Muslims hate this nation and want to destroy it. And they want to destroy it so that it can’t infect the rest of the world with it’s homosexuality and lesbianism, and sexual perversions that they believe have spread all over the world from the United States. Muslims hate this country because we are so free that we allow sick people to show their sick homosexuality in public. In their country that sort of thing is prohibited. And, no, Christianity is not like Islam, as a matter of fact it’s quite different. Because we feel for the people and hate the disease of sexual perversions that has been presented to man as a strong temptation. And many fall for it, as most all sexual perversions are.

    But Steven when Christian’s dictated the morality in America is wasn’t like this was prude-ville. It wasn’t like we all walked around with stiff white collars on or something. It wasn’t like we were back in the puritan days or something, but what we wanted children and young people to understand was that there was a appropriate way to touch the opposite sex and inappropriate ways to touch the opposite sex. As I understand that these days oral sex isn’t even considered having sex, and young people do it all the time. I am not out of touch with what kids do these days, I’m trying to be polite, and that is something else that liberals have removed from our society and that is common politeness, where children are taught to say, “Excuse me.” or “I’m sorry.”, and “Yes, sir”, or “No mam”. Just general politeness, and respect.

    If we are to get America back to a time when it was moral, people like Steven are going to have to be convinced that Christian’s are not some kind of prudes who will have them wearing stiff white collars in public. That what we want is for people to have something more than the court to decide what is moral and what is not. And yes Steven, our group DOES have the right to tell other groups how moral they should be, and when they are not, we decide what punishments they will suffer, and at one time homosexuals could not join the military if they believed that their sexual preference held a higher place than what moral society believed homosexuality was. And the reason why was so that our future generations would grow up to understand that the morality of our Constitution was based on the Holy Bible and our leaders are guided by God. Liberals who are promoting homosexuals holding equal place as everyone else in society do not believe that society should be ruled by the Constitution because they don’t believe in God as the guide, because they don’t believe in God. Liberals who promote homosexuals in our society don’t want to be told that what they are doing is immoral, or that God looks at what they are doing as sin. They don’t want to be reminded that they are committing sin by being homosexuals.

    And Steven, when you refer to what I’m talking about as “my kind are dying out” , you are refering to 70% of the American public who believe as I do. We will never accept homosexuality as anything other than what it is. And we will never allow you or homosexuals to be “married” as we are married because to allow that would be an insult to God’s law and what He has commanded for man and woman. For homosexuals to be married would be to denounce ten thousand years of human history where every society has recognized marrage as one man and one woman. And liberals think they have to right to change ten thousand years of human history just to make sure homosexuals can join the military and have the right to be openly “gay” in public. You will find out people are disgusted by your behavior.

  10. And to close this responce on this important issue, I am not attacking anyone. What we have is a lack of understanding from one group of people who believe that their sexual preference is like making them akin to a separate race of people they are so different from everyone else. They aren’t that different, they are just sick and need help. But liberals are always looking for people who are weak minded so much so that they believe they can’t defend themselves. Liberals are like Muslims. The only time you see them is when someone wants their weakness protected so they don’t have to face themselves and change. They fear change that would make them a better person, and an asset to society. They misunderstand people like myself and want to attack people who want them to make something better of themselves and they don’t want me to believe that all they need is help and liberals aren’t the ones who really want to help them. Liberals hate homosexuals, Blacks, working people, people who are self made millionaires who worked hard for what they have, and anyone who believes that our Constitutional laws are to be obeyed and not ignored or demonized for what liberals believe are racist and discreminating. Homosexuals who are now able to be open in their perversion while in military uniform, act like they are finally home and are being treated like they believe they should be. I am told that homosexuals believe the only thing that will make them “equal” with what Christian’s dictate as decent is being given the “right” to marry like normal people do. So let me ask homosexuals this, when was any liberal satisfied with all the rights, freedoms, and money that has been taken from other people and given to those liberals claim still haven’t been treated fairly and have equality? The answer to that question is NEVER!!

    That’s right. Liberals will never be satisfied with taking all the rights, freedoms, and money from those they believe owe society something for the crimes of racism and discremination they have put upon others that they didn’t believe deserved those things. Except liberals have been given, and given, and given and they are never satisfied. And the reason why is what they really want is total control over people’s lives and livlihoods. Until that happens liberals will continue to act like they have gotten nothing.

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