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If you have missed the breakout success of Misfit Politics, you’ve probably wound up at the wrong page right now. The team at Misfit scored huge with their first video, a parody of Obama for America’s Attack Watch, and their success can only continue. How can I make such a statement? Because I have the pleasure of conversing with much of their team on a regular basis, and have zero doubts as to the talent, dedication, and ability to keep Conservatives laughing and Liberals cringing for a long time to come. It’s time to reveal the Misfit ensemble of Misfit Politics, in hopes that you will help to congratulate them on their premier effort and encourage even more in the quest to make Conservative politics a little more palatable for the masses. Get to know the Misfits and a little more about their venture from my chat with CEO, Brandon Morse.

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Who are they?

Leader Folk

Brandon Morse a.k.a @CnservativePunk – Founder, CEO, and all round “decider” of Misfit Politics. Also co-writes and acts in Misfit’s skits and sketches. Overly proud Texan and sore loser. He also plays the microphone and wants to be just like Captain Mal from Firefly when he grows up. His obsessions include Shiner Bock, video games, and crooner music.

Michael Deppisch a.k.a @deppisch – Hailing from Nashville, Michael is Co-writer and director of Misfit’s videos. Michael is the artsy one within Misfit, is an editing savant, and cooks a mean dinner. He’s also an excellent photographer and thus is a model magnet. You’ll usually find him surrounded by Apple products.

Rachel Torres a.k.a. @RachelVeronica – Rachel is one brave woman in a sea of man children. She handles Misfits online social networks and a lot of Misfit’s other inner business workings like an artist. If Brandon takes credit for something, Rachel most likely did it.

Cole Streeper a.k.a. @ColeStreeper1 – Co-writer and trusted white guy within Misfit. He claims to have Hispanic backgrounds within his family so that makes him only half racist. He hails from Arizona, and shares in Brandon’s love of pop punk.

Ezra Dulis a.k.a @ezradulis – The mad genius within Misfit and writer extraordinaire, anytime Ezra puts down a pen to a piece of paper it automatically turns into gold. He was the first to put Misfit on the map with his world famous “ATTACK WAAAAATCH” video and will strive restlessly to attain his true goal of getting running water in his apartment.

Other Misfits

Elizabeth Baires a.k.a @flowerBOMB – Notably the only person within Misfit with any actual experience in the political field. She can tell you how to run a campaign then beat you in Modern Warfare games. Her worst fear is her nearest Nordstrom’s burning down.

Samuel Rosado a.k.a @sarosado – Sam is Misfits proud Latino and friendly neighborhood geek. He’s also passed the bar exam in two different states. Plays it fast and loose, and never gets burned.

Houston Morse a.k.a. @HoustonMorse – Houston is Misfit’s resident ginger, co-writer, and the younger brother of Brandon. From looking at him you’d think he was a linebacker but when he opens his mouth you’ll find that he’s a geek with a love of guns. Tends to ask questions AS he shoots.

Louis Fowler a.k.a @LouisFowler – Louis is the radio personality behind “Damaged Hearing” out in Colorado. He joined Misfit as a writer, podcaster, and idea man. Without a doubt the quickest witted within Misfit, and rightfully thinks Mexican food from anywhere but Texas is a waste of time.

April Thompson a.k.a @oddlysaid – Homeschooling Mom and yet still has time to write the wittiest blogs around. Men and women alike fear her for her sharp wit and even sharper shin kicks.

Sooper Mexican a.k.a. @SooperMexican – Name: Unknown. Birthplace: Unknown. Age: Unknown. The only thing his fellow Misfits and the world know about him, is that Sooper is the comic artist within Misfit Politics. His face his constantly hidden behind a wrestling mask, and he plans to keep it that way. Refers to Brandon as “Gringo.”

The idea for Misfit came about when my ADD addled brain couldn’t handle the boringness that was Conservative politics. While most people were simply reporting headlines and spouting off statistics, I was busy making jokes about it. I realize that twitter really seemed to appreciate that sort of humor so one day I starting talking with Rachel Torres and Michael Deppisch about putting together a blog site that focused on humor. Over time it developed into much more as Cole, Ezra, Louis, Houston and the others joined the fray. Before I knew it, Misfit had taken on a completely different persona.

I’m not going to lie, I plan on Misfit becoming the face of Conservative comedy. I think it’s about time that a place came about where conservatives could take a break from fighting the good fight and laugh at the whole situation for a while. We also plan on turning conservatism on it’s head and really redefining it. Gone are the days of the suit wearing, proper, polite, and careful Conservative. Misfit is going to usher in the unapologetic, real, and humorous conservative who is completely cool with not being politically correct. The left has used pc to control us for far too long.

In the long run?
Well for one, I want to expand Misfit into other areas. We’ll be big into the music scene and plan on focusing a lot on that. Many of the members of Misfit are musically inclined. I love to sing, and Michael is an incredible guitar player. When he sings, panties will fly out of nowhere and hit him. Ezra is also very musically talented, and is in fact the mastermind behind our first music video coming soon. When I first heard the demo I wanted to snuggle with it at night. Cole is, like me, a big fan of the pop punk genre (Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday) and so I have a feeling he and I will be collaborating in the future about that.
We also tend to release lots of swag and merch along with our material. If Misfit doesn’t have it’s own line of clothing within a year I’ll be very surprised. (** author note, I noticed a post on their Facebook page *mentioning* t-shirts… )

Try as I might, I couldn’t get Misfit pinned down on a pick for 2012, but Brandon hints that Generic Republican is ahead in their private polling, at the moment.

Take the time to subscribe to their YouTube channel where you can see there viral hit parody commercial for Attack Watch and, if rumor ( started by the head Misfit himself) is correct, there will be a new release soon. Something about Governor Rick Perry and a musical number.. No, really!

Don’t forget to follow MisfitPolitcs on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. They have a website coming soon!

You can catch their appearance on The Mitchell & Ray show last night right here! and if you just can’t get enough of ATTAAAAACK WAAAAAAAAATCH! you can now snag the ringtone ( in English AND Spanish!) here.

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Michelle Ray (twitter: @GaltsGirl)

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  1. Absolutely adore this and made ATTACK WATCH my ringbone the day this video was released. I agree w them. There is an image people have of conservatives that need to be changed. Some of us do have a sense of humor and it is high time OUR voices be heard. I find it extremely funny that those on the left who trashed Bush so much he ended up in tears most of the time are now highly offended at this video, lol. I can wait for my next phone call so I can LMAO again lol

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