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Barack Obama Hearts "The Buffett Rule" to Raise Taxes

In a move that shows how desperate the Obama clan is to retain power in the 2012 elections, Obama has announced what he refers to as, “The Buffett Rule” where he proposes that the rich pay their fair share of taxes, as in when Warren Buffett told the nation that rich people like him would be willing to pay more taxes.. The ever-present cry to tax the rich more has been a Liberal Progressive motto since the days of President Wilson when communism involving the central governmental takeover of the free enterprise system was actually outlawed in the United States of America. “We the people” does not mean we the government, as it is stated in the U.S. constitution. A White House official confirmed the president will unveil the plan Monday at the White House as part of a broad proposal with recommendations aimed at deficit reduction. ( through Marxist wealth redistributive policies = higher taxes for all )

To the common working folks struggling to feed their families and pay their bills during the current progressive recession, the Tax the Rich soundbite always carries with it a certain amount of appeal, until they actually discover the fact that taxing businesses more leads to increases in the prices of the everyday things that the working man has to pay for just to survive. Small businesses in America making over 200 grand are also now considered to be rich according to today’s progressive administration. There will be a lot of hope and change voters getting a huge reality check in the very near future when they see their paychecks buying less and less due to big government expansion of power at the expense of the free enterprise system. History has proven this time and time again.

The Buffett Rule proves to be nothing more than the ultimate case of hypocritical tax dodgers becoming Obama spokesmen telling working Americans to pay more taxes, as in Billionaire tax dodging hypocrite Mr. Warren Buffett, who is currently involved in an almost a decade-long battle to……NOT PAY HIS FAIR SHARE of TAXES. That’s right, Warren Buffett is not up to date in paying his fair share of taxes, but this hypocrite can join Barack Obama in telling everyone else to pay more taxes. The Blaze came out with the following all inclusive headline: Obama Supporter Warren Buffett’s Co. Hasn’t Paid Some Taxes Since 2002 Be advised, when we see Barack Obama calling for “The Buffett Rule” you can bet he has already given the order for the IRS to settle with Buffett on his Income Tax evasions cases since 2002 right away to avoid folks like us here at CDN pointing out these facts. The above-linked The Blaze article references the New York Post piece that should really get your blood boiling:

The New York Post explains:

That’s right: As Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson notes, the company openly admits that it owes back taxes since as long ago as 2002.

“We anticipate that we will resolve all adjustments proposed by the US Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) for the 2002 through 2004 tax years … within the next 12 months,” the firm’s annual report says.

It also cites outstanding tax issues for 2005 through 2009

Mr. Buffett proves to be the ultimate in hyperbole-hypocrites here, when he tells Americans that they should pay more in taxes, while he himself has spent millions of dollars in tax litigation to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. Amazing isn’t it? Progressives have a very long history of saying one thing in public, while actually doing the opposite in private. The New York Post summed up this blatant pattern of progressive propagandist hypocrisy:

Obvious question: If Buffett really thinks he and his “mega-rich friends” should pay higher taxes, why doesn’t his firm fork over what it already owes under current rates?

Likely answer: He cares more about shilling for President Obama — who’s practically made socking “millionaires and billionaires” his re-election theme song — than about kicking in more himself.

While Obama recently drew up a doomed-to-fail stimulus 3.0 that he likes to call The American Jobs Act, “The Buffett Rule” tax increases will be in addition to the tax hikes that will hit Americans via the stealth tax hikes inherent in Obama-care,through The Jobs Act, and through the so-called super debt committee grand bargain. Big government loves bigger government in which they have the power to tax the hell out of the American people through hypocritical propagandists such as Warren Buffett and the Obama administration using the media to manipulate the uninformed masses.. That method of operation is at the root of the failed radical Marxist/Socialist policies that will lead to widespread poverty and the total loss of American freedom and liberty through the collapse of the free enterprise system.

Instead of “The Buffett Rule” we the people should be demanding “The Buffett Law” where felony income tax evasion demands prison time and huge fines. Maybe that would shut Mr. Buffett up once and for all. At least it would give him his wish, and make him pay his fair share of taxes !

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One Comment

  1. Since when was Warren Buffet part of the Obama administration? I haven’t heard that he had been hired doing anything but being a hanger-on, or is it a hanger-around sniffing for some piece of meat that Obama might throw out. Buffet is not the head of the finance dept. or banking committee, or whatever else that he might be qualified to do. And what is he qualified to do anyway? The ones Obama has hired from Goldman Sach’s have screwed up so much stuff it’s not even funny. And now they are connected to Solyndra? I think the boards of directors need to all resign and leave the country before they are all called in to testify against Obama or something like that.

    Warren Buffet is some old cagger billionaire. Is he also in favor of all the taxes that Obama is going to raise against all the millionaire’s and billionaire’s? You know making that much money should warrent that individual being given a medal instead of taking their money from them in the form of a tax. Like what is that money going to be used for? Who is it going to? Is it going to go to pay for building a new air craft carrier? Or is it going to go to fund some union’s pension fund like all the “stimulus” money went to? And how much money are we talking about? Is it millions, billions? What?

  2. I was listening to the news this morning when Obama was on talking about his plan, and I could have sworn I heard him say that he wanted the rich to pay what the American Middle Class are paying. I don’t know what their rate is, but I’m sure, I guess(sense all the unsuredness in my voice?) they pay much more than the 7 and 1/2 % or so my wife pays, plus 7 and 1/2 in Social Security she pays equaling 15 %. If you had 500 million dollars and the government was taking 39% already, is Obama talking about lowering it to 15% like “the Middle Class pays”? That would cut their tax to about 40% of what they are paying now. Gee, I’d like to get a 40% cut in income taxes. But it’s like it is, that 15% of 500 million is a lot more money than 15% of 30 thou..

    Hell, Obama doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about because it’s just Socialism and Marxism, nothing matters as long as government gets to grow more than it was, and we pay for it.

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